I really love my job sometimes

He really hated his job sometimes. Darkness had settled outside and he was sitting alone in the workroom with the current crop of uncorrected sample. He started to become unfocused and tired and just when he was about to give up for the day he heard footsteps from the hallway. He stood up while the door was opened.
- Oh, are you still here yet. He did not know her name, she had only been a week. She was a substitute teacher and needlework they had been seen only briefly in the staff room.
- Yes, I had little to correct. His voice sounded cracked, as if he had been quietly placed meadow.
- I forgot my wallet, she said, by the way, we've barely said hello. Mia is my name.
- Nah, that's right. My name is Bo but I called Greg. He held out his hand as he learned that you should. She took it and he could not help thinking how smooth her hand was.
Bosse had recently turned 45 while Mia was nyutexad and had not even reached the age of twenty-fifth While Mia was looking for his wallet that he realized Bosse piece Mia was incredibly beautiful. She had a pair of tight jeans and wearing a top that accentuated her ample chest. Earlier, on the job, she had been more påpälsad and then Bosse had not even thought about how curvy Mia was. He tried to dismiss thoughts that pushed on but it was too late. Mia was looking through the drawers of the desk she had been assigned. She was bent forward, and when the jeans, with fairly low waist, slid down Bosse could clearly see the outline of a pink thong. String was not commonplace for Bosse, whose wife would soon fill the 50th
- Yes, but goodbye. Locks you when you go, squeezed Bosse front.
- Wait, I do not know what to do. I do not want to trigger the alarm, said Mia as she found the wallet. Come on, we can go, continued Mia.
- I'll just put out, said Bosse. He opened the door and let Mia go by the way. If it was a coincidence elelr of Bosse did it on purpose, he subsequently did not account for, but just as Mia would pass him in the doorway, he lost the grip on his bag. It hit the ground with a bang and turned over. All the uncorrected tests fell out. It was now not only the only thing that fell out. Top ended namely a rather graphic drawing. It depicted a person, not unlike Bosse, who got his cock sucked by a schoolgirl in braids. In the pencil drawing was the following: I have heard that Bosse has a monsterkuk. I love to suck cock.
Bo knew how he began to sweat as he raked up his papers.
- Yes, it's crazy what kids can find on, he stammered out. The silence lay over the room. When Bosse had collected their samples, he rose to go.
- Is it true?
- Va.
- Is it true that you have a monsterkuk? Mia had no longer a friend in his voice. The tone had changed. While she waited for an answer, she took a step closer to Bosse, now breathing heavily. Mia stood a few inches away from Bosse. She looked deep into his eyes and put his right hand gently on the inside of Bosses thighs. Bosse had already started to stiffen and the light touch of Mia's hand sent electrical impulses through his body. She brought her hand further up and stopped suddenly. She made an impressive min by mouth when she realized that the rumor was true.
- Oops? she said and smiled. It's probably someone who would like to get out and health. Without Bosse he react Mia sat on his knees in front of him and before he knew it, she had buttoned up both belts and fly. Her fingers worked deftly and though Bo knew very well that this was wrong, he could not bring himself to say stop. Mia looked almost shocked when she found out all the glory. It stood at attention in a rarely seen hard cock. Mia threw back his head to view the glory before she slowly opened her mouth and let his cock slowly slide into. She closed her lips around the red-hot glans and Bosse groaned as he leaned his head back. He could not offhand remember when someone had his cock in her mouth later. Mia slowly began to bring his head back and forth with his dick in his mouth. She was unable to swallow the entire dick without inducing vomiting reflexes. Instead, she worked feverishly with his tongue. The spinning of an electric mixer on ollat ​​and root. She picked up the packet and sucked gently into balls in your mouth. It was Bosse a whole new experience. Mia gave his cock a hard round and it was almost as if Bosse thought he would come when she suddenly just rste up. Tore off her top and bra, quickly jumped out of his jeans. Only wearing a thong, she sat at the large conference table in the middle of the room. She motioned for him to come, which Bosse did obediently. this was not everyone's on Mia he saw come into the room 20 minutes ago. When she appeared as a virgin drunk and naive. Now he saw only a MAN-EATER who really knew what she wanted. She al on your back with your legs in the air. When Bosse approached, she devoted legs divide.
- Lick my pussy now!
Bosse sat down quickly on his knees. He lifted gently away thong panty. Pulled it up and over her feet. Her pussy was shaven. He had only seen such pussies in the films he saw late in the evenings.
- Lick now!
Cautiously he brought his tongue against her bosom. Unexpectedly toh Mia tag around his neck and pulled with all his strength down Bosses face in her pussy. Bosse could hardly breathe but complained for that matter not. Her pussy tasted salty but fresh. His tongue went up and down in the slot, faster and faster. As the tongue increased speed also increased MIAs moaning. She enjoyed, he enjoyed. While he let his tongue dig deeper into the meat cave stroking his engorged member.
- Lick my asshole!
Bosse was shocked by her coarse language, but did as he was told. He had never done it but not been able to help to get excited by it when he put it on TV. He let his tongue slip down from her pussy to her ass. Once at the hole he stopped and teased with Mia by letting his tongue barely touching. She moaned and Bosse buckled tongue and drove it as far as he could into her hot asshole. Mia whimpered. he licked like crazy and he enjoyed as much as Mia. On his own initiative he put it gently into her right index finger. It received the first but when he pressed a little slid it in and he stopped at the first knuckle of the finger was reached.
- Longer, Mia whimpered.
Bosse took in further and brought his finger as far as he could. Mia moaned tougher.
- I want you to fuck me, whispered Mia up. She sat up at the same time, so that Bosse's fingers slipped out. She took his hand and put his finger in his mouth and sultade like a famished. Bosses cock was now sprängkåt. He took a firm grip while he was with the other hand pulled Mia closer to the table edge. He pressures her down and then brought his cock closer to her pussy. Without warning rammed Bosse Mia and his giant cock hit the bottom directly. Mia självde and started shaking while Bosse acceleration. His thick cock pushed in and out and Mia moaned louder. She swore and screamed, which made Bosse more spark.
- Fuck me you fucking man. Fuck me hard with your big kukjävel!
Bosse watched his cock where it plowed in and out of her pussy, whose kåtsafter ran along the curvy thighs. He stopped suddenly, pulled out his cock that glistened in the reflections from skrivbordslamapn Bosse yet related. He took an almost brutal grip on Mia's arms, threw her around and forced her to bow down to the table. He spread her buttocks for easier access to insert his cock in her pussy from behind. Mia slumped against the table when Bosse with all the power he could generate shoved his dick again. He increased the frequency and really rough fucked Mia. She was not as loud anymore, until she suddenly starts to shake and sizzle and she yells:
- I will, damn what I will. She yanked out Bosses cock and smekde herself hard until she, in what can be likened to a seizure, collapsed on the table while she, as a living fountain spurted kåtsafter over large parts of the floor. Bosse would not let her recover, but ran quickly into his cock while he buried his right thumb in her asshole. He drove it as far as he could feel his cock in her pussy. Mia was quiet, exhausted. Bosse however, wanted more. Again he threw around her. He placed her on her back, split the legs. He shot into a pillow any students made in handicraft under her buttocks so that her butt kskulle be easier to penetrate. Mia has still not recovered from his orgasm and did not say anything when Bosse focused his rough cock against her anal. When she felt the head of the penis against the anus she woke up.
- No, I've never done that. I do not know if I want to.
- I do not care to, said Bosse and he could not help that he was a little proud of how manly he sounded.
- Careful just said Mia.
Bosse spit on his cock again and her asshole once. Then he took aim and put an. Mia whimpered, first of pain and fear then more surprised. Bosse took it easy at first. He pushed slowly into the glans into the opening that slowly and reluctantly töjde itself. Once the tip was inside tryckde he was a little more to his cock would slide into. He kept watching Mia, he wants to see her facial expressions. She looked terrified at first, but soon more prosperous. He started slowly humping out. It was indescribable how tight asshole was. It smacked wonderful thought Bosse when he let the cock slip out. Asshole slowly pulled together again only to be opened when Bosse brought his member. Bosse would stand there all night and fuck her 25 year old asshole, but he soon felt how it starts tugging on his cock. He pulled out of it, forced a docile Mia on his knees and asked her brusquely to open wide. He targeted his cock and jerked it sharply. He screamed as he came. His set was monstrous. He met her youthful face. Large parts of the kit ended up in her mouth. Mia gulped greedily kit and was not a bit worried of the semen that dripped from her hair. She again Bosses cock in her mouth and licked it clean. Mia looked up at Bosse standing completely still and just smiled.
-I really love my job sometimes, said Bosse and smiled at Mia.

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