The two British teenage girls

I lived for a few years in London when I was 25 years old. During their stay, where did I not know too many that I could call friends, which meant that I was by myself a lot so the social life was not so much to brag about. This meant that after work on Friday so it was rarely anyone to go out with. This Friday was just such.

I came home from work at 17:30 pm, it was the end of June and warm and comfortable. I decided to buy a six pack of beer home from the local off license that was 50 meters from where I live. An off license is incidentally a small convenience store licensed to sell alcoholic beverages. A fantastic concept that we might as well introduce Sweden, I have always enjoyed. Anyway, I had the costume on me after work but I had lifted his tie because of the heat. Outside the convenience store were two girls and hung. They were byxmyndiga to age but not much more. When I would go so stuffed that one me, said hello and asked how I was feeling. Yeah, just fine I said. She then said, "you, if you must go in there, you would not be able to buy us two beers each?" I smiled and asked why they went in and bought themselves and they replied that the owner wanted to sell their beer as they could not show identification. Even if they had identification, they had obviously not been purchased, one could assume ... I said no, that I could probably do, winked at them and said they had to wait a few years.

A few minutes later I came out with my beer in my hand and the girls stood. "Bye girls!" I told them. Then they came walking by me and said "wait, mister!". They asked what I should do now and I replied that I would go home and take a couple of cold beers and not do anything special. They asked if they could come home with me and see how I lived and once there, I could maybe think of inviting them on each beer in one, which they called the "controlled environment". I could not help but smile at their suggestions. The two girls looked incidentally quite different. The one, the one who took care of the talking was a blonde - Gemma - about 165 cm, with long hair in some sort made permanent hairstyle. She had a thin tank top whose straps are not covered bra straps and on top of a zipper and, to cap it all, a pair of sheer pink sweatpants. She was everything you can imagine, appearance, if a halvslampig girl from the less wealthy districts. Her friend - Kate - but was about 160 cm, with brown hair in a page hairstyle, black tight top and jean skirt. She seemed more timid. Blonde was curvier of the two narrow and page chick. Both were a little sweet but the faces and far from unattractive, except for the clothes.

I'm not sure how it happened, it was the lack of people to hang out with or what but in the end was in all cases, the girls on my couch in the small living room with its own beer in hand. They said they were going to a party in the evening, the parents agree - blonde - were away so they wanted to get some alcohol. Apparently locked her father in spirit when he went away which meant that they had to test new ways to get hold of it, which then causes them to end up at my house. We sat there for a while and against my better judgment, I let them get another beer and when I was in the bathroom, I think they took a drink from the cocktail cabinet that I had. Cocktail cabinet Corelio was perhaps the most impressive: it consisted of a bottle of vodka and a bottle of whiskey. As our time together conduction as they showed both signs of intoxication, mostly blonde. I went into the kitchen to fix something and I heard them whispering, whisper and giggle from the living room. Page The girl asked if she could use the toilet, and went into it. Shortly thereafter, bring up the blonde behind me and puts her arms around me from behind and pushes her tits against my back and say "peek-a-boo!" I turn around and she has a big smile on läppana and slightly glossy eyes. "I think you're sexy" she says, pressing against me. She kissed me before I have time to react and put your tongue in my mouth. I kiss her back and pulling her toward me with a firm grip on her buttocks. Young girl, cheap perfume and a tongue in your mouth, think back to teenage fumbling with joy. She takes my hand and places it on her breast and squeezing into. I let myself be led and willing to take her on her breasts and pressed her back against my now hard cock. She feels it and moves his hand so that the rubbing cock on top of the trousers. I think for a moment about the appropriateness of the situation with such a young girl but hit it off pretty quickly as her caressing of his cock.

Before I again have time to react, she unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper. She fishes his cock out of his underwear and jerking it slowly. The little slut, that's not the first time she has held a cock in her hand and runkat it, of course. I caress her between the legs of the smooth fabric of workout pants. She groaned weakly and buries his tongue in my mouth again before she goes unannounced to his knees, takes the cock in her mouth and sucks like she never done anything else. She sucks and licks and takes the always deep, deep into her mouth. There is divine beauty, for one who does not have sex in over six months and I munknullar girl child where I was leaning against the kitchen counter. "Good girl, suck my cock" I say to her and she looks up at me, smiles and continues blow job. "Honey, I want to fuck you!" I say to her. She makes an "uh-uh" and shake his head slightly before she sucks even harder. I tell her I will if she does not stop but she takes no notice and soon Jets got her in the mouth and face. She swallows most of the sperm, the little slut and smile at me. Behind her stands now Kate wide-eyed look at when her friend just sucked the costume guy with the cold beer. I smile at her and blinks her. She looks the most shocked. "We have to go now," said the blonde who now find themselves in an upright position. "Thanks!" She says. It is I who should thank, I say. "We take two pints of you," she said before they both go. Before I close the door behind them, I hear the brunette say to her friend: "I can not believe you did That, I can not believe you did that!"

It was a surreal uupplevelse but who is complaining? To be sucked by a motivated teenager is not the worst.

There are a couple of weeks, and after playing up the incident in my mind a few times so I stop thinking about it. I lie on the sofa on a Sunday at lunchtime after a hard night out with some of the few friends I had and licking wounds. Hangover has begun to show itself and I am a recent shower gives and wearing skjorts and a T-shirt. When the doorbell rings. I open and there stood Kate, the brunette with the page style. I am a bit surprised and may only be a "hi". She asks little embarrassed how it is and I tell about a night out the day before. She smiles at me and says she just wanted to "check how you're doing". "Come in" I say to her and we go and sit on the couch. "You want something?" I ask her. "Just water," she says. "No beer today?" I asked, smiling. "No, water is fine," she says.

I sit beside her and asks her what is causing this visit unless they are being invited to a beer. She screws a little at himself and dares not quite meet my gaze. Then she starts talking and says that "when I saw you and Gemma, I was a little shocked. She said she would suck your cock before we went but I did not think she would really do it. '"She's a bit crazy" she concludes with the sentence. "Yes, but now she did it" I said, as if to point out the obvious. "I liked watching you," she said then. "Well" I said "do you just enjoy watching or would you be crazy sometimes?" She draws on the response and look uncomfortable, she smiles a little strained to me but said nothing. "You know" I say "you're actually the one of you two that I think is the prettiest." "You're a really cute girl." Compliment Solingen have the desired effect and she smiles, this time without effort. We watch each other's eyes and after a few seconds, I put one hand on her leg. I caress her gently from the knee up to mid-thigh. She does not resist but look me just straight in the eye with something that can be described as a mixture of fear and arousal. I stroke her gently on the cheek and pulling her gently toward me for a kiss. She meets me halfway and kissed me gently, almost without opening your mouth. I continue to kiss and fondle her, and as it lightens her up and kissed me back. I pull her towards me and she sits on my lap. She puts her arms around me and kiss me hungrily. Mmm, young, pretty girl in her lap. I get horny and can not help but put a hand over her firm breasts against your thighs. I let his hand slide up under her skirt until I reached her pussy. She spreads her lightly on the legs, the girl child and let me fondle her young mouse, is believed to fabric. She is already wet and after a corporate caressing it is too wet panties in the crotch.

I begin to undress her. Slowly and carefully. The top comes off and the bra snapped up with one hand behind his back. Out watching a couple only, firm teen tits. She glosses breasts with their hands with after a compliment about her "beautiful breasts" so she lowers her hands. I kiss her on the neck and work me down until I finally suck a nipple in his mouth. Fixed tits to suck on, damn nice! I'm pulling down the zipper of her short skirt. She straddles me and presses herself against my hard cock with rhythmic movements. She pulls off my shirt and caress me in the chest before she again buries his tongue in my mouth. Then she snaps up my pants and trying to make up his cock. It's a little crowded so I ask her to stand up while I take off my pants and underpants. She stares at the hard cock and can not take their eyes off it. I tell her to kneel on the floor in front of me. She does so without taking his eyes off his cock. I'm taking her little hand and places it on his cock. She squeezes it and start with unaccustomed motion to jerk it. It's nice and I can not help me escape a groan, which she takes as encouragement to continue. "Lick it, suck it!" I say to her. She takes it closer to the face and continues to stare at it, then she begins to gently lick it up and down the entire shaft. "Come on, take it in you mouth honey", I say to her. She opens the tiny mouth and begin to slowly suck. She sucks it as if it were an ice cream and uses no teeth. Good girl! "Oh yeah, baby" I say and totally enjoy it. "Suck it, suck it!" She goes and sucks and sucks while she closes her eyes to go in more for the task. I begin to feel the familiar feeling and I told her that if she continues, I will spray. Like his friend and - probably to copy her - so she did not stop but continue suganden with even more frenzy until I come in her mouth with the highest rate in a long time. She makes a weak attempt to swallow, but the semen flows quickly down the corners of her long white rivers. She looks so damn sexy and horny, the little innocent - and, while not so innocent - teenage girl. "Was it good?" She asks, "Oh yeah" I take a breather. "Fabulous!" She smiles and wipes the semen from her face with my T-shirt.

I pull her up to standing and drawing by pulling down her white panties. "Lie down", I say to her and she reads me. I then start to slowly kiss her all over her body, particularly the neck, down over her tits as I suck in munnnen, down over the flat stomach and eventually down to the wet pussy. Since no one probably licking her before she makes a weak attempt to stop me but I removed her hands, urging me to do it good for her. She lets himself be satisfied with it and I slowly begins to lick her wet teen pussy. She gives a start of the first touch but with a firm grip on her thighs so bury my face between her legs. She moans and closes her eyes, their fingers through my hair and suck one of his fingers in his mouth. We continue to a safe 10 minutes but as everyone knows, it may be difficult to get a teenage girl to come easily and this is no exception. She does not seem to be moving so I stop licking making. I'm far plaskvåt the face and I wipe myself on already use T-shirt. I fish out a condom quickly as the eye and thread it on my cock before I lay me over her. Finally, I get to fuck the girl child. I put my cock against the hole and penetrate her without difficulty. She is not a virgin but have not been through too much. I see the terror in her eyes when cock penetrates her. She is tight and wet and hot and pussy slips the dick. I begin to slowly fuck her and she soon meets my thrusts his hips. "You are so tight, little girl", I say to her as I fucked her. "You make me so horny" I continue. She kisses me and receives cock in every shot. After a while I stop to fuck her before I come. I lift up her slender body as she sits astride me. She sinks down on his cock without difficulty and moaning every time I rooted in her. "I love this! 'Eludes her between stönen. Me too ... When the creeping feeling begins to appear as I lift her off. My little fuck doll that I can twist and turn the way I want. I ask her to stand on all fours. I penetrates into her again from behind and takes a firm grip on her hips. I start fucking her harder and penetrate deep into her at any given shock. I would let him not control in any way without putting on her from behind just like that hard and merciless as you want to fuck women sometimes, although it may well be questioned whether this particular is a woman yet. She moans loudly and suddenly and without warning, she will. "Yes, yes, yes!" She yells and cancels her back before she becomes limp and hanging over soffryggen. I understand that she came and pumps in order to come himself. I spray and spray and spray the condom as an orgasm. I do upper body over her and kissing her neck while I take a breather. There was no doubt just what a bakfyllekåt you needed.

Kate stayed all afternoon and we had time for a further hour's fucking before she was on shaky legs went home. She made me promise never to tell her friend if I saw her. Did actually only friend at another opportunity, at a distance and readily recognized on the glossy, pink workout pants. Kate then? Well, she visited me quite often after that time and developed into a sucking and fucking machine, which I now ten years later look back on with pleasure and arousal. The last time we met so she stayed all night and skipped school the next day for her, as she put it, "wanted to give you something to remember me by." She did. Thoroughly.


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