Niclas, bike, and a ruthless first fuck

Has gotten a little older now, but this is a totally true story, only the names are changed, when I got fucked for the first time, with a vengeance ...

Most of the guys on the street was my age or younger. Several people from my class lived next door, but none of the ones I hung out mostly with living around here. Two houses away lived in my sister's class, Niclas, four years older than me. I've always been impressed by Lewis, his cross, and especially his wonderful attitude. Cocky, but always nice to us younger guys. Always new good looking girls who sneaked there in the evenings. The thing about running cross may not have been any sport for me, I love to lira hockey, but it felt pretty cool and above all, it looked cool when Niclas took off as soon as he had the time.

The other day when me and Adam were bored we headed out to the sand pit with mops to check when Niclas trained. He ran races every now and then, but he himself had said that it was more fun to just play on their own. We was really impressed by what he could do. A little half I am crazy enough to be before you do all that Niclas said, although he certainly made some things just to impress us small boys. Adam was much more interested in motor sports than I was, but I could also find that there was something cool about it.

It was pretty late at night a few days later when I went out on the street. Sadly, no buddies at home, bad on TV and no fun was on msn. I could see some lights from Larsson's garage, but heard no one who messed up in there. I had almost hoped that Niclas was in there, but when I approached, I saw no one there. The door was unlocked and I walked gently. There it stood, really cool, a Yamaha YZ. I can barely anything about engines and such, but Niclas had declared right boring at one point. Although it was my bike right dirty, but not surprising considering all Niclas did with it. I could not help but go back and check properly, thought it was fucking awesome, but I myself would hardly dare to run. I could not resist the temptation to sit on, but terrified that it would collapse to the ground.

When I felt a little on the steps were heard outside. Quickly I walked by, just before Niclas opened the side door to the garage.

- "Damn you are scared, shit," gasped Niclas.

- "Sorry, could see some lights, thought you were in here."

After some general talk, he asked if I was keen to hang on a swing. A bit skeptical, I asked if it was safe to go two. I saw how he probably felt that I was a fucking wimp, but he replied that there was no problem whatsoever.

- "You should be kind of awesome hockey player, you have no stake in you?" Tanned Nicklas

- "Okay, I'm hanging on, can be cool to try," I replied.

- "Helmet shit we, just for old ladies" he said lightly.

We headed towards the woods, and towards the beach. He drove in the right well, I got to hold me tight in Niclas. A damn cool feeling, I sit behind Lewis, a neighbor who I always looked up to. In retrospect, I think even my cock was a little harsh about the whole situation.

After half an hour we stopped and got off. I grinned clever and said that that was how cool any time. Niclas had a superior look, but said nothing. We sat down in a grove, Niclas lay down on his back and said that I was not a bitch after all.

- "Will fuck piss now," said Niclas and walked away a few meters.

When he turned around and came back I could see that he still had his cock in front. I looked embarrassed, then turned away and thought about what he was doing. Wow, I've seen his dick, the one that I actually imagined so many times. Niclas went even closer to me, stopped and lit a cigarette.

- "Want to smoke?" He asked.

- "No, hell, it's good for me, I've running test tomorrow with the team," I replied.

- "He he, fuck the bitch you are," grinned Niclas with a lit cigarette in his mouth.

In my head spinning thoughts, maybe I have to take a cigarette so he did not think I'm a jerk. I could not quite let his eyes off his dick. It was helrakad, some piss splashes had dripped on his Adidas pants. He looked at me with a strange look, one facial expression I had never seen before.

- "Have you sucked dick sometime Hampus?"

- "Huh?? Nah, are you talking about? "Quickly came out of me.

- "You know I have the bride, but I want to do one thing with you," said Niclas decided.

- "Oh stop it, I'm not fucking gay, why do you think?" I replied.

- "Hey, I do not care if you're gay or not, he said cocky."

- "If you do not do as I say now, I'll beat the hell on you and spread rumors that you tried to run into me"

I panicked, saw Niclas glance that it was not a joke. He stepped forward and grabbed around my neck. I was 13 years old and he 17, he was much bigger than me and I knew from my sister who went to his class that he could find substantial outbreak was in trouble out in town very often changed. My thoughts swirled, what the hell is happening. I could feel my pulse raced, but somewhere there was also a terrible great feeling of excitement.

He ordered me to undress. He threw off my hat before I took off my huvtröjan. Now I stood there in workout pants and shirtless.

- "Take off your pants, but keep your sneakers on," said Niclas.

I did not dare do anything but what he said. Shortly thereafter, I stood on my knees with the biggest cock I've ever seen in my face. An insane situation, totally unreal. When I looked up I saw Niclas gaze, he stared down at me. With his left hand he grabbed my hair with his right he brought his cock against my face. I felt panic growing, yet extremely powerful. He exposed a maximum of glans, rubbed it against my lips, my cheek.

- "Open your mouth now, I want to fuck your mouth, right now you're my whore!" Said Niclas cocky.

I gape gently and slowly he pushes his thick cock into my mouth shut. The body shakes and I can shout as much as we possibly can for him at all to get into it. I know a salty taste, close your eyes for it to feel less sick. He daskar now and then his cock in my face, with a continued tight grip around my neck. He feeds me hard with his big cock, it was probably around 20 cm thick and with a large acorn. Biggest cock I've ever seen live. Munknullandet lasted a few minutes, maybe longer, in this situation, I lost my grip on time and space.

Suddenly it is he pulls out his cock, hitting me across the cheek with an open palm. Is it over now? He may not want to do anything more?

- "Damn, this can be as cool as any," said Niclas with a hissing voice.

- "Set up on all fours on the tree over there"

I was still terrified of what he said, felt that there was nothing else to do but to obey him. As I stood on the spot by the tree, he presented with a pair of handcuffs.

- "Put your arms around the tree, and do it now!" Ordered Niclas.

There I stood on all fours in the middle of the woods, with his hands locked around a tree. Naked, except for the training shoes. The moss tear on knees and arms. Niclas comes forward and agrees with me, have trouble seeing what he'll do when I try to turn my head. Now I know how he caresses my hairless ass slowly, it shakes my entire body of arousal, while I feel a fear of what will happen. Periodically, he hits me with the palm of your buttocks, daskar to correct properly. I push back a few tears, feel a humiliating feeling of arousal, even though I really do not want. My cock is rock hard, but with hands fastbojade can not I access my own cock.

After a while he spits more loskor in my ass run, knows how he'll lick my tight hole and plays with his fingers alternately. I'm moaning, but as quietly as possible, it feels wrong and yet so wonderfully bloody marvelous. In the corner of my eye I can see him while jerking off his shiny cock. He moves closer to me and starts to fondle my hole with his savande cock. I shut my eyes tight, see his face before me, the horny eyes, tough facade. He puts his cock against my virgin ass. I barely have time to think about the idea of ​​what to do before he hard squeezes his dick. All the way up, without hesitation. Just as I involuntarily to scream right out of his hand over my mouth. A violent pain, but somewhere there was such an incredibly powerful feeling. He keeps his cock remained in the back of me. I feel drugged, the pain eases, but panic is near. After what seemed like an eternity, but were perhaps half a minute he pulls himself out of me. Now he is again his cock, this time a little more carefully and slowly beginning to fuck me, but to push it all the way up.

Rhythmically he continues fucking her, I can think a thousand thoughts, but the worst feeling has disappeared. I hear his moan, oddly enough, I also self from me what can seem like a groan. He fucks me hard, he fucks me deeply. It's on his terms, without doubt and without the slightest consideration for me. He caresses my back when I svankar me more and more unconscious. Know how his balls hitting my buttocks as he pushes himself hard at me. Now he grabbed my cock and jerking the hard pull, I feel that it will not take long before I jet. On his increasingly intense breathing, I understand that he will soon ejaculate, I bite my lip and feel how my ass is like numb. Soon after, he let out a moan properly, he pushes himself brutally far up my ass, filling me full. Now he jerks me hard and I feel it is impossible to resist, I groan aloud, shaking with pleasure as he forcefully jerking me. Sprays properly, probably the greatest set I've ever emptied. He maintains itself in me, caressing my stomach with cum from my cock.

Suddenly he pulls himself out of me. Does a strange feeling in the ass. It hurts, but it does not just hurt. It hurts, but in an inexplicably good. I turn your head and look Niclas stand there. He has lit a cigarette, his eyes meet mine, but without saying a word. He has sat on his Adidas pants again, but bare-chested and his cap turned backwards. The stitching on the knees and elbows, and wrists, I must surely have to get up and get dressed. When I turn again, he will with me. He stands beside me, takes out his cock again. Now he looks at me and says with a cocky but sharp voice:

- "Not a word to anyone about this, you understand that?"

- "Nn-no, I promise," I respond with the voice barely carries herself.


Then comes the next surprise, he pulls back the foreskin and piss right out of me, over my face. I close my eyes, turn your head away when he roars to:

- Open your mouth, I'll piss in your mouth, you fucking hockeybög.

I never even thought about the idea of ​​playing with the kiss, feel the warm liquid wets me completely. Amazed that it actually does not taste bad, but not good. Look how Niclas grin, he looks at me as if I were a plain whore. Once he's done, I am still shaken by what had happened. Sure, I had fantasies, but this was something completely different. I do not really understand what happened.

A few minutes later I'm standing there, with my clothes on but I feel naked. Niclas has taken yet another cigarette, grins at me. We are not so far from home, but it feels like an impossibility to your legs will carry me all the way. A sick feeling. At the same time such a cool experience, but the craziest thing I've experienced. I will probably do it again, but the question is whether it can be as powerful as today.

The last thing he said before he pulled away and left me there were:

- "Damn, Hampe, you was a really great whore, that we do on"

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