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A dream comes true!

We sit and work and email as usual and we have booked a hotel room,
we write to each other and plan what to do during the evening and night .. [...] Read sexnovell »

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My first time

I'm not a virgin. I have had sex with guys but never felt quite satisfied. [...] Read sexnovell »

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Nina's adventure continues - Part 4 of 5

Exposed again!

When I lay in bed these days, I had had time to think about what had happened, when I was thinking clearly and sensibly on, I could not believe I was dared to do something so incredibly stupid and silly, but when I remained alone and playing up all of it as a movie in my head, I longed to continue the game along with Sara, [...] Read sexnovell »

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Nina's adventure continues - Part 3 of 5

Shoplifting problems.

After we sat in the dining room, we went out to rökrutan, it was full of people there so we went on outside the school fence down to the mall. Sara had been new to our city when she started seventh grade, from Stockholm, and was therefore immediately became popular with the blown blondes in a social outcast. [...] Read sexnovell »

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Nina's adventure continues - Part 2/5


I had no more t-shirt dresses clean so I took it at the shirt I had, it was considerably shorter than the dress I had the day before, but after everything that happened it did not seem so bad to show panties in school longer. [.. .] Read sexnovell »

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Nina's adventures in the 70s - part 1 of 5

The beach.

This happened quite a while ago, 1978 in early summer and I was in 8th grade. In school I went to was at this time "in vogue" to that girl would only have pants and long t-shirt or t-sirtklänning, of course, this was not a man left home at the parents were at home stuck in my case had they have always gone to work long before I was going to school. [...] Read sexnovell »

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My boyfriend is utilized [Part I]

I do not know how common this is but here's a story entirely comes from the reality.

I've never been a good girl, I know.
[...] Read sexnovell »

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Anna and I

I met Anna first time in the new school. I was 15 years and we had moved to a village outside of America by the North Sea. It was April and the light began to return. There was a gender quota in the class seemed. [...] Read sexnovell »

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One summer evening in June ... (have sex)

It was weeks just before midsummer, and Mia, Anna, Sarah, and Maja had borrowed a house for 2 weeks up in Leksand out of one of Anna's parents' work colleagues. [...] Read sexnovell »

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Company Girl

She had started as an assistant in the winter six months earlier. She was an adopted Indian chocolate brown with lovely cisselerade features, incredibly feminine in their own way and very dilute. I had her in my department and was very frustrated. She knew it too, what influence she had on us men, and that we all looked after her. Not that she was rude or anything, but she was distant. In the spring, it became even worse, not that she dressed lightly. No it was that she was dressed just right as a very fashion-conscious businesswoman. Her form, her slender long bones with well-trained little round ass whose string tanga sometimes could see she had white pants on or bent low to come. The flat chocolate brown belly that sometimes glimpse was when she straightened up and the small round breasts highlighted by her funky push-up's. I set the imagination in motion which gjode that the work suffered incredible not only with me but with mertalet of us men.

The worst part was that she was single, which they themselves were not. It was already June and we had a typical office party. Everyone would be happy and put all the little intrigues and political games aside. They were all fawning people that you were talking nonsense with. It was already eleven and I was about to drink me brave.

Yes, she had appeared in a pair of black boots, black pants and a blouse glitter that really turned heads. I noticed that I probably would floor, before the courage would have time to come. I stood at the bar and wrapped just another free whiskey when I felt someone tapping me on the shoulder - "Hi John" and I turned around and saw her standing there smiling - "Hello", I managed to get out of me and then became the black. I heard her saying, "John, john jooohaaaaan", a little later - "Help me get him into the car," - "I make sure he does not throw up" "we are there now ... come here now ... no where do we no .... Just a couple of steps to, say. So get this, now you can lie down.

It was already light when I woke up, strangely enough, I had no hangover but felt fairly fresh in my head, wondering where the hell I was. After a while I had it together and thought about what is happening now. From where I lay, I saw the bathroom. I was standing right next to the shower and let the water sprinkling down over my body and felt the life force returned. Then I felt quite fresh, I closed the tap and took the towel that appeared to be intended for me.

I had just dried myself clear when she opened the door. She peeked in and looked mischievously at me and said - "well, you've slept it off, you little pig." She took a step into the bathroom and let her robe fall down, so she stood there, choco brown with a perfect taint completely naked in front of me. I was "speechless" and could not help but let your eyes slide down from her sweet little cheeky beautiful face down her slender neck and the very small round conical breasts whose red raspberry shaped nipples stood straight out. Down to the flat-trained chocolate brown belly that you could sometimes see when she Trog a very short peak, and finally draw the eyes between her legs to find that she was completely shaved.

She looked absolutely perfect - "I think certainly the gentleman likes what he sees," she said and smiled a radiant smile. I looked down and noticed that my twenty-centimeter cock stood straight out. She walked with two steps up to me and knelt down and took hold with his right hand on my thick cock standing - 'va' fine it is, "she said while her left hand closed on my swollen balls. She'd smile at me as she slowly reached out her pink tongue and licked away the little shiny drop of precum that had had time to form the glans. She opened her mouth and let his teeth lightly scrape along the topside of the penis head while her tongue licked right where the string is attached to the glans.

To then quite avidly let his cock slide into her mouth until it was stopped. I groaned with pleasure and stroked her head. She did well, got half of his cock. She started humping the entire head, while she was nice rubbing my balls and began pulla himself with his left hand. It was a sight for the gods to see my salivgläsande thick cock sliding in and out of hennens mouth while her tongue swirled like a man possessed around the glans, milk andes me. Plöstligt she stopped and looked at me with an incredibly horny eyes and said - "were spray me full, squirt me in the mouth, I want to taste your cum." With her mouth she sucked and licked his scrotum so that the balls were nice massaging of her tongue to let the tongue along the shaft up to the glans, "I have never ever had such a big cock" she said hoarsely. Her lips closed around the glans again and she juckade further increase in the head. It was so incredibly nice and I could not hold myself back anymore, and with a groan, I took hold of her head and munkullade her hard but short while I pushed my cock down her throat deeper than she's taken me so far and spurted jet after jet thick white sticky cum straight into her throat felt as several liters.

I do not think she was prepared for it because she was coughing and sobbing and retreated so that the last jet filled her little pink mouth so that the dripping white sperm from the corner of her mouth down her brown haka.Hon grabbed my limp of dick cough and licked mischievously grinning in itself the last drops of semen dripping from the glans - "good?" she asked. I could not help saying - "unbelievable."

She stood up. With eyes full of desire, she began passionately kissing me, I felt the taste of my own. I grabbed her slim waist and lifted her up on the counter. She was incredibly light, weighing certainly not a gramm more than 45 Kg. I nibbled her easily in the lower lip and kissed her soft skin down the neck of her incredibly small but still round firm breasts. I started licking and sometimes easy to bite into her pink nipples while my hand massaged them.

She moaned and whined of horniness. - "Lick me" she whispered with a horny voice. I went down over her firm brown belly, while she willingly parted her slender solid legs and showed his shaven little black pussy. Her pubic glänsde literally of pussy juice. I bent down and let my tongue parting her horny black swollen lips shy.

My mouth was filled with her juice as I slowly with his tongue split her shy lips. She moaned sweetly of pleasure as my tongue reached her little pink clit. She took hold of my mop, and said with horny hoarse voice - "just so, and carry on" Her innere shy lips were absolutely adorable pink and shining swelling of horniness. I concentrated on her clit and let the tongue to circulate around it, first lightly then harder and faster as she ever louder moaning and whining of bestial lust and pleasure.

My face was alldelles wet with the juices that literally poured out of her. She screamed with pleasure as I pushed two fingers into her pussy to help her to come. It was like pressing your fingers in a vise and tong her pussy squeezed hard on them. I börjde slowly humping his fingers while I licked and sucked her clit everything I could. Then she cried, extract, and with pleasure and was quite stiff and I could feel her nice tight rhythm mouse genomic cramped on my fingers while she sapped like a waterfall. She was breathing heavily by the pleasure and laughed and looked incredibly affectionately down at me.

I stood up and and our mouths met in a passionate kiss, "Come" she said and slid gracefully down from the counter and took my hand. She led me into her room and climbed smoothly on the bed. She turned her back towards me, so I got the opportunity to look at her slim chocolate brown body behind. She was very fit, I knew she was at least three nights a week work outs at the gym. Her tail was an apple-round small revelation. I could not help saying - "you are so incredibly beautiful, so delicious."

She replied with a hearty laugh, "I can see that you like it" she replied. I looked down at his cock and saw that it stood straight up pointing to his stomach like a fucking teenager even though I had just arrived. She leaned forward slowly as she looked me eye to eye so horny. She swan-seekers she to her lovely little brown rövklot drifted apart and showed the little pitch-black star-forming rosette and the soaked little fittan.Hennes dark shy lips were still undecided and her pink innere glimmering of pussy juice. She came to rest on the shoulders and with the free hand she pulled further apart their fixed small ham-"come fuck me hard, let me feel your thick cock" she said. I could not help but bend forward and kiss her horny little ass.

She was squealing with horniness as my mouth and tongue slipped across her bottom. She smelled wonderfully of horny pussy and I came on me that I licked her knotted bow indane she moaned of horniness. I let my tongue slide down over the soft part between the bow and pussy and fucked her with his tongue while she whimpered and moaned with pleasure and then let his tongue slide up to hennens exquisite little bow again. I licked first around the closed small hole and noticed how horny she got out of there before she started to finger chick himself and moaned louder. I kept up with his tongue sliding around the hole and the increased pressure and I noticed how her little ass opened up so I could push the tongue quite easily in her asshole. I noticed she was about to come to moan louder and pullade assumes hetsigare. She moaned - "I'm so glad so incredibly" At last I could no more, I stood there with his cock dripping with precum. I grabbed her hips and pulled her to the bed so that I could comfortably stand on the floor. - "Yes, take me, fuck me," she said, pressing her luscious ass against me. With my right hand I took hold of my thick cock, much thicker than her wrist and let my gray-purple cock slip from her savande input down to her clit delandes her swollen black shy lips and then back - "fuck me now," she wailed hoarsely and pressed her little tight pussy with my thick cock. I took a firm grip on her hips and began slowly pushing my cock, it was incredible to see how her little pussy stretched out and how I turned her to the burst limit. Although she was literally dripping with pussy juice, it was sluggish. - "Careful" she wailed - "you're too big, getting out a little."

I pulled back a little, it was 100% contact and I was horny as a troll. Although I did not want to hurt her but I started with small movements humping back and forth. Not that I have a huge cock but she was so small that every time I handle a little, it looked as if she had a pole run in the pussy. Slowly but surely I got deeper and deeper into her. Her little pussy stretched and tightened on my cock and each juck so she was stretched to fit me. Suddenly it was as if it is released and she screamed in pain mixed pleasure and I went in to the root of his cock and balls slapped on her clit.

I felt her hand on my stomach that stopped my juck spirit, "Let me get a little" she said breathlessly. It felt so wonderful to have every inch of his cock hugged and massaged by her little Indian pussy. I stood perfectly still and hugged her small brown round rövklot so smooth and sleek and they fit in my hands and let her fingers slide down her slender legs. During my touch, she began to slowly rotate with the genital area and I started to touch me with a small soft motjuck - "So," she wailed "fuck me now". With small motjuck I continued for a while and noticed how she enjoyed every inch dick. Slowly I drew almost the whole dick so that only the glans was left in her, and then with equal force pushing it slowly to the bottom of her. She squeaked with pleasure. I repeated the whole thing just as slowly and with each juck into her, I increased the pressure.

- "Finger fuck me in the ass" she said hoarsely. I did not know if I heard right - "I'm sorry what did you say 'I asked. She stroked his black page to the side, watching with an incredibly horny glance up at me and blushed deliciously so that her cheeks had a rosy glow and replied shyly - "I said hmmpf finger fuck, finger fuck me in the ass, please." I stood with my cock 20centimeter into her pussy and felt like in paradise. I leaned forward and dipped his index and middle finger in her mouth as she licked so that they became too slippery from her saliva. While I fucked her I pressed förskitigt two fingers against her soft star-shaped rosette while she was apart of their small rövklot.

Slowly she opened up and I pushed slowly into both fingers - "Ohhh Ohhh" she wailed. I was not sure if it was for pleasure or if I hurt her. - "I will continue", I asked, incredibly horny. I felt with my fingers in the ass on her how his cock slid in and out of her nice tight pussy. - "Mmmh" I was told and I started humping interchangeably when I pressed my cock so I pulled out my fingers and vice versa. First slowly and carefully then faster and harder as she began to whistle and howl, which caused me to step up. Gradually, as I pressed my cock pussy while I pressed the fingers in the ass on her all the harder.

Fittsaften splashed on me with each hard thrust and ran down her legs, although she was so wet, she was incredibly tight and I could feel my cock inside her with your fingers. I grabbed her hips with the free right hand and pulled her hard against me as I shoved my cock. She bellowed - "faster faster fuck me" and I upped the pace, his cock literally flew in and out of hennens little black pussy until she literally started screaming with pleasure and I felt the prick how her orgasm came, and how her little pussy cramped and milked my dick while her sweet bow opened and closed rhythmically on my fingers.

- "Now you cock in her ass" I said and pulled me out of her sucking pussy and pressed with a gentle force in my fittkladdiga cock in the ass on her way into the bottom of her pussy was so tight, her anal as a nålöga and so incredibly nice. She screamed aloud with pain when her bow was stretched by my thick cock, and gasped of horniness. In response to trick her hard ass and it was too much for me and I knew how it pulled together deep into the scrotum and with two hard hits, I filled her spasm of tight ass with my hot seed. I stood for a moment perfectly still while I could feel his cock slackened and slowly slipped out of her delicious butt.

At the same time, I let go of her hips and stepped back. She was so beautiful where she was on her knees with her ass in the air with his chocolate brown skin glistening with sweat. Her anals black holes were torn up and the red-lined for my harsh treatment. My white grain flowed slowly from her black anal down her now shy red lips, dripping on the mattress. It was a sight I never wanted to forget, it was the most beautiful I've ever seen. There was a minute before she sort of woke up from his trance, and lay down on the side and looked at me as if she had had a completely realitets alien. I lay down and took her in his arms and stroked her loving your hair down over his chin and hugged her, "you" she said, "I never thought it could be this, I was exhausted." I lay there with her in my arms and I was quite happy and satisfied, and had a nice empty feeling in the scrotum.

I fell asleep and woke up with a jerk when the doorbell rang and I knew how she freed herself and slipped away. I heard women's voices. Soon after, she came back with a voluptuous brunette around 170cm maybe twenty five, with Turkish or Arab features. She said - "Hey! It's me, Anna and Julia that was just sitting on is actually my girlfriend! "Before I said anything said Julia grinning -" Not only that, he fucked me hard in the ass too. " I thought, what happens here. But before anything said, continued Julia - "looking to get, I'm sure all red in the tail" and let her robe again fall to the floor and climbed into bed and leaned forward on his knees and exposed himself to her lesbians girlfriend.

Anna glared at me and looked curiously Julia in her ass, on the rosy swollen labia. In the depressed sperm sticky bow as though it was a while ago, opened up when she bent forward. Anna's eyes changed and she began to see pilsk out, "you seem to have had a really fun," she said, slipping the fingers over Julia's ass and mouse, and brought, with the pussy juice and cum wet fingers to his nose and sniffed.

Julia turned around and came up to her knees and said - 'let me help you take your clothes off. "-" I do not know. said Anna, he should look at? - "That's exactly what he will," said Julia and unbuttoned Anna's blouse. Anna was wearing a white lace bra that was completely filled with her C-cup breasts. Julia looked affectionately at me and opened Anna's bra and said - "it's not that the nicest breasts you've ever seen", burying his face in Anna's plump breasts. Anna's breasts were firm and round, very large with relatively large areolas whose nipples stood out more than one cm. - "Yes they are really very beautiful, 'I replied and looked at Anna, in whose eyes pure horniness was written. Although Julia was a full-featured woman with large K they saw her body in comparison to Anna like an adolescent girl.

Julia had opened Anna's pants and pulled them down. So Anna was there naked with the long kastaniebruna hair almost covering her breasts, she was really beautiful with her long slender legs, the flat stomach and a full round rear. She climbed into bed and I had a chance at seeing her little pussy. She was shaved with a small black-haired tuft of pubic bone. Julia said Anna decided to "lie down on his knees so he can tell when I lick you." Anna looked horny at me and leaned forward slowly, and her round ass globe was divided, and showed her pussy quite different from Juliet. Anna had heavy red shiny shy lips and her bow was not star-shaped, round and you could clearly see that her sphincter was strong. Julia climbed gracefully behind Anna and withdrew his page and stretched out his pink tongue and let it slip from Anna's Anal down to her clit delandes the horny swollen reddish labia and began intensive to process Anna's clit with her pink tongue tip, while she held eye contact with me. Anna moaned and groaned, as I was, I could see not only how, Julia happily lapped up Anna's cum like a cat who drink milk while her brown face was quite glossy of Anna's cum, but I could also see Anna bite itself in the lower lip while her heavy firm breasts swaying rubbed up against each other.

Julia, the pace and sometimes fucked Anna with his tongue and nibbled her clit. Anna approached the loud moaning her orgasm, when Julia suddenly stopped and said with a smile - "come help me do just as you did with me" - "No," I heard Anna say, which was acknowledged with a slap on the buttocks by Julia, saying - "Now you are silent." I got up and crawled over to Anna's wading wet horny pussy and dipped his tongue in her slit, she tasted and smelled deliciously of horny pussy. - "Not there" I heard Julia say, while her little hand grabbed my hair and pulled me up. - "Lick her in the ass as you did to me." I let my tongue slide up along the slit to the little bow but Julia squeezed himself between them and went on and lick and suck her clit. Anna moaned. - "Fuck her in the ass with his tongue", I heard Julia say. Anna tried to twist away, but received directly by julia two daskar on the tail - "stand still, and do not fool yourself you're really horny" Anna tricks with her ass and while I licked her rosetts ring. Gradually she relaxed a little bit of Juliet's intense cunnilungus and I was humping a little with his tongue in her ass hole. Anna was at the coat texture quite beside herself and moaned, groaned, clawing at the blanket with his hands and suddenly buckled and she moaned extract to while her entire abdomen cramped in an intense orgasm.

Anna seemed red in the face trembling up on the bed while Julia, lovingly kissed her face. I sat there spellbound and watched these two beautiful women with his cock standing again. Julia stood up on his elbows after a while and watched a grin on my boner and asked - "would you fuck her" - "Of course I want," I replied. Anna looked up and her eyes slid down to my boner and climbed back up on all fours and stretched her lily-white fine ass towards me and said in a horny voice - "come fuck me".

I could feel Julia grabbed my cock and how she wetted the glans with her saliva as saying - "I know what you want Anna and today you get it", she brought mit cock against Anna's saliva sticky red light open bow. Anna whimpered as she felt the glans against the bow. Julia grabbed Anna's buttocks and pulled them apart, slowly töjde in her ass and my cock slid slowly in, filling inch after inch of her delicious tight ass as she moaned of horniness. Her hugging little ass was incredibly nice. I pulled my card out of her, her asshole was gaping open and she sighed for the loss, and slid down on the floor to fuck her in a better angle. Standing on the floor, I took hold of Anna's hips and pulled her towards me and so she came to be on all fours on the edge of the bed.

Slowly, I pushed back my cock in the ass on her and felt her sphincter wonderfully closed around my cock. Julia had climbed out of bed and stood next to and stroked my ass and whispered in my ear - "she likes to be fucked really hard." I increased the pace and fucked her with long strokes. Anna moaned and whined - "faster, faster" I took an ever firmer grip on her hips and literally pounding his cock faster in the ass on her so that balls slapped against her little pussy. Julia had crept down and licked and finger pullade Anna's pussy. I was lucky that I already kommt twice so that even if it was good, I could without too much trouble to hold me back.

Anna began to howl over the hard pace I was, I began to feel strained and sweaty. Anna was even high volume users and and screaming, literally - "it's good, harder, faster" I did everything in my power to continue what she wanted. Suddenly she screamed long and painful of horniness and I felt her asshole pulsed and cramped on my cock massaging me to orgasm. From her pussy gushed a stream of clear pussy juice right in the face of julia who were below, licking and finger pull of her. With this vision in mind, I sprayed her ass filled with jet after jet white semen, and pulled me back slowly. Her asshole was now quite torn up bright red and ömmt.

Anna felt with the fingers around the opening, and said, tired but happy I will certainly not be able to sit tomorrow. I stood forfararade on the floor when Julia stood up with his face wet, saying it was nice honey? And caressed Anna over her backside. Julia let two fingers slide into Anna's sperm såsiga anal and started humping. Anna gasped. Julia giggled and said - "I know you had enough yet," and with that said, she began slowly pushing into her hand first to the knuckles. Anna whined but remained on his knees as if she knew what was coming. Julia turned to me and said "you give me the tube in the top drawer. I öppnaden and looked surprised all kinds of adult toys and found the tube she meant. I handed her the tube and she pressed out nearly half of the contents in his hand and rubbed into both hands so that they glistened with the lubricant. - "So," she said, "here I come" and pressed slowly into the right hand fingers to the knuckles in the ass on her while Anna gasped. - "Relax honey for now it will be crowded," said she pressed the rest of the hand so that it disappeared into Anna's ass. Anna screamed in pain and tore the sheet while her sphincter closed around Juliet brunhyade wrist. So they stood for a moment, then pushed Julia in the other hand slowly into her pussy.

Anna bellowed and wailed. Despite the fact that seemed to hurt so were the sounds that came from her more sounds of pleasure than of pain. My cock was standing again, and Julia remarked it and said this is another one who is horny, - "are you ready Anna" she asked after a while. And got a faint whimpering yes for an answer. Thus began julia slowly humping on each other, as she shoved her hand deep in her pussy she slipped out a bit with his hand out of Anna's tail, and vice versa. At first it was just small juck movements. Anna was lying with his mouth open as in a trance, and groaned as his hands move. Julia looked so horny out. Gradually, she pulled out her hands a little more between jucken and Anna moaned even more when her holes were filled again.

So changed julia pace and pulled out all the sticky hand out annas tail. Anna ass was bright red and then the ring slowly brought Julia pressed her hand again as she pulled the other hand, completely out of her pussy again and again accelerating. Anna bellowed and it was unclear whether she liked reading or not. Nu gick det allt fortare och Anna blev allt högljuddare medan hon blev hårt fistad i röven och musen samtidigt. Julia's ansikte var alldeles rött av ansträngningen att fista Anna i sådant högt tempo,plötsligt skrek Anna till och hon började krampa, ur hennes fitta sprutade stråle efter stråle fittsaft på golv och säng och vätte ner allting. ”Så är det bra gumman” sade Julia och drog sig tillbaka, torkade av sina händer på lakanet. Anna låg som förstenad kvar på knä och gav mig möjligheten att titta djupt in i hennes uppfläkta stjärt som långsamt slöt sig. Julia hade lagt sig på sängen brevid Anna. Anna kom långsamt tillsans igen och lät försiktigt sina egna händer glida över sitt ömma underliv medan Julia ömmt kysste hennes ansikte.

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