The meeting with Lisen. Part 4.

Part 4.


Sir Gote Freeman

When I wake up the next morning (morning) and looking out I see that there is heavy overcast and rain is in the air, so it's just forget the bath today. Fish could I do, but it would be fun to swim with Lisen too. I think anyway.
After I finished eating my breakfast in peace and quiet, I decide to use the day to shop around and look around a bit, I am, after all, here as a tourist.

After a mil, I come to a small community, and I write down what they say. If I were vela me away, I mean, I can always ask for directions there, then I'll surely get back to me.

Since I'm in the middle of bonnvischan there is not much to look at, so when I see a sign that says "lookout" I drive there.
Yes, there I saw the lot. The clouds hang so low that it is like looking straight down into an open milk carton, and then it rained too.
After a few hours shilly-shallying here and there in the rain, I will in all cases up to a small town (village) where I fit in to eat a late lunch and early dinner, at the same time.
To pass the time I walk into one of those cinema where they run the movie again and again. It's a pretty funny Swedish comedy so I see it twice. All the while I sit and tease me about how terrible it is translated. Damn, the translator've missed every single point, but the Norwegians laugh anyway. Either they understand Swedish, or so they have no greater claim to humor.

When I get out of the cinema has begun to get dark, so I get into the car and go "home". After about 10 mil, I know still do not recognize me so I stop and ask for directions, then it is just to drive the 10 miles back again, for of course I drove the wrong way. Luckily I wrote down the name of society.
Now it's pitch black around the car and the clouds hang so low that they almost located on the road, and so spöregnar it on top of everything.
There are at least society I'm looking for. I look at the odometer so I will not miss the way up to the tent, but it obviously makes anyway. Damn it. Just turn around and drive back again. There! It was close, I missed again, but I drove slowly.
I throw myself from the car directly into the tent, but still has time to get wet. It will hear the fan to plug in the lamp at this crap weather. I lie and sleep directly instead.
Nattpissar do I do in a disposable cup that I just empties outside the tent before I crawl into "sleeping bag" for the night. So I lie for a while and are thinking of Lisen, and if there should be no continuation of our adventures, before I fall asleep.

The next morning the sun will shine again, and after breakfast, I take fish stuff and goes down to the farm where Ole is and washes his old tractor, while he sings happily. It was anything but First Time swearing it.
After greeting, I say that I would consider myself a fishing and badtur again, but I'm a bit unsure of the way, so if Lisen could show me one more time would be good.
- No worries, says Ole, and so he yells "Lisen" so that it echoed between the houses.
This time we are out there so I do not have to worry about some nerrasande roof.
Just heard Lisen's voice:
- Yes Dad, what is it?
She sounds a little irritated, so I wonder what kind of job she had to end.
- Come here.

I stand behind the tractor so she does not see me, but when she comes back and sees me she lights up the face so she can almost compete with the sun, while she does not matter:
- Hi Gote.
- Hello Lisen. Nice to see you again.
Wonder if she blushes a bit, but it is difficult to see in the sunburned face.
- You can come along Gote and show the way to the lake again. He is not sure he can find.
- Yes daddy, please. I'll just grab your bathing suit.

While Lisen take their bathing suits watching Ole serious to me and while he grins, he says:
- And you are kind to Lisen and not making some stupid things with her.
- Are you kidding me, Ole. How can you believe that I would dare to do something with your muscle bundle to daughter. I'd rather come home to Sweden in one piece again.
The same will Lisen back, and Ole says, laughing:
- It sounds good, go with you and go swimming now. And so it is just as well that you stay and show him the way home too, Lisen, so he does not get lost.
- Yes dad, it makes me happy.
- It is well soon lunch time for you now, Ole, I ask.
- Yes, a couple of hours.
- Then I eat and Lisen grilled fish up there at the lake so you do not go home just for that.
- Good Ole laughs, so we save a meal at the matvraket.
- Dad, it was not nice being said, nuts Lisen slightly acidic, while Ole just laughed.

We can not keep more than in the forest so Lisen throw off his T-shirt with the words:
- It's so hot so I get a little easier on your clothes.
- Take your rest too, I know.
- No, you're crazy.
- Well, I know what you look like without clothes.
- You, yes, but it could be someone else.
- Chicken.
- Watch it so you do not get beaten up.
But because Lisen laugh on his face when she says it, I realize that she means business.

Lisen is like the last time ahead of me with my t-shirt in his hand where it's crowded, and like the last time we went here, she turns around often when talking to me, and showing her wonderful ungflickskropp from different directions.
I have already studied her closely when she was completely naked, but somehow it's still exciting to see the muscular butt play during these tight torn jeans so I find it hard to tear your eyes from the exciting muscle game.
Oh what the hell, I may risk a broken arm or something like that. I can not stop myself. With a quick step, I caught up with Lisen and pinch trying in one välspända buttock.
- Stop it, Gote, giggles Lisen. You'll have to wait until we get there.
- Well, your butt looks so inviting.
- Lets you will not be slamming me up on my fingers.
Oh, it was not worse. Just hope she is as enthusiastic about fucking in the tent, because then it will probably be a rewarding badutflykt, but a few broken fingers I do not want, so it is best to do as she says.

Once we arrived at the lake, I ask:
- Do you think that fish welfare officer will today also?
- Yes, he is safe. He lives so he can see if somebody comes to the lake and then he must immediately see who it is.
- It is probably no idea that we take a bath before he has been here.
- No, you're right in. Fish for you so I gather up some wood in the meantime.
- Put on your t-shirt first, otherwise we'll never of him.
- Yes, it might be best, and so he does not gossip because my father that I go around like this, giggles Lisen.

I do not have very many throws before fish welfare officer shows up with the words:
- Oh, it's you who are here again.
- Yes, Ole has given me permission.
- I know, I've talked to him.
- You need not worry. I do not take up more than we can eat.
- It's good, but who was it who was with you here?
- Lisen.
- Oh, it was Lisen. Yes. But then it can get pretty much anyway then.
- How do you mean?
While he grins, he answers:
- I have heard from Ole that she can stop in itself quite well.
And he goes, while he again looks generally glum. He is probably well pissed that he did not fix any of poaching.

Fish Supervision Billings man barely more than disappear before Lisen comes with the wood.
- "Guard" has already been here.
- Yes, I saw him, the surpuppan.
- He had talked to your dad so he knew that I had permission to fish.
- I know, but he has to check you out anyway. Have you got anything?
- A half-size only, but it let me back again.
- Yes, it was just as well. Shall we go swimming?
- Yes, cuddle me, that's why we came here.
- Then we go to the other side of the lake. Where it is not so good to fish so there is almost never done any.
- Excellent. Then we will be left alone.
- Yes, that's what I thought of you wants to do more than swim.
- Yes, I would like it, but it would not want to be understood.
- Joo, Lisen than happy giggles and blushes.

When we reach the other end of the lake, I understand why it will never be anyone there, because it was a jungle to get through. Next to the small sandy beach is at least a little open, with grass on the ground so that we can put a blanket I have had with.
I can not make more than make blanket as is Lisen there and rips off her denim shorts with the words:
- Oh, how lovely. This time I never would otherwise. Now it should be nice with a swim.
- Are you gonna swim with underwear on you?
- They dry pretty fast.
- The day before yesterday you went swimming naked.
- Yes, but then you were so far away.
- In the tent were you naked.
- Yeah ... but that was because you made me.
- Ok. Whatever you say, but what do you with your bathing suit to do?
- It took me just because my father did not suspect anything.

Lisen is on the way down to the water as I continue in a firm voice, because I understand that she is accustomed to obey, so I take a chance that she reads me as well:
- Lisen! Take off your panties!
- Please Gote, do I?
- Yes. Otherwise it will be lost in just the butt.
Though I'm of course fully aware of who's going to get beat if she puts the page to.
- Do not look at me like that then.
- I love to see nude girls.
Slowly she pulls down her panties while she blushes far down the throat.

As she turns her back to me, she gently coaxes off her panties, probably unaware that I get a beautiful view of her ass and pussy as she bends forward.
Once the panties are she ran quickly into the lake and throw themselves into the water without looking at me.
Laughing I Dress also by me while Lisen jump around in the water as it splashed around her. I see how Lisen glances at me while I pull off my jeans, and when it's the turn of underwear she stands completely still and just look.
Since his dick is already standing like a hammer handle I draw some sharp runktag towards Lisen and she appears noticeably embarrassed down under the water.
Chuckle I walk slowly into the water with his cock swinging from side to side with each step.

I feel like a child again, so we both splashed around and splashing water on each other. When I manage to splash the water, her face as she gets into the eyes and can not see anything I throw my back and shoulders to her as she falls backwards into the water, after which I quickly pulls me out of reach.
Snorting and like a seal, she will come to the surface and starts chasing me, but since I have longer legs, I can run faster than her when the water is not as deep and will easily escape.
- Stop you coward, you should get yourself a bang, giggles Lisen.
- Nope, I know how hard you can hit and I'm afraid of life.
- Hi, hi, hi. Ok, I promise I will not beat you.
- Otherwise, I gossip for your dad.
- When I speak of what you have done with me.
- I can always send a letter when I get home again.
- Coward, giggles Lisen again.
- No, it is not cowardice, I laugh in reply, it is self-preservation.

On the right side, right where the sand runs out, it has fallen a tree straight into the water, and I say to Lisen:
- Lean forward and grab the tree branch where just below the surface, and so do you with his legs spread.
As she stands now, she has water up to about half the butt, and she asks giggling:
- What will you do now?
- Either give you plenty of spanking, or so I fucks you from behind with water cooling. The choice is yours.
- Hi, hi, hi. You're crazy, but when I select enough to fuck.
- Good, that's what I had hoped for, because I know I can handle.
Once again the giggles Lisen. Probably because she thinks of how right I am.

I'm rubbing over them tense hemispheres and amazed again at how soft and smooth they feel although they are so hard.
So I let her hands slide down over the buttocks and back up and over before the thighs, and it's the same here. Very soft and smooth the same time it is hard.
When I get up I let your fingers slide in between the labia and I know how Lisen shake, but she will not let go of the branch, which is perhaps fortunate for me.

The left hand fingers, I let continue into the delightfully tight vagina, while I let the right index finger to slide up through the cleft between the buttocks and the nail tearing me easily over "brown eye" when I pass.
Once again shakes Lisen to, but now much stronger, with the words:
- No Gote, what do you do. Not so.
I do not answer, but only let the hand slide forward so I get hold of the clitoris at the same time as I let his cock take over the fingers in the vagina.
Lisen svankar further when she feels cock slide in and she is not deeper than that, I reach into the bottom of her.
While I let the right hand's fingers massaging clittan fuck me in the long deep while I think:
- "Let there be no fish think" bead pouch "is some kind of bait that rocks back and forth and takes a taste."

With long tough fucking me on an even pace and Lisen moaning with pleasure:
- Oh, how lovely. Why have not I tried this before?
I understand that it is not really a question to me, but rather a statement, so I do not care to answer without juckar only on the long-sucking while.

I keep a firm grip on Lisen hips and pulling her hard against me every time I push my cock in its full length, and each time I feel how I "bottom out".
After a while I feel that soon it will go for me, and I fuck the speed increases. Apparently it resembles the Lisen too, because she hugs tightening on tree branch she is in. I can see how her fingers sinking deeper and deeper into the half-rotted wood. Good thing there is a tree branch and not me she's in.

With some heavy duty Insertion reach my peak and I called out his cock and squirts load on her back. Probably it is for Lisen at the same time as for me, with a high Aahhh rips her off the tree branch from the trunk and snap it off.
When I look at the fracture surface on the branch, I see that it is far from genomruttnad, and I thank you once again my lyckostjärna because it was a tree branch and not me she was in.

When I have washed the semen of the license is back, we place ourselves on the blanket and just revel us in the sunshine for a while before Lisen said:
- Now it would taste good with some food.
- Should we go over to the fishing site, then?
- Yes, that's the only sensible place to fish.

When Lisen has taken up her panties down she got up to put on my t-shirt, and I make that in the tent, fits quickly to pull down her panties again.
- No, leave it be Gote, she giggles as she pulls them up again.
When she, with her back to me, bends down for the next article of clothing I draw back quickly down her panties until her feet, and she says with a new small giggle:
- Don 'Göteborg, otherwise it slams me to you.
- I know something else you can do instead.
- What?
- Well, you may well draw a charge to get a little appetizer.
- Hi hi hi. You're crazy.
- No, I know, but it's nice.
- Want it?
- Yes, of course, otherwise I would not say anything.
- I would like.

I let myself fall back down on the blanket while Lisen throwing off them clothes she has had time to get on.
Without word more, she sits between my legs and devour the now completely slake fighter
- Kneel over me, Lisen.
- Ok, but why?
- So that I can touch you at once.
- Oh yes, so far I did not.
- You will learn eventually.

As Lisen kneeling now, with one leg on either side of me, I have a beautiful view of her ass and pussy. Soft caressing me over those tense hemispheres and feel that there's probably not a single ounce of excess fat. I only know the trained muscle and once again I marvel that she could be so amazing fit as she is. Probably the well of the hard work on the farm, and of course as an inheritance from the father, the "steak" is not of the picks. Good thing he did not come here and surprise us.

While Lisen continues to suck on my cock ever tougher I scroll around in her labia and inserts a finger into the vagina where I bend it and twist your hand back and forth while I press your fingertip against the vaginal wall. Lisen moaning faintly of my treatment but it sounds not so much because now my cock reached its maximum size and fills her mouth completely. I see that fittsaften squeezed out is a little blood mixed, so probably have I ripped her broken virgin again.


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