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It has become something of a tradition that I am party to and sometimes skipping shafts when my wife is away, which only tend to happen once a year, a week in summer, when she was visiting her parents who spend much of the year down to Spanish Costa del Sol. This time was in 2007.

We had moved into a villa in the suburb last year and had been in place even if there was a great gardening to play with. The neighbors on all sides were nice and the +60- category, of course, grown-up children. For a few weeks in the summer, it was dead in the area when everyone was on vacation the same week as my wife was gone, incidentally, so I had it pretty good on their own with a few nights out with friends and others just at home, with a bottle of wine on porch.

One day I was out in the garden when I first met with Lina. Lina was a neighbor's daughter who lived somewhere on the West Coast. I had heard of her, she was a little girl in the family, etc. but we had never met. She was at home to spend some days in his parents' home while mom and dad were on vacation, water the plants, mow the grass, you know. It came in anyway so we started talking out at the mailbox one day and it ended up talking for half an hour. She was nice and smiled a lot. Lina was 28 years (myself, I was a few and 30), about 165 cm tall, slender without being too narrow with a pair of rather small but perfectly OK tits ... She had short blond hair that she often had to hand in his hair with a barrette . She was, if not beautiful, so very sweet, cute and a little innocent but with a goal in his mouth, almost flirtatious. She said that she lived with a guy. I was attracted to anyway.

The second time we met was the next day. Lina was out and cut grass. In bikinis. Hmm ... When I was around she struck by the mower and came to the hedge and said hello, wiped some sweat from his forehead and said something about it was a bad idea to cut the grass in bright sunshine. I could not agree with ... bikini was small, tight, red, and suited her perfectly. Strange that she had eye shadow on itself in the heat I found myself thinking. Anyway, there was a brief chat because I was heading to the beach (wearing swimwear), which was not far away. I hopped on the bike and was able during the bike ride does not get rid of the image of Lina in her red bikini from the cornea. Cock was tight in the trunks. Once on the beach, I lay on my stomach and continued to think about Lina and neither was less tight swimming trunks ... I started thinking about bikinis and makeup were a mere encouragement or not. Anyway, I decided anyway to outbid Lina that night on a little grill. It is unnecessary for us to both sit alone I reasoned, especially since I had enough food for both of us ... bath time was not so long since I wanted to get hold of Lina as by an event outside in the garden to invite her.

When I got home it was the lawn mower is no longer running but I saw the rope out on the neighbor's balcony. I shouted at her and walked closer. "Hi, I just thought, I thought grilling a little tonight and drink some lådvin, you want to join me later, or you have something for you?" She smiled and replied, "jaaa," pretended to think a little, "it could well be nice. I already took out some food .... but it does not matter. " "Great," I said. "Shall we say 6 o'clock?" "OK, see you!" She replied.

Then went around with the vacuum cleaner one lap, plucked away scattered clothes, preparing it as I could and took a shower. Still could not get rid of the image of bikini-Linda, his cock stood up and I started to jerk off a little as I stood under the shower jets. Damn, it would be so good to fuck a cute little neighbor girl, even though the idea was pretty bad. Man shit not on their porch, someone said, and it was well part of it.

The time was six. Llite fresh summer clothes of linen and some smell good was on. Five of the six rings the doorbell. I open and the outside is Lina with her hair drawn aside, and with a red bow in her hair. The pants are beige, loose, made of linen that goes to the feet and the blouse is made of linen, but red. She looks a little embarrassed as she stands on the steps. "Come in vetja!" I say. She looks around the room downstairs and says she has not been inside the house since she was a child and someone else lived there. "May we tempt you with some champagne?" I ask. "Sure!" She says. I show her around and then we head out on the patio where the sun still shining at that late-afternoon way that is so wonderful.

We eat and drink well and talk about everything and anything for several hours. She is really nice and smiles almost constantly. She asks little of my wife, and whenever I ask about her boyfriend so she answered briefly or changing the subject. As boxvinet flows so begins the conversation get a little more liberal, we're talking about crazy ex, places you have done and what has been done on them (= who you made out with, jumped into bed with, etc.) and friends who have business side of their conditions. Interesting topics in itself but even more interesting if you have a baby with a little glossy, drunken eyes who can not stop smiling at one. My cock covers in linen pants and I have to summon up all the available strength of will to get it to fold every time I go and get something inside the house.

The wine has actually flown on a little too well and I feel that I was quite winded and goes into the kitchen to drink a few glasses of water. Time to calm down the pace. Suddenly Line up behind me. She swayed a little, but corrects a time. "A little water may probably be good," she says. "Starting to get a little tipsy but guess what, it feels so damn good!" "I have been really nice to you," she added, looking deeply into my eyes. "Really," she says again, to actually clarify, if I had not heard the first time. We continue to watch each other's eyes and it could only end one way. As if on cue, I have her tongue in my mouth, my hand on her butt and her venus mountain spirit pressure against my already hard cock. Now I obviously did not care in the state were marked and when she felt my hard cock as she moans lightly. We continue to bury tongues in each other's mouths, I turn her against the counter and pressed my cock harder against her. She stops kissing and looking at me and asks "would you?". Stupid question. I already have a hand on her breast, let it wander up her neck and she suck my thumb in my mouth. I let my right hand wander dominate over her flat stomach until it reaches the pubic bone. I'm rubbing her between her legs through the linen pants and she pushes the vagina tighter against me. She begins to fumble with a peg in my pants and loose buttons that holds them up. The pants plummets to the floor and she cups her hand on my cock outside his underpants. She smiles and looks at me with an even glossier look, continued to massage his cock with her hand while she kissed me on the neck. I begin to unbutton her loose-fitting blouse and sliding it over her head. She snaps itself up bra behind her back and with an impatient jerk as she throws it aside. I take her small breasts in my hands, takes her under her arms and put her on the bench, burying once again tongue in her mouth before I walk down through the neck to her tits. I suck them into her mouth, licking and sucking on her nipples and she moans low and leans back so his head turns into the cupboard behind her. We are so for a while until she pushes me back and jumps off the kitchen counter. She caressed his own chest and looks me once again deep in the eyes before she goes down on her knees, puts her hands on my buttocks and pulls me close. She pulls down his underwear, stroking his cock and pulling a few strokes up and down before she buries it in his mouth, without any hesitation. She sucks and licks his cock in a way that a sexually starved woman does and innocence is gone. She sucks and sucks in a way that you can not hold back. When I try to communicate that I will if she does not stop as she raises her in a snap, suck even porrigare and says "I want you, gun at me!" I hold her hands on her head when I feel the familiar feeling. My cock starts to spray and she pulls your head back slightly and allows the kit to come into her gaping mouth and on her cheeks and up into your hair. I miss reasonably bow in her hair ... She looks into my eyes and licks his cock up and down before she once again sucking it into his mouth and swallows what's left of the sperm. "Mmm!" She says, letting his cock slip out of her hot, sucking mouth. She gets up and takes off that she still wears, and is now in front of me naked and seems - strangely enough - a little embarrassed. I take her hand and we are heading for the couch. I kissed her again before I tell her to lie on your back. I kissed her neck, work me down, suck in her cheeky breasts in his mouth again. Damn, what a nice, solid ungflicksbröst she has! I work myself down until I reach her pussy. She is red in the face, perhaps in part due to her masterful blowjob recently, partly because I start licking her. She is almost shaven, just plaskvåt and taste-neutral, just like I want it. I lapping with his tongue, playing with her clit and slide a finger in the hole. She groans, puts her hands on my head and juckar lightly against my face to meet my tongue. I keep it in safe hours minutes before she is approaching orgasm. I increased the pace and suddenly it comes, she shoots off my face and let it wash over her, she curls up on the side and shake before she comes to their senses. Then she opens her eyes and looks at me. I sit next to her with a smile. I just wet your face with her juices and I wipe passable by me in the elbow.

She straddles me and put my head against my shoulder and we sit for a while. Then she looks up and says "thanks, that was wonderful! You make me so horny that I've never been. "After a while, begins her movement against me doing so that his cock coming to life. She knows it too and then all the more against it. We watch each other's eyes. "Sit on my cock, little girl," said I, lifting up her back. She slides down over his cock without resistance. She cries out. I lift her up and down and penetrate her again and again. She puts her arms on my shoulders and helps to lift up and down. She bends her head back and eyes rolling back in her head. Her tight pussy sucking on cock like henns mouth made a moment ago. Damn, what a pleasure to fuck, all I can think of. She looks like a little school girl as she sits, with a bow in her hair, even if it sits slightly askew right now.

I can not wait but get the feeling that I want to take her hard. I lift her up and asks her to stand on all fours on the couch. She leans forward over the back, svankar on the tail inviting and waiting for me to penetrate her. I take my cock in your hand and guide it into the hole. I push it in slowly. She meets all at once. The fact that this girl likes cock can probably be put beyond doubt .... I start fucking her slowly with long deep draft and she meets each thrust. I reflect that from where she stands, she has a clear view of his parents' home. What if mom and dad saw her now ... I run harder and rashness are emerging. Lina moaning loudly and saying over and over again, "fuck me, it's so damn good, fuck me!" I'm pulling me out and let the set get over her butt and back. I pull the slack of his dick between her buttocks.

We continue fucking making most all night. My cock is - surprisingly - as a spit all the time and does exactly what it should do. Between the pastoral moments tells Lina that she was horny for me during our first chat, but that she never intended to do something about it, not even when I invited her but she could not stay after all the wine and the middle (as I thought, subtle) flirting. Who is complaining?

The next morning began with a slow fucking lying on your side, where I woke her by penetrating her with my dick. Reading the newspapers that someone classifies it as rape now, as in Assange case, because she slept. Bloody hell! I hear no complaints from Lina, however, but fuck turns into a ride on my cock like the barely recovered from a few days.

We covered a couple fucking before her parents were back in town and a blowjob in my car at another time. Since then, nothing. Heard of neighboring old girl that she had a baby with her guy, not so long ago and saw her again briefly when she came home with the kids kid and boyfriend. I did everything that she gave me a little extra long smile ...


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