The sexy teacher

I had long felt that there was something between me and my teacher. We always gave each other innocents long glances. But I always thought that maybe I imagined. Could my teacher be horny for me? Was it really possible? I, who was only 18 years old and she certainly over 40.

It was a rainy Friday afternoon, she asked me to stay after class. I was a little nervous, wondering what she wanted. After all my classmates had gone, I went to the teacher's desk. She was prettier than usual, she had put up her hair in a bun. I also noticed that she had painted her lips red. Could it be for me? But no, do not be ridiculous.

She turned around, I saw that she had unbuttoned another button on the shirt, I could now see her red bra. She caressed his chest, and touched the nipple. She walked toward me, slowly but surely. I began to breathe faster, and felt his heart pounding hard in against my chest. She licked her his red lips. She put her hand on my thigh, and walked up. She put her hand on my penis, and began unbuttoning my fly. I felt I started getting Bange. There she felt well. She continued stroking up and down. She pulled down my pants and grabbed my stiff penis. She tucked it into her lovely mouth, as I had so often fantasized about. She sucked me off for a while. She stood up and kissed me, then she started stripping. I had never seen such a sexy body, it was so feminine. She stood in just underwear and unbuttoned her bra. I went up to her, she took my hand and placed it on her perfect breasts. I lifted her up and sat her on the catheter. Then I pushed into her. She grabbed my buttocks and pushed me further into her. She started to moan. I took my hand and gently stroked her clitoris. She moaned louder than ever. I grabbed her tits and ran hard. She screamed my name, and I took an even harder. I came in her. She had her orgasm a few seconds later. We looked at each other for a while. She sat there on her desk with her legs spread. She looked down at her vagina, then she looked at me again. I understood what she wanted. I walked up to her. She lay down on her desk and I began to lick her intensely. She gripped tightly in borskanten and groaned. I looked at her body that she enjoyed. She pulled up one leg over my head and I penetrated her once again. We moved us to the wall, I picked her up and she put his legs around my hips. I ran hard for a while before I let her down. She brought her gaze to my stiff penis. She put it in her mouth and sucked me off. She took it out before I arrived. My cum squirted in her face. She licked around her mouth.

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  1. Lucifer is horny:

    The subject is ok, but then took it out.

  2. fuck:

    AAA! Want to have sex now!!

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