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I want to tell you how I and my partner we were looking forward to a life of swingers. I do it because I love to think back on events, but also to perhaps inspirerera others to take the plunge and try it. [...] Read sexnovell »

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A bridge evening

- Well, then we agree. You are most welcome on Friday.

She smiled at me and I knew it would please her if I came.
She was a librarian in the town I recently moved to. I had just borrowed some books and a couple of video tapes and then we started to converse.

It turned out that she had no partner this week at the usual bridgen with her girlfriends. After some bridge snack, we agreed. I would replace one of the "girls" in the gang.

I had been playing a lot of bridge and been in some bigger tournaments with good results. It would be fun to play. I looked forward to Friday evening.

My librarian's name was Mona. She was quite round, but stylish. Her finest attribute was her breasts. As I walked home, I had her in mind and saw those big, soft and tempting, to my mind's eye. It would be mums to rub it and sucking the nipples. But really, it was probably something I should consider. It would be the bridge, nothing else.

Friday night came and we were now gathered at Mona. Besides me, where Eve and Sarah. Sara was the bath attendant and Eve were taught in high school. Sara was tall and blond. She had beautiful curved lips and bobbed hair. She was dressed in a pretty short dress. Her eyes met mine, and her smile told me she was a cheerful and open man. Eva however, seemed more reserved. But she was furious, well dressed, elegant, like she was going to supper with the king. She took my hand and gave me a shy smile.

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The campsite

First day at Danne vacation, he came and fetched me in the car. We would leave for the west coast and camp for one week. When we got to the campsite was full but we found a place in a dip between some trees and a large caravan. Behind were the bushes.
We put out our little tent while the couple in the caravan looked on. Dan had had badshortsen on himself and I had a bikini.
- Last one in the water is a pot, I screamed and ran towards the beach.
Danny was soon caught up with me and took my hand as we ran right into the water. It was a little chilly at first but then it was nice. We swam for a while, then took a shower and we will contact salt and went back to the tent.
It was so hard on the ground so it was almost impossible to get in the tent poles, and we had nothing good to bang with.
- Do you want to borrow a hammer, shouted the man in the caravan.
- Yes, it would be great, 'said Danny, and went away.
Soon he was back and knocked down pins in no time.
I went back with the hammer and thanked for the loan, while I checked out his hairy torso. He was well into his 50s but looked pretty fresh. I saw that he looked into me too when he presented himself as Roland.
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Marika's boyfriend

I have spoken before about how my wife Pia and I started to have sex with our friend Marika (Novell "Our friend Marika"). We met frequently and had wonderful triangles together. After a while Marika met a man she was apparently was overthrown in love in. It meant that she disappeared out of our sex life. Pia and I had to make do on their own which did not do as much as our two-same sexförhållande gotten much better since Marika became part of our sex life.
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The perfect gift

Emma smiles, she turns 19 today and her boyfriend has arranged an överaskining to her.
Marcus walks through the door, he looks into the living room and sees her.
- "Hi honey, are you ready?"
He smiles a mischievous, she had received instructions to shower, shave and put on her highest heels, judgment of 16 cm heel ...
She walks up to him and kisses him hard.
- "May I know what you have planned now? "
Marcus laughs, you'll soon know.
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My time as intrinsic

When I was nineteen, I would start studying in another city. After some searching I found a pair of 35-year-old who rented out a room in his basement. In the basement, they had two rooms for rent with a shared living room with TV and kitchenette. The tenants had access to the house's sauna area with shower and toilet. I was told that the others who would rent the room next door was a girl. Anders and Jeanette, the couple was called, asked if it was okay to share space with one of the opposite sex. I had no objection so long as she found it disturbing. She had already been asked and had accepted the arrangement so I accepted to rent a room.

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My partner and I with others on the swingers

After a few days we had been in Las Vegas, we noticed that a hotel had chosen Swingers theme. AT the hotel was free to caress and touch each other, but a no meant no, they were sure. My partner Lena that I now had to absolve and had said I wanted to see me fuck other girls. Some thought it was okay, but I also wanted to see her get fucked by others, so we decided to go on site and accumulate as many as we could.
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first time threesome with my wife

My wife, Maggie and I had been married for many years, and every time we slept together so we fantasized about another man. But when I tried to realize our fantasies so she said no, I do not dare. Now, in our fantasies about her lying on the side and I kiss her beautiful breasts, when another man's cock takes her from behind. We read a lot of porn but it was never what we dreamed of. There were always about to suck cock or fuck up the ass. So finally we decided that now or never. [...] Read sexnovell »

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Weekend taste

Me and my wife Lena had been invited to spend a weekend with our friends Thomas and Annette in their summer home. It would be another couple that we did not know who was called Martin and Asa. On Saturday morning we packed the car and drove off to the cottage, which was about an hour's drive away. We really looked forward to a couple of lazy days in the summer heat.
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Eva and Ski Team

Eva got a job as a hostess at the little mountain hotel. She was a small dark cute curvy 22 year old who was glad she got a job. But it felt lonely in the beginning although the staff was real nice to her.
It had ended with her boyfriend a year ago and Eve were longing for closeness. Chef Eddie, a rather unattractive småfet guy had hit her but it did not seem interesting, even though he was pretty funny. Then it felt more exciting with Asa and the British who, despite their ages were quite flirty and brought Eve to various antics. [...] Read sexnovell »

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