Our road to the swingers life 3

We spent Saturday after a long lie-in, the Stockholm City Museum and the shopping. Before we went back to the hotel, we went out the Kungsholmen district to visit the shop Eve collection. We both felt that these nocturnal experiences, we wanted to experience more times and why not buy some suitable clothes for that kind of context. Admittedly, most of the visitors at R & M is not decked out in a particular way, but for our own part, we thought it would feel more exciting to feel a little dressed nicely too. My wife had no change of clothes with him and did not want to come to the club in the same clothes two nights. She also had secretly dreamed of having something really sexy to put on, it came up. Possibly, it could signal to others that we are interested to act together too, I thought.

We were the only customers in the store when we arrived and the lady owner devoted all his attention to our requests. Firstly wanted his wife to have a sleek, sexy skirt. After trying some of the skin and coat, she got stuck in a short, tight skirt in black imitation leather; Stylish and delicious, but not more challenging than it could be used in other contexts than pure fetishfester. In order to have during this bought three pairs of black socks with stylish lace top and a sleek black garter belt. For the upper part, she let the lady owner borne entirely by the styling.

She wanted to highlight the round, full breasts. It ended with a top in black imitation leather, which was merely a support for the bust and left nipples free. Added to this a transparent black blouse, short and so tight that it looks best when put the top three buttons were unbuttoned. His wife hesitated, this seemed a little too challenging, she thought. Proprietress persevered. It had been a new customer while also commented styling with "shit nicely." The wife relented with a comment that it might have a shawl over the shoulders if it feels too naked. To me, we bought sleek, tight leather pants. On the way back to the hotel she bought in a small shop, a black shawl of coarse woolen nätvirkat. The holes between the stitches were more than one centimeter in size, so the shawl was not very comprehensive, but apparently it was still what she thought she needed to.

After the shower, sauna and a short rest on the bed it was time to dress for the evening. We had shopped evening wear, now they would be in reality. For me it was simple: A gray shirt and the new leather pants without underwear. So it had to be. For her, it was a more lengthy process, which nevertheless ultimately ended up with the clothes that were purchased for the day; troslös with garter belt and the open bust top. It was not the club that was the problem, but the question was what we should do before we could go there. People seemed to be that offenses come only after ten or so.

Well, we were hungry so we took the subway over at Zinkensdamm at six o'clock and the Indian restaurant we visited the first time. This time we got a wonderfully good and genuine Indian tvårättersmeny. Opposite me sat the most beautiful and sexiest woman I could think of in her long red hair, her shawl over her shoulders and the transparent blouse unbuttoned a good distance down the ravine. She tried to pull her shawl when the waiter came, but it could not completely hide the only nipples beneath the thin fabric.

After eight felt we finished at the restaurant. We paid and drew us towards Maria Square. But the time was not enough, we must do something. We decided to be very careful with the alcohol, not to let the numb feelings, but nevertheless decided to pop in to a pub. A lot of people, but there was room on a wall-mounted bench at a small table. She sat down in order to keep the table while I would shop drinking.

When I turn around with an ale in one hand and a large glass of orange juice in the other, I see that she has already been courted. A guy is leaning against the wall on her left side and try to initiate a call. I also see that her long legs in combination with the low bench makes you look straight into the petticoat. She will not hold her legs together. I do not think she knows what she is doing and how clearly she exposes itself, but I do not want to take the risk to embarrass her but chooses not to say anything, but instead through my position and by moving the table a little bit to get her to not direct their legs straight out to the bar.

We sat there for quite some time. She turned around and swapped positions several times, threw jaw with the guy on his other side, laughed and was generally frisky. I realized that there was a chance for me to affect the way she had her legs. She is remarkable my baby. While she was careful to keep track of her shawl to try to hide her breasts, so she seems entirely unconcerned or unaware of what she is showing under the skirt.

She moved close to me and put up his left leg on my lap. She usually does so sometimes when she wants to feel close. I also like it, but my reaction now was: Damn, there must be complete transparency right into her pussy now. My thoughts whirled in his head. Can she be unaware of what she is doing? Can she really be unaware that she shows her pussy for the 7-8 guys sitting opposite us? Can she really have hidden such a strong exhibitionistic driver that she does this deliberately? Or is she doing it to test my reaction? If she wants to test me, how she wants that I should respond? Now it was I who felt insecure and embarrassed. Was it her purpose?

I decided to play cool, not saying anything, not doing anything but just sit there and let her decide how the situation would develop. Shall we go, she asked after a moment. Yes, I replied, though I was aware that it was still early enough to go to R & M. Maybe she thought they had seen enough, I thought. We headed anyway steps east along St. Paul Street and enter through the now familiar cellar door. Was as usual, welcomed by a couple in the foyer, who took our coats, now even her shawl, and hung this in the closet. The woman behind the counter burst up in an approving smile when the wife took off and handed over her shawl with a confident pose and showed that tonight she was dressed for success.

We dragged ourselves slowly inward on the premises, but stayed standing in the hallway outside the small bed room to just watch people. On the bed lay a middle-aged couple and caressed each other quietly outside the clothes. We looked into the film room. There were a few who sat in the pews, but a woman in a red coat dress stood leaning forward against the prime front row and was fucked from behind. We drew us closer. The red dress was long, but had slits up to the waist on both sides. Now that the rear was lifted on the back, there was free access for her guy. It was a beautiful and exciting sight. I stood behind my darling, unbuttoned two buttons to her blouse, entered the right hand fingers under the fabric and gently caressing her nipple while we enjoyed the spectacle.

When we came out into the corridor again stood there a few I recognized from yesterday. I had noticed them for the most seemed to go around and make it cozy for others. We asked our next door and kissed. Sure enough, after a while we felt their hands on our bodies. It was fine, gentle caresses the neck, back and over my tight, skinnbyxklädda rear. We were inspired and kissed intensification; would not let each other's lips and tongues, while the woman next interested in anything more for my back. Finally, we still let each other's lips. We met the other pair looks and everyone smiled. No one said anything but I saw in their eyes a question whether we had enjoyed their caresses. I nodded yes.

They crept one step closer to. He pushed his way in behind his wife and fondled with her hands her stomach and hips. The woman unbuttoned blouse last button and began to fondle her breasts. I ended up as a bit on the side, hesitated but took courage for me. I slid up behind the other woman and pushed me against her body, as I began to explore with my hands. She had a plain dress; straight, knee-length, low gloss of the fabric, fastening at the back. I caressed her outside of the fabric, but it was hard to get into the skin. I felt in all cases small, beautiful firm breasts without bra, the glossy fabric. She leaned forward, kissed and licked at his wife's breasts. I took the opportunity to put your hand on henens legs and caress her thighs while I lifted the dress. I found that she had stayups and I found that she had a smooth shaven pussy without panties. My excitement rose.

Nobody said anything, but her breathing became more and more audible. When I bent me down to better access to fondle her pussy from behind, between his legs, I could also see that my wife with her hand behind her back had managed to pick up the guy's erect cock. I took that as a confirmation that it must be ok for her I caressed the girl's pussy too. People came and went constantly around us. Some stayed and watched for a while, but there was nothing we cared about at all. My wife looked at the other woman and asked, with a nod towards the little bed room if she would agree to go there. She nodded back. A couple was already there, but the bed was great so we would certainly fit.

My wife took the initiative, with the guy's cock firmly kicked her shoes off and crawled into bed. The girl I caressed asked me to pull down the zipper in the back and then released down the dress on the floor before she followed up on the mattress. Standing on her knees astride my legs she opened now buttons on my pants and pulled out his cock as she began to suck. The wife scooted herself up her tight leather skirt up to her hips so that the other guy was coming at her pussy. He leaned too forward and began to lick her. There was now me and my wife on her back in a bed together and became both stroked to heavenly heights of a foreign couple who we had not said a word to; Surreal but wonderful. I also noticed a growing interest from people outside, as more and more stayed in the doorway to get themselves a glimpse of what went on.

I pulled his wife closer, so close that we could kiss when we turned against one another. We stayed a long time in a deep tongue kiss and when I opened my eyes I saw that the third pair in bed now both knelt and caressed my wife's chest and stomach with his hands. It was very exciting to see, and apparently very exciting to know too, because she started to whimper and throw his head. The woman sucked lay on top of me now, but with all his attention on his wife, which she started kissing and licking. My cock stood up between her thighs. Using your left hand, I managed to direct it to the slot and press it into her pussy. She did not react. She was still completely focused on to satisfy my wife.

After an indeterminable number of minutes it managed well when the wife with a roar went up in the dock and then relaxed fell back. We turned to each other and kissed, while the other woman now sat up and started riding me. Since I was already sprängkåt it was not many minutes before I also got a wonderful ejaculation shot straight up into the unknown woman's bowels. Swam eyes. It felt like I lost consciousness for a while. When I regained composure couple was already on the way from the bed. I reached out a hand and pleaded: Do not go. She said nothing, but leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the mouth before they both disappeared outside the doorway.

We lay there and tried to gather our thoughts and feelings. I was a little worried about what his wife would feel that I had actually fucked the other woman's pussy, and that I had actually enjoyed something unheard of. She said she was unsure how she would react, but it felt ok this time. I protested that it had been a pleasure for me to see her enjoy just before, and that, therefore, I just got too horny to resist. It was OK, she repeated, but now I might also want to get another man's cock in me sometime without getting tangles. Sure, I said, but it depends of course on the person and the situation. Shall we get up, she asked. I nodded and we walked out to the toilets to clean a little.

We bought a soda at the reception, stood for a moment at the counter and chatted with the hosts. We asked among other things if they had no clue of who the visitors were: it was very regulars or if it was people like us who came to travel sometimes and took the opportunity to visit the club then. We learned that many were more or less regulars, at least people who hosts recognize. But they also knew that it was more than we who came from elsewhere in the country. They also displayed on a bulletin board where people could put up signs to seek contact with others in their community. Some had done it, but no one from our city.

We sat down on the bench next to the entrance. I found that my fly was open, but it felt like not important at all to close it. His wife sat next to the leather top with bare breasts. The blouse was apparently left on the bed. A woman standing nearby started talking to us. Asked where we lived and if we had been here many times. She and her boyfriend were also raised from a small town and was there for the first time. She was dark and handsome, apparently with some Asian background. Her guy now came from the toilet was too dark but completely Swedish look. My wife asked if we would be in "to someone more beautiful place." They came in and we got a place on the couch in the inner room. The girls in the middle and we guys on the sides.

I began to caress and kiss the wife, she put her hand under the dark girl's shirt and began to fondle her. The guy looked most of the TV screen with porn and generally seemed a little unsure of how he should behave. But when his wife had taken out the other girl's breasts from the bra and pulled up her shirt so everyone could see, he seemed to appreciate it. She put down the girl sex and started stroking my dick instead. It was quite tired and demanded quite a lot of attention to be refreshed again. After a long time on the couch, I asked if we could fuck for real. She nodded and we got up to try and fit on the bed.

There were already two couples and although we tried to penetrate us so we did not we got enough space to lie down. I asked her instead to lean forward against the wall. She did it. I lifted her skirt and pressed his penis from behind. We fucked for so long. When I felt hints of that orgasm was coming, I slowed down or stopped before continuing. I find this to be ridden is the fairest position, but also know that the wife does not like it. She prefers to be facing each other so they can see each other's eyes. Finally got up one pair from the bed. Those who were closest then moved by and gave way to us. We laid us down in the missionary position and loved intensely a few minutes before we both started panting heavily. We managed once again to a common orgasm and hugged happy about each other.

We arose, then, cleaned up some clothes, went to the bathroom and decided to go home now. We asked the hosts to call a taxi and producing outerwear. The wife then came that she missed her blouse. We went in and looked it in the big bed room where she must have forgotten it, but found none. She had to do with the coat and shawl. Back at the hotel we fell into bed and slept for a wonderful night's sleep.

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