Sexnoveller of Swedish writers

Sexnovell 24.se is a nonprofit website for those who like sexnoveller, ie short stories with erotic content. Here you can both read and also send sexnoveller . Sexnovellerna are categorized as best and spans many preferences. Therefore, we have nothing against sexnoveller by some can be seen as offensive, such as bondage. We have however limitations.

We allow, however, absolutely not:

  • sex with minor age (younger than 18)
  • sex with animals (bestiality)
  • sex with dead bodies (necrophilia)
  • assault and murder
  • rape
  • second illegalities
  • advertising or links to other websites (spammers made no trouble)

The sexnoveller contained on this page is sometimes indicated by the visitors themselves. We do our best to ensure that the above is followed, but there is still a risk that unauthorized content slips through. If you find something that does not follow our rules, please send an email to info@sexnovell24.com.

How to finance all this?

Running sexnovell24.com is not free. We have many visitors and have to use the computer equipment that costs thereafter. We have therefore put up some advertising here and there on the website so that these costs can be covered.