Beyond reality

She looked from the tall windows. The silence lay like a blanket over the room. Far below her called streets of torches. The lightweight dress hung over her body. The dark hair hung loosely over her back and shoulders. The long wide sleeves reached almost down to the hem of the white dress. So thin veil that suggested every line of her body without revealing anything. His eyes gleamed in the dim glow of the torches, gave the steel blue eyes, a red, almost fiery hue. And she waited.

A knock sounded on the door. When she did not respond to knocking the door slid up and revealed a long lanky man. If she was månvit he was black as night. His hair lay along the face, blacker than black. Weather Bit and gråögd he examined the room with his eyes until he saw the woman at the window. In the darkness, she was the only light. He stepped inside and closed the door, leather with a sword hanging on the side, it was clear that he was a soldier. He waited.

She looked around until she heard the door shut. Her heart thumped painfully conscious of the chest. How long ago was that they were seen last. War had raged, and now he was back for a short while. She glided up to him and placed a kiss on one of his unshaven cheek. With van motion unbuttoned her the sword belt and put it in the corner. She pushed the door rule. She looked at his worn body and longed to give him the only healing she could give.

He moved absently at his cheek where her soft lips had touched him. He sighed with both sadness and longing. In every battle, she was his guiding star. Every battle he won, he won for her sake. He noticed her gaze on himself, smiled and began to take off his armor in leather. She looked at the expectant, excited, combative, in her blue eyes shone a flame he well knew.
When leather armor was of he felt her habit hands. They made their way to the neck, she placed a kiss on his neck and led him to the divan.

She touched him again, slowly began massaging his stiff neck and scarred shoulders. Slowly she followed the muscles and felt the knots in the hands disappeared. As on a hunch she let her arms slide along his neck as she came to rest on his back, sitting on his knees. She drew in his scent, placed again a kiss on his neck, laid her cheek against his, rough and bristly, but with recognition. Her body trembled almost of restrained lust.

He let her warm sweet scent flowing into his lungs. Her cheek was leaning against his. He could feel her breasts through the thin fabric, bosom pressed against his back. She knew very well what affected him, she lifted the cheek and started kissing his neck and shoulders. When she put her hands on his bare arms, he felt how she trembled. He turned toward her and saw her hungry eyes and longing-filled smile.

Without a word she got up from the couch and stood in front of him. She slowly began to dance, a sensual and seductive dance. She saw how his breathing became heavier as he watched her dance. The dress billowed around her body, and fluttered to the batter. She let all her longing for his body visible in the quiet simple dance. The faint lights of the city got her dress to look like fire, it felt like fire.

He tried sansa to for air, her body moved in perfect balance. So she was right in front of him, her hands pulled the laces on his leggings. He leaned forward and captured her lips in a kiss. Her hands finished his work, laid bare his body. He kissed her again, without letting her lips, he found the laces that held up her dress. With a faint flutter appeared thin, white fabric, to the floor.

Now were both completely naked. Bare and full of desire. He held her to him, she kissed him as she could. Nibbled the stubble while she caressed his sex. His hands moved over her breasts. Tickling, a little teasingly caressed he them. Kissed her between them, while, at. Always easy and gently. Their breathing was in perfect sync, weigh and deep. She felt his hands moved down. Nicknamed Spirit they reached her inner.

Gently he stroked her thighs, her belly and her gender. At every touch he kissed her. Her hands were firm grip on his sex, caressing, sometimes gently, sometimes firmly. Slowly, as he led her down to the couch, still kissing, still caressing spirit. He laid her on her back, held her hands through her hair. His lips are constantly moving over her body. Her hand still caressing his sex, it leads to standing. The other hand she has around his neck. They always make eye contact.

She feels a fill, her inner screaming for him. Her hand has not left his gender. One of the hands that pull through her hair moving over her naked body. When his hand reached her sex starts to caress her hand, steady, determined, desire. His hand caresses of her top and then pops into her inner one. She moans and stops their eyes. With his hand on his sex, she controls the tense limb to his waiting inside. His hand leaves her single, his lips close contact with her. A deep breath together, and he is inside her.

Her hands grabs his hair, she makes a pleasurable sound. He moves slowly, pushes himself slowly back and forth in her mind. While he caresses her with a deep awareness, he caresses the thighs, breasts, abdomen and even the knee. The hands work together.

He moves faster in her, she closes her eyes still as she begins to move in the same movement. Discovery maintains the same steady pace as their breathing. She continued, close your eyes, let her hands explore his body so well known. He kisses her again and again.

She holds tightly in his hair, her whole body moves with him. He lets his fingers run in search of new caches that he spend pleasure from. Their bodies were rubbed against each other.

She released his hair and throws her arms around his neck, pulling him to her. Now you can quickly, her body starts tensing.

He knows how her body stands on edge, all the way from the head down to the feet, into her inner spanning about his gender. His body shrinks, tie knots of every nerve it finds.

She knows how to tingle reproduce, waiting, waiting.

He knows how a violent tension arises in his gender.

In her shiver in his spray, a huge orgasm as father through their bodies. An earthquake trembles through them. In a moment, two moments are the two single creature. A single being with the same feeling, the same vision, the same experience. Orgasm peters out slowly, the tide drains all the ditches. A single creature gets two.

She still has her arms around his neck. Soon, very soon, she should take the dress. Facing the world. Soon, not yet, not right now. Yet while they have together before duty calls him from her.

He has not yet left her inside, he holds her close. Soon, wars and battles again, but right now he has her close. Soon her duties call her from that moment.


She looked towards dawn, saw the gates opened to release a solo rider. Her body remembered his presence. She put her hands on her stomach and wanted. The city still lay to rest, her city, her kingdom. The dark red dress was thick as curtains in three layers. When they would meet again, she knew, she just knew it was soon. Until then she lets her body remember him, remember every night in his company.

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