What really happened?

I came into the office a few minutes late, overslept. I always have difficulty getting up on Thursdays. The day after the little-Saturday. Me and my closest girlfriends took a glass of wine after work and it was well a little late, later than usual. Quickly I Dress of my coat, hanging behind the door. When I push the door open again, is my boss there. He calls me up and down.

Aha, he says, late yesterday? Eyes my dress. Rödkjol and checked shirt with a deep neckline. He smiles a little bit and nods approvingly. I can feel the blush creeping up her cheeks.

Sorry I have to make any calls, I say, and excuse me while I work against him out of my room. He takes the opportunity when we are close enough to whisper in my ear.

- "Your dekoltage makes me rock hard"

I follow him with his eyes through the glass wall as he walks off toward the lunchroom. I blush even more this time. My God, it's my boss. Sure, my charming, as-smart, crazy-fresh head. I feel the tingle in your lower abdomen. * Sigh * It's not easy to keep a professional relationship with him when he says and does that. I shake from me his word and call my friend Jenny, who was not there yesterday. Must retelling her what happened during last night. As usual, when me and Jenny talking I forget time and space. I'm sitting with feet on office desk and back to the door. There, by I do not notice how my boss sneaks in and pull the blinds to the glass wall. The last rattle when he turns it, I notice how I spin around seat. Is shocked at his finger to his lips. Shhh. I continue to talk to Jenny as if nothing happened. A little tense I become, what he wants and why he draws for the blind. My heart is pounding and my thoughts spinning around. I try to keep Jenny uncertain about what is happening. He lifts me up from the chair sit on the desktop. Turns himself in my office chair. A little teasing he spins one turn and smile like that incredibly sexy as long as he can. His eyes sparkle with joy and mischief. I little grins back, but with little hesitation. He takes my right foot and coaxes off my black patent leather pumps also my left. Caress my feet and calves. Slow small movements, his eyes asking for permission to continue. I nod and continue my conversation with Jenny, who is becoming more and more monosyllabic. Luckily, Jenny loves to talk as she continues with her story. He brings his hands up over my thighs and he finds the edge of my stockings, fingers coaxes its way under and just like that roll down his sock on the leg. He kisses the denudation knee, while his hands coaxes the second sock.

Now I get even more difficult to bring the conversation with Jenny. There are short aha, AHM and oh well. Trying not to groan in the handset. The tingling feeling gets stronger and stronger. I feel myself becoming wetter and wetter in the pussy. For my hands through his hair, hugs the back of the neck when I get a handful with his lovely thick curls. Pressing my breasts lightly against his head. I can feel my breasts ache after contact. The moment I look down on him in his chair, he gets up and looks me deep in the eyes. He takes my hand and it against his cock is so hard and splendid. I lose my breath for a few seconds. Jenny noticed that I disappeared. "Hey, are you doing? "I hear her. "- Ahm, oh, my boss walked straight past the" I answer her. Jenny knows how good I think he is and she asks if he was all that sexy stylish today. Aha, I get out of me while he supports me and pressed his cock against my butt. I want to moan loudly. His hands caress my hips back and shoulders. Cautiously, the hands around her waist and up over her breasts. Aaah, finally! I vanes of arousal. The heart rate increases further. Kiss on the neck makes me burn, my breathing becomes more violent. He bends me down across the desk and rubbing my butt. I can feel my skirt riding up and that he submit his hard cock in my pussy. I whimpers, Jenny will not notice something. I hold my breath and wait out a second before I meet Jenny. "Yes, but viiisst ..... so ... arrr ... the .. uhmm. "I'm trying to use the last words of a great way of communicating rooms but that Jenny will not notice. He daskar my butt a few times pushing his cock deeper and deeper. Now we hear footsteps in the hallway ... he stops, but with his cock still in me, I captured a couple of times to enjoy. Then continue the steps in the corridor away. Now, Jenny has been talk of himself and the conversation starts to cool off. I dygnkåt and have a wonderful man who has sex with me in my office while I talk to my friend .... What a dream. Jenny would not believe me if I told you what really happens. All I want is definitely not want him to pull out so I'm trying to get Jenny to talk about something else. Just to get to orgasm. He goes on and I hear his breathing becomes more violent and more violent. It makes me even more horny and I captured on his cock with her pussy for him to get even more enjoyment. He groans into loud enough to hear Jenny. "But is there anyone with you?" She asks. Shit, what they say. I will, for a moment, stop in my sex act. "Ahm, well boss came in and sat on me," I say. I'll wait a few seconds on her reaction. "Hahaha, you're nice about you, oh yes, daydream, one can do. Oh, you do indeed often and gladly. "She continues to giggle and babble on about various dreams. Phu, she did not take it as truth. He continues and humping faster and more intense, I feel the climax coming closer and closer. Ooh, I almost feel ashamed to enjoy, but hell what a wonderful lover he is. When the peak has come and orgasm washes over us both moaning I quietly and hold your hand over the microphone is. He moves down my body shaky from the desktop into the office chair. Hyschar me still, his little smile and pull the chair towards him as he sits on the edge of the table. He kisses my forehead, ear, my cheek, down the neck and takes my breast in his hand. Slowly caressing him. I see how his cock is hard and splendid still. I take it in my hand and jerking him. He stopped in their kissing and looking at me. I continue, see how he enjoys, and how his cock stiffen even more. Not to him to come in my hand I get the cock in her mouth. Far away I hear his sighing, moaning. I suck a few times and then he comes down. The hand around my chest, lets go. He stands up and grins, kisses me lightly on the mouth. He mimes a "thank you". Buttoning his pants and straighten to suit. Jenny babbles on in his world and I have no idea what she's talking about. He turns to the door and said - "Really well done ensure that the report will be completed before the weekend only!" So he goes. I sit there exhausted after what has just happened. Or did that happen really? Nah, I must have dreamed. "Hey! Are you still there or? You have been absent the whole conversation, what do you do? "Jenny's patience shortcomings." You would never believe me if I told you what just happened! "

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