If it were to happen

In my fantasy, we meet a warm summer evening on a deserted beach, before the sun goes down. Where we drink a beer or cider, something good and enjoy the silence.
Talking about life in the big, no details about the family or work. We make a fire in the fireplace to keep us warm when the sun goes down. We sit close together, looking out over the water see how the waves wash against the shore, you play with your fingers in my hair, are you around with his hand down towards the shoulders, I shudder light of your touch. Moving closer, I sit in front of you between your legs. You give me a massage around the neck / shoulders down the arms to the hands. You take my hands touch them lovingly. Continues up over the hips / back takes me by the shoulders gives me a kiss on the neck whispering in my ear "you are my heart," a kiss to the back of the neck, I shudder, feel how her nipples harden. You take a big hug for me, hugs snugly, so there so it feels like the very soul. I get warm. You keep me far, we are enjoying.

The sun is just going down, fire flames lit up our faces. I see your silhouette. You are handsome, tanned and beautiful, etc., I enjoy your presence. I turn on me, put my legs around your body, like hugging you with my legs. Keeps hard. I feel you in my arms, we will not let each other's eyes, we have hookat. Far away you hear the seagulls cry.
Your hands varndrar back and forth over my arms and shoulders. They land on your hips, your right hand groping up to explore my breasts. I jerk out of touch, you found my Achilles heel. Your left hand braid you mine, hugging gently. You press yourself against me. I drop your hand to receive me so I do not fall backwards. My other hand takes your axle and hugs. I give you a light kiss on the neck, whispering in your ear "take me", get eye contact with you again. We kiss, things heat up properly. It just radiates on us. We become like a fireball, disappears into each other.

You for your hands up my back while taking off my shirt, I will help you with your sweater. We hug, feeling our naked torsos against each other, the bolts extra in me now, the pulse increases. I'm getting more and more excited. My skirt is easy to get under. You have pants that has only one button, so presto, was your lovely limbs out in the celebration.
You are very excited, your limb is beautiful and fierce. You find it hard to keep up, not to include it. I stop you, calm now. Nibble your ear lobe whispers, how beautiful and nice it is to be here with you, in your ear.
When we finally let our desires take over then there is nothing that stands over it.
I'm so heavenly horny that I groan loud once you encounter your limb in me. We put ourselves down, you tease the tongue when we kiss. I nibble you easily in the nipple.
We enjoy, spins around and change positions. When we come, we will be in an incredible orgasm together. We moan aloud with pleasure.
Flämtades we place ourselves next to each other, embracing, and just enjoying the silence. Fire flames dancing in our faces. We realize that the sun has had time passed you.
You grins and says that we need to do this, but then we have to wait with "sex" after sun nedgånen so we can see the beautiful miracle

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