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A summer to remember

We have an old farmhouse as a summer cottage. My parents dragged me up every summer since I was seven. I think it's deadly boring as there lives a few people here. There's no friends at all. My mum and dad are happy as hell and I work all day long with crops and shit. They are both teachers, summer holidays in the country is very long.

One summer when I had just turned sixteen, I went alone to the lake that lay a short distance from our house to bathe. I was a little depressed because my boyfriend just over a year ago had left town for a few days ago. He actually had gilded summer with their presence. He has been with me for three weeks but now we would not be seen in over a month.

It was a small lake with a fairly large and nice bridge, think it was any old private bridge really, but I have never seen a männinska here. It's quite lonely and empty of people in this part of the country it seems. My boyfriend, Tommie, and I have biked here almost every day to sunbathe and swim, it's been a fantastic summer. Since we never saw any people here and my parents are too busy to get here, we've had this as our own little paradise.

We have sunbathed nude and fucked several times a day here on the bridge. Great to lie naked on the blanket and doze with legs apart and just wait for the suddenly Tommies cock on a visit to my sun-drenched pussy. It was also great to suck him and ride his nice cock slowly while enjoying the view, peace and tranquility here at the small lake.

But it was as I said several days ago he left me to go back to town and a summer job. I had a flat tire on the bike and took me an early walk to the lake, had not exactly in a hurry. Now I walked out of the water and lay down to dry in the sun on the hot bridge, had not even dried bring any towels today. Had the summer got used to just have a thin summer dress that I wanted to be readily available if Tommie was tempted to fuck me.

Then we also have the entire summer walking around barefoot, gave it a nice sense of freedom to just throw a dress.

Regular six easily becomes a habit, felt my body cried and screamed for Tommies beautiful tongue or stiff dick. It had only been a few days and I was already getting somewhat frustrated. The sun warmed my nice tanned body, I spread my legs and played with the soft light fingers in the pussy.

Opened not even mind when I was sure that there was a man nearby. Imagined, however, that there was a horny guy and checking me out so I had gotten some sällskap.Här in the country hands never so chances that any guy would stumble across me is minimal.

It was not just Tommies cock, who was visiting in her pussy in my fantasies, trying to imagine the most I could come within miles around. Just when I was about to orgasm, I came to think of the military, we had heard firing exercises bortifrån woods last week. Could it be that they are still here?

I had an incredibly nice orgasm, lying there on the bridge and moaned and did not have a dick.
After a while I became restless, can not lie here alone all day, I decided to go home.

I took one last swim and thought about. If there are soldiers in the woods, it means guys can at least go and check out a little. As soon as I dried passably I pulled on her dress and took the path up through the forest in the direction we heard the shots. It was a beautiful summer day, the birds chirped and it was calm and quiet in the woods. I smiled at the thought of how we run around naked here and fucking moss samples.

Slow and dreamy, I went through the woods, broke twigs that marked the road as soon as I switched enrichment and followed a different trail. Thought about what I would say if I met someone could say that I've been looking mushrooms and got lost or something. If I find some guy in the woods that have been here in a week or so maybe he is just as horny as I am by now. Tommie would not have left me alone, I thought, smiling.

I'm going to daydream about boys, can not remove the tanks of six of my head. Could I really fuck with a military man in the woods if I had the chance, I asked myself?
The answer is probably, yes, perhaps?

Tommie is good at fucking, but the only thing I done it, would be exciting to try someone else. What he does not know he suffers not.

A little later I see a large green tent with some sort of mesh over the forest. Heart was somersaulting in my chest, when there were maybe guys in the woods then!

Now I must go back to see who they were. When I came closer I saw that it definitely was a military tent. I shouted hello, and went cautiously forward.

- Is there anyone at home, I cried!

Out of the tent looked a blond crew cut, his face lit up in a wide smile when he saw me.
- Hey, he said. I thought it was the enemy coming, he said jokingly, smiling.

He was really not bad looking with a nice smile.

- Nah, that's just me who is on a walk in the woods, I said.

- Who do you talk to, 'said another guy in the tent and looked out ..

- Hey! Have you been here long, I asked.

- Soon, two weeks, said the first, but before that we had practice and has not had a furlough of one and a half months now. They only women we've seen are old ladies in the kitchen, here in the forest, we have not even seen them. You are the first interesting girl we've seen in ages and it's very nice to see a young pretty girl again, he added. My name is Mike by the way, and that's Anton, what's your name?

- My name is Gunilla but called Nilla, I said with a smile.

Anton did not look bad and they really tried hard to be nice. Asked where I lived, and how it was that I found here. They smiled all the time and at me with eyes, talking at each other, which made me laugh to say:

- It's been a while since you saw a girl huh?

- Well there has been little short of those here in the forest, they said in the mouth at each other.
- You almost begin to climb the tent walls, and soon long to return to town, said Mike. Unfortunately, we will be left in eleven days, the course of dying of boredom and girls lack.

- You'll have to make up for it then, I said smiling.

- Yes, but now, we have been visited by a small baby so right now it's nothing to complain about, said Anton. Want to see what we have in our tent?

I should be careful, I thought, but I was very jittery in the body. I had only been with Tommie was the same age as me, these guys must surely be twenty or so. Realized that they were starving and would like to fuck me if they could, one and a half months, but girls said well everything. I only been out for a few days and still feel famished. I went to the opening to look inside.

- So good you have it, how many do you live here in the tent, I said '.
- We are twelve and one officer, said Fox.
- The others are out on the exercises and we guard the tent, said Anton.

I went outside and sat on a stone and the guys sat on the grass in front of me.
If I had parted a little on my slim legs so they'd probably seen right up under her dress. The thought that they would see my little pussy was exciting.

Perhaps they felt it in the air, maybe it was their prolonged celibacy as they got to eat me with hungry eyes. Looking in the eyes of them that they probably would like to fuck me, maybe I will not have to wait a whole month anyway? Should not be so hard to attract some of them here in the woods a bit!

I teasingly ran at me so that my plump breasts spans over the thin fabric of her dress.

- Wow, what a sweet little girl you are, 'said Anton. How old are you?
- I was sixteen a few weeks ago, I said with a smile.
- Do you have a guy, asked Mike?
- Yes, I'm with a boy named Tommie for a year or so, I replied.

- Where is he?

- He went back to town on Sunday for a summer job, he has been here for three weeks, I said. But now we will not be seen in over a month.

- Ah I see, 'said Mike. Then you'll also get sexabstinens then?

- What does it mean, I asked?

- This means that you can almost go mad with desire to have sex again. That we even fantasized about them ugly old ladies in the kitchen, 'said Anton.

- Ha ha ha, I laughed. Yes, know it, I've already experienced it.

- Welcome to the club, said Mike with an amused smile. But a little sexy and cute girl that you need never be without sex, is well how many guys anything that would be glad to be with you?

- Hardly any here in the country anyway, I sighed.

- Except us, of course, 'said Mike, smiling wide.

- Yes but you are only here temporarily, on then you are a little older too, I said.

- So you piece that we're too old to have sex with, Anton asked cheerfully.

- Maybe, do not know, I said, blushing.

- Would you dare to try some, said Mike eagerly. Would you dare try and see if you can with us? If you have practiced properly with your guy then it probably does not matter how old the guy is who you fuck with anymore.

- Perhaps it would be a little tempting to try, or how, 'said Anton?

- Do not know maybe, I said shyly. But not with both of you anyway!

- Who do you want to test with, then, asked Mike?

- You might, I whispered.

- Okay, come, 'said Fox and took my hand and pulled me up on their feet.

He brought me into the tent where it was shaded and cool. Drew me close and kissed me hungrily while he hugged me softly. His hands caressed my body and stiffened slightly when he felt I was completely naked under her dress.
Oh, oh, oh, what a wonderful girl you are, he whispered, pulling off my dress. Hugged me hard until he looked at me with big eyes and said I was absolutely fantastic. Kissed me again before he lay down on a big green blanket that covered much of the ground. He threw off his clothes before he parted my legs and got between my slender thighs.

Mike licked me fantastically beautiful and only after I had pressed himself into me with the big stiff cock. It was shit nice to get fucked again and it went well although it was an older guy, even though his cock was a bit strörre than Tommies. He fucked me so that I groaned aloud with joy for him. Suddenly I see Anton standing there naked and look at me with wide eyes. He slowly shook his big cock while he looked at me with eyes full of desire. It was also for me and Mike and I think it's almost dark before me when he ran deep and filled me with his baby juice.
I förstog that Anton was bursting and also wanted to fuck me. To avoid having to make decisions myself, I was just closed eyes left their legs apart when Mike got off me. Shortly thereafter I had a new hard cock in her pussy. I enjoyed being so thoroughly fucked by and they then proceeded to take turns with me several times each.

When they eventually were done, I thought it was best to go before the others come back. Cautiously I got up and pulled her dress over her head. It ran cum down her thighs as I walked towards the entrance.

- You Nilla said Mike, would not you like to make a bet for the Swedish defense and summer work for us.

- What do you mean?

- Well here we poor guys, for over eight weeks lived without a single girl in sight. We are so horny and frustrated that we will soon get sick and do not know where we are to make of us.

- Well, you've just got what you wanted, I said. What do you want me to do more?

- We hope that you, the answer is also in our other friends' dreams. You're a girl who loves to fuck, we have noticed. What do you say to come back and fuck with the rest of us? I promise you two hundred crowns a day of each guy gets to fuck you.

I'm horny and I love to fuck, they have the right, but should I really let these guys get to hire me?

My pussy screaming at me to stop talking and let the guys get what they want.

- Can you really hire people like that anyway, I asked?

- Yes, 'said Mike, You will not make as much that you need to pay taxes and then you get to work as you want and we can hire you temporarily.

- Okay then, I said shyly. But when I want money in advance so I know I do not get scammed.

- You girl, you are fantastic, you know it, 'said Mike?

Do I see a glint of lust in your eyes? Here is how any four hundred in thanks for a wonderful fuck.

- Thanks, I said, surprised! It is true that I'm horny, I say, be careful with me and I will do whatever I can to help. Proud if I can make a bet for the Swedish defense. I'll be back tomorrow, then you can let a couple of other guys guarding the tent so we'll see what I can do for them?

Decking Spirit and happy I jumped, with money in hand, the path back with semen running down her thighs, stopped and took a dip in the lake to wash me. Thought about what happened and wondered, how could I do?

Without the military, it would be sad and empty until I could meet with Tommie for over a month. Now I had the chance to build my experience in and fuck the hell for ten days with a bunch of guys who wanted to kill some time with me. Quickly I calculated that I could earn 24 000 SEK if I managed to fuck with all of you every day until they ran. Wow, I never earned a cent in the past and was always poor, maybe I can buy myself some nice clothes for this fall?

The next day, put two new guys waiting for me when I arrived. I said hello and smiled wide when I saw their interest sparkle in her eyes.

- Hereby do I sign up for service, I said shyly, but with the sexiest voice.

- Is it true that we get to fuck with you, you're skitfin course, they asked skeptically?

- Yes, that's my way to help, I said and smiled, but it will cost you two hundred each.

The guys did not believe his eyes, gave me money with a smile. They were really hungry for sex, pounced on me and brought me to the green felt of the tent. Before I knew it I was naked, had a cock in hand and a deep into my overflowing pussy. As little bunnies they took turns to fuck me so that a spark of my eyes. Orgasms are led me into a rosy haze, I felt like I slipped on a soft wave that gently threw me here and there ..

Through the fog, I think I gradually feel more guys around me, feeling that the rest of the gang is back. One hundred patches were gathered in an increasingly thick bundle in my hand.

I am sending Tommie a thought, what if he saw me now?

I'm not going to stop them, want them to fuck me all of you. I'm doing the best I can, I think. Great with horny Swedish military. I love this!

Here is fucked for king and country.

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  1. Emma:

    Really a cool summer!
    Great told!
    Almost so that you become jealous.
    But, you really do that?

  2. Sabrin:

    One of those summer jobs, I would have!
    One can work pretty much before having to pay taxes.
    Is it good to get safe drinking too.

  3. Line:

    Agree! Can you do that? If allowed, I would oxå have such a summer job! I'm not so used yet but would be fun to practice up.
    How old must you be?

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