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She told me to lie down on your stomach. As I lay there so she locked the my feet with handcuffs around both ankles. The chain between them was about two feet, so the legs could help to touch. After she put on a few leather straps, as dog collars, around my thighs and put handcuffs on my wrists. Wrists were then fixed in bands across the thighs. Only one connection of the snap hook and a loop on lårfängslet was operating space. It was not easy, and we had not tried anything like it before. But I had said that she had to do what she wanted. And I remember thinking that she apparently exploit.
We had a great sex life. Not exciting perhaps, as you read about in other novels, but good. My wife had ever told me that she wanted to be dominated a bit easy, and we had tried. But I suspected that there was more. Unfortunately I'm not that imaginative self that I come for fun sex, or even fantasize about other than the ordinary, but I suspect that she did it without really daring to tell me what. Before her birthday, I told her she should do what she wanted with me. That she would have their most secret dreams fulfilled. She had to tell you what I would do without that I would have to comment or disagree: If she would rather she got to do with me what she wanted without having to explain what in advance. I had offered. Then was there again, and at that moment when I offered her this presentation, she laughed off the most.
But now, after a few glasses of champagne birthday, I lay thus buoyaged on sisalmattan in the living room. What will you do, I asked with mild panic attack because I could barely move. The answer came in a fairly hard spanked tion on the butt. Oh, oh, what do you do, I tried. The answer came in an even harder slap on the buttock. After that came more and I learned not to ask more.
She took out some oil and poured it over my back, butt and thighs. It flowed so that it almost tickled over the thighs, down to the scrotum. Her hands stroked and kneaded into the oil. Special care was made over the buttocks and inner thighs. She turned around and I was lying on his back. Then I oiled up the chest, abdomen, thighs, groin and scrotum. The scrotum was treated for longer, first soft and comfortable and I really enjoyed reading. After tightening, and when I groaned, she took a firm grip on the balls. It hurt, but I felt it was very close to making even more. With your other hand, her nails scratching against my cock from the root upwards. She pulled her nails against the soft skin and it was both pleasant and painful.
Still with a hand hard on my balls, she began to suck his cock. Suck and lick and it was not long until I was very close to cumming in her mouth after less than a minute of treatment. I warn you, she said, that if you will, you change your mind a long time to come. She stood up and put a pillow under my head. Then she sat astride my face and made me lick her pussy. It was hairy and very wet. I knew she thought a lot about this moment. The thought of my strict wife who fantasize about dominating me made me incredibly horny. It was dripping from her pussy in my face and I licked up as much as I could. Suddenly she stood up slightly and moved down over his cock. It slipped easily into directly. It was nice and warm. I arrived almost at once.
Son of a bitch, 'she said when she knew that I had come. Now you have to pay. She moved back up to my face and lowered her pussy to me. I tried to get away, but between my thighs put my head in a vise. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head towards him. Lick me, she urged. Licking up what you done. Lick my pussy clean.
The thought of it was horrible, but I found myself in the situation and started licking. I could feel the sticky cum on my mouth and tongue. Do not swallow. Saving everything in their mouths, I was commanded. Never had I previously understood that there was so much in one batch. From her pussy ran and dropped it and I licked up nearly every drop. Some dripped into my face as she sat on me and when she stood up. My mouth felt full of cum. When I finished, I could only nod in response to the question, she helped me up to his knees.
Kiss me, 'she said firmly and leaned toward me. Kiss me deep, long and hard with his tongue. And we kissed. It was the strangest and horniest emotion I felt. With my mouth full of my own cum we kissed a sticky kiss. It was dripping from my chin down on his wife's soft breasts. Any statement that I have ever had in her mouth was now mixed with saliva and her face was very messy, just like her breasts. Lick my face clean, she said. And I did it. Lick my tits clean she went on, I did too. My cock was now again. As I licked her breasts, she had one hand in my mop and pressed my lips to her breasts. With the free hand, she began slowly to jack me. I'm still not ready, she told me and pushed me down on his back again, quite rudely. She took a small vibrator on his cock, a model that was vibrating, and that she could rub against her clitoris while she rode me. Pretty soon she came, my beautiful and horny wife, in a nice, wet orgasm. More thanks to the small vibrator than my merit, I believe. I got to stay, alone, with stalls. She was ready and the hour was over. It would have been she who had to decide today.
After this has anything similar ever happened again. But I still get horny at the thought of that birthday two years ago.

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