Best night ever

She came home from school, have time to just eat mellis before her mother's boyfriend comes in the door. "Hi," he cries, Josefine trying to hide, she dare not respond.
She hears his heavy footsteps in the hall, the muscular body can be glimpsed in the shadows on the wall. He shouts again, no response. She breathes loudly when she thinks about the last time they were themselves at home. I hope her mother gets home soon so she will not have to put up with so ashamed for her mother, she knew clearly not about what happened between her boyfriend and daughter but Josefine still felt great shame.
it dörjer not long until he finds her behind the wardrobe door, he smiles one åemotständligt smile and say hello. She checks on the floor and gives him a normal hello back.
When will mom home she asks then, he replies that her mother has gone away for the weekend so they have the whole house to themselves now.
She thinks, fuck mom .. I do not want. He looks at her and gives her a hug, she removes his hands quickly. Can you not hug their baby? he asks anxiously, NO! respond josefine over.
His hand goes to her body. She feels his wonderful movement against her small breasts. She likes it, but can not tell him, it's shameful! he is almost thirty and she is only 15 years.
He continues to take on her, his hand sliding down to her mons mountain, he pinches. Pressing the point, just that that makes her so horny. she tries to remove his hands but he trycjer some. Aah! she moans suddenly, "I know you like this josefine, they're okay nobody is at home now." She does not listen to him, she would not again .. but when she feels his finger in her pussy, you can not resist. She moans a little cautious and says "fuck me, fuck me here and now." "I knew you'd like that," he says and pulls her gently down on henens soft bed, moderately wide for them both.

he keeps pulling his fingers in and out of her and feel the soft inside of her vagina. She kännder his big man's fingers slide in and out, guud how nice it is!
He now takes her clothes off, quick as lightning is where they both completely naked, in her bed, all alone in the house.
She caresses his dark brown hair, his lips meet hers and slowly he kisses her passionately and slowly. God, how good he is at this, she thinks, as she kisses back as good as she can. She begins to learn these now, they've done it several times as she has been practicing.

His hands skimming over her back, down to her ass and up to her venus mountain.
She is slowly approaching with her hands his huge member, she has never seen one so big. It's a good thing to fuck with older guys, she at that time.
He whispers in her ear that she will jerk him off. She listens and does what he says, sliding her hand up and down his big cock. it is as big as she is afraid that it will not fit in her mouth.
He gets horny, she feels it in her hand, how it rises and becomes hard and cozy. She loves a stiff limb in her hands, but even more in her pussy. He reads her mind and starts rubbing the penis against her vagina, god, what a relief! she moans again, a little higher this technology and access. He gets so turned on by her moans that he moans, so he pushes it into her. the huge limb is now inside her pussy. Her pussy embraces his dick so perfect, god what a relief it is!

He runs in and out of her, she knows guys get further and further into her, she was moaning now constantly when he enters.
He gets so turned on by seeing her moan so he faced harder and harder, he yells to her, the whore she is, and that this night she will never forget. It keeps her with, but she's a whore like she did not, so she screams which peddo he is.
AAH! gash, he is so fucking HORNY when she yells at him, so he starts calling her all sorts of things that whore slut and such. She gets so angry and horny that she lies and screaming which peddo and the old bastard he is, and he's in trouble if she told anyone. Then he knocks her so hard and deep into her that one should not move any farther she believes. She gets so excited that she feels the orgasm coming, it is preparing to come out. She skirker him to run harder and faster, she will soon.
he knows how her uskler spans, how all she turns when she comes. He gets so excited that he will be out to get him by.
She knows how to fit his entire body tense and his eyes sparkle. He screams and moans loud now, he says he will.
She feels his warm slimy cum barge into her vagina. How she filled with his liquid.
both of them are completely out of the sex they just had the best sex he had he whispers in her ear, she agrees and begins to walk towards the shower.
She starts showering and hear him come in, he shut the door and check on her. She continues showering as she has not noticed that he had entered.
he comes to her and they shower together, his caress her youthful body while they both are under water jet, which makes them excited again. She wonders how one can get so horny, so much during the day. He lifts up her leg and put it on his shoulder, as she is agile, so she can be in many different positions.
He carefully drive your dick in her again, she knows how wonderful it is huge. She loves to feel the horny feeling, the käsnlan of having a cock in henens pussy.
Josefine says he, ah? she replies. You must not mention this to anyone, it's our secret, you understand that? YES she yells as she moaned at the same time, she moans until they here the word, not a word, if you continue to fuck me till you can not move on your skills until you can not talk of fatigue. do you understand? He gets horny just to hear her say it, he goes in hard and out gently. they continue like an eternity, it feels like.
When they come out of the shower, he continues to fuck her as passionately as before.
But now he wants to take her from behind, she gets a bit frightened. will his big limb really fit in my little anal?
She says he should be concerned, and so does he. But the narrow channel means that he gets so excited that he runs faster and faster and finally he can not stand still, he trembles of horniness. He injects so much but could fill the Atlantic now. She puts his cock in her mouth while he squirts. it got a little off as she licks up and swallows yummy and looks pleased.
They are coming out in the kitchen then keep her sex from behind now. but not as fast. He can no longer, she says he's certain is getting old, but when he gets angry and tries to run faster again. She gets so horny that she gets her fountain of spray, she gets a big orgasm, she feels empty throughout the body. Now stop them, both collapses on the floor and fall asleep before she falls asleep, she sees the clock, it's been six hours since he came home. and they've had sex incessantly. Absolutely incredible, the best night she ever had.

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