Horny, mature sperm whores - Part 2

Horny, mature sperm whores - Part 2

For those who have not read Horny, mature cum whore part 1, a small retrospective.
With 55 years, 158 cm, huge breasts, flat stomach and firm buttocks, I am a fairly attractive woman. In the place where I live, I have a high position and is known as a modest and moral bigbusted lady speciellte after husband's death 4 years ago.
Egntligen I am a cum crazy hooker with huge könsdrift.Veckoslut I spend in one of swingerklubbarna in nearby big city, riding cock, fucking ass and devour greedily all the cum I can access. Delicatessen is when I have the opportunity to lick a richly spermabesprutad pussy and ass. In addition to my best friend, Sophia, a young woman who lives in the same town as I know no one on my brutish sexual needs.

I heard the door opened,
"Sofia!" I shouted from the kitchen.
"Yes, yes it's me," she replied.
"Sit down I come quickly with the coffee"
It was hot, sweaty Sofia sat on the sofa with wide open legs, she waved her thin dress and exposed her pussy, she was without panties.
"Sweating you or are you rude horny" I asked, grinning.
"Do not be silly, I sweat like a cotton picker, must cool her pussy a bit, it would be silly to have a dong in the fridge, a double dong from the fridge would now be perfect, cool pussy and anal hole at the same time."
"Too bad you do not kunnde get vacation time off and come after me, imagine that two sluts like you and I start fucking around, there would be chaos, cock after cock, batch after batch," I teased her.
I, I continued to describe all possible and impossible situations fuck. Her pussy was now damp with arousal, unconsciously she began to rub it.
"Imagine, two big black cocks one in her pussy and the other in the mouth while a queue of veined cocks waiting their turn to fuck your ass"
"You, you are probably suffering a witch, do you want me get a heart attack in this heat," she panted red in the face.
"Hey, I have actually bought bikinis, I must show you"
I picked up the bag of bikinis and threw it over to Sofia.
Sofia looked up and threw the bag back, "wrong bag, it's just some string in the bag."
I took out the contents, it was aching writing about bikinis, Sofia looked with big eyes, "but, my God, it's just a little band, this can not hide your labia to say nothing about your milk udder" exclaimed Sophia while she was with disbelief staring on the garments, "where did you find this, try, will you."
"They called two string bikini or similar" I explained while I tried the yellow model.
"Done, what do you say? I asked and went to the mirror. It was so small, really it was just about a band that went around the waist and two on each side of the labia. The upper part consisted of a band around the back and neck and two on the hearts that created one triangle around the nipples.
"Well, what do you think" I repeated, and turned to Sofia again.
"Only a madman can go out among people such, you're completely naked," she said, "good luck on the beach."
I turned her ass towards Sofia and leaned forward ..
"The whole pussy is visible, it is completely exposed," she cried.
"Perfect," I replied, and continued to admire myself in the mirror.

The flight was a bit boring but we were fairly quickly there. The bus took us to the hotel, really, this was a large hotel complexes, only for guests, with long sandy beaches. The room was large and lovely with a sea view. I looked at my watch, 16.00, good, I thought and ran to the bathroom to refresh myself. Kl. 16:20 I was ready for the beach. I decided my green bikini, if you can call this bikini and platform sandals. With sunglasses on my nose I looked like I'm ready for porn shooting. For safety's sake, I'm wearing a white men's shirt but did not bother to snap it up. On the way to the beach I went to my many gaping eyes, all my "attributes" were well blottläggda. The beach was long, I placed myself in a little isolated place took off my shirt and oiled me up with sunscreen, even though I already had a nice dark color. The heat and gentle breeze made me fall into light sleep. When I opened my eyes I saw three 18-20 year old guys staring at me from 7-8 feet away, they probably thought I was still asleep. Intentionally I parted my legs and showed the guys my butterfly pussy lips, my pussy was now completely bare. Their reaction was dramatic bumps in swimming trunks began to grow significantly .. To make matters "worse", I began to crawl me and casually stroking my huge tits and big puffy nipples as if I wanted to take anything away from them. Pussy gaped open like a clam and I knew that my labia was really humid. Through dark glasses, I saw their young cocks just grew and grew and flick they had full stands. One of the guys were extremely small swimwear, however much he tried kunnde he does not pack down his cock, half of the limb was bare. His cock was extremely large and heavy, the foreskin was retracted, the glans glistened in the sun of pre-cum. The other two had shorts and certainly much smaller dicks so that they somehow managed to hide his giant stands. Now I had "problems", the whole situation had made me incredibly horny, fittsafterna began to flow, and heel, I would jump up and suck their wonderful young cocks. Slowly, I started to get up, the guys turned to the sea to hide their positions. I "tried" to open umbrellas, but it was "difficult". I was so horny, I wanted to see their dicks from close range.
"Boys, can you help me please!" I shouted in English. Slowly they turned themselves, especially the guy with minimal swimwear, I waved at them to come and "help" me. Slowly and with towels in front of dicks they approached.
I started "can yuo help mee" but one of the guys saw the book jad included for reading.
"But, it looks like we compatriots" he exclaimed.
"But what good," I said happily and asked them to open my parasol. While they struggled with a parasol, I took the time to stoop and show her ass and pussy properly. The bow I had time to turn the guys had already sat down and covered cocks with their badhangukar. It concluded that they were not hotel guests without Mike's the guy with huge ramrod, parents owned a house nearby and that they used to swim here because it is usually in a deserted area so they can bathe naked. The other two were Mike's friends while the two stayed at home with Mike's mom.
"You can follow us home, my mother would be happy to have someone to talk to, she feels quite abandoned, left alone with five wedges," suggested Mike. After a little reflection got the boys to "persuade" me.
Alone in the house with five cocks, a dream situation, I thought as we approached the house. The guys were nice, we talked and joked even though their eyes and thoughts were on my bare pussy. Soon we were there, Mike's mother was sunbathing on the terrace with the other two guys. When they saw me they dropped the chin. Mike introduced me to her mother, she was startled migration hand,
"Martha," she stammered out "here you sit," and pointed towards a comfortable deck chair.
Before long the conversation was pleasant and entertaining, Martha was a well-kept, moral 50-year-old lady. The boys ran around, got coffee and drinks, they just really wanted to watch my tits and mouse.
"I'm sorry but I must ask you a question, how dare you go out one, you're, forgive the word, naked"?
"I'm probably a little exhibitionist but would also attract me so many, forgive the word, dicks as possible," I smiled.
Marta laughed heartily.
"But now I have to ask you something," viskadejag, "what do you do with five dicks in the house, fuck you"?
"Stupid you do not, they're Mike's friends and young people," blushed Marta.
"You think they do not want or that they did not wait to fuck you, I'm sure they jerks every day several times, they would sooner, the better to drown you in semen '
Martha was red in the face "but stop," she begged, "it's fine boys."
"Nice boys do you say," I continued, "the only thing they think about is pussy, you should have seen their position on the beach and you know that your Mike has a real hästkuk between my legs."
The sooner, the better we bestämmde us to move on the dance tonight.
"Dress porno," I called Martha, "it is certainly much dick tonight" ..

I had no problem with the clothes, quarter bra with black transparent blouse, extremely short tight black skirt, wearing high heels, no panties and challenging makeup. We met in front of the hotel, the guys were youthfully dressed, t-shirts and jeans. Marta was dressed as if she would go to the funeral, black mini dress with no or maybe with a little makeup. Soon we were at the dance hall, disco was crowded, dim light with many lamps in all colors and loud music. We found a small corner table. Mood was high, the guys extremely horny and I soaking wet between my legs. After few drinks, it took off on the dance floor. Mike kissed me wildly while the other guys were dancing around me. Their hands were everywhere, on her pussy, tits, someone had also stopped two fingers in the ass for me, I shook Mike's dick but no one cared about this elle rather, it was so full that no one saw. A little girl "dancing" next to us, actually sat on her boyfriend's cock with my legs crossed around his waist and fucked in music pace while his friend tried to push his dick in her back. I took Mike and his friend by the hand and pulled over to our table, I was trembling with desire. Mike sat on the chair, I was kneeling in front honnom, quickly, I opened his fly, took out the stallion cock and began frantically to suck it. His buddy parted my buttocks and ran violently up three fingers and started stroking my pussy hard. I howled and screamed but the music överljudade everything. As through the mist I saw Martha's amazed expression.
"But, my God, you're crazy, what do you do," she shouted in my ear
I was in fucking trans, "suck your boy hästkuk, look how big it is." I waved Mike's cock in front of her eyes, "you can taste a bit if you want," I yelled back and continued to suck his cock. My violent orgasm coming quickly, I yelled, while the young man continued to jack me. Now I took over another cock, his cock was much smaller but very tasty and easy on the suction, the guys were around me, kneading my milk udders and masturbated. Martha stood up screaming in my ear "whore" and wanted to leave us.
"Stop Marta was not childish." I stopped sucking took Martha by the arm and forced her back in her chair. With a krafitg maneuver I pulled off her panties and spread her legs. She made slight resistance, she was probably too horny as me. Her pussy was soaked as well and surprisingly shaved.
"You shaved whore, slut, its here and jerk off in front of everybody," I shouted. I lifted her legs apart on the table so that all kunnde see her wet cunt, "handjob whore", I commanded, "put your finger in the prey." Marta began stroking her pussy kukhungriga, one of the guys put his balls in her mouth. Soon I also got the cock in the mouth, we sat with a high open legs next to each other, masturbated furiously sucking dicks. Several guys had gathered around us and stroking their rods in anticipation of becoming avsugna.Den first sperm beam met Martha in the face, she flinched but did not have time to react, cascades of semen landed on our head, bared breasts and insatiable pussies. It seemed that all the jets at the same time, me and Martha shook the mighty orgasms drenched in sperm. I looked at Martha, the sperm running down her hair and cheeks, boobs were completely white from the sperm and fittläpparna synthesis not of grain. Careful, I leaned toward her, it seemed that everyone had emptied their purses so I got the chance to lick off some sperm from her face and eyes.
We lifted us gently, many patted us and gave us compliments, and walked toward the exit. The sperm still dripping from our face and gender. At the end stood Mike with his friends waiting for us. Mike kissed her mother.
"Mom you're the best mom in the world," he kissed her again, "although our charges have stopped over your pussy."
We seven went out into the warm night, the first side street, I turned in and dragged me with them the rest. The street was not so frequent, at a low wall I ordered Martha to lie down on the wall and spread my legs, "I want to lick up the cum from your pussy," I explained, "Such a delicacy must not be thrown away."
Martha was also craving for more hardcore, without words, the sink on the wall parted my legs and enjoyed my treatment. The boys did not have to encourage, while I gobbled me the good sperm and fittsåsblandningen began a cock sniff around my pussy,
"Please, fuck my ass", I asked without turning me on. Within minutes, I stood and Martha leaned his hands against the wall, each with a cock in her ass and moaned softly. The guys took turns fucking our SLIPPERY and every time Mike shoved his cock känndes that it was him.
"Mmmmicckeee knuuulla your mammmmmaaa oooocksååååååå," I moaned.
I glanced towards Martha, her son was behind her and fucked at full speed. I was not sure if his cock was in her pussy or bakhålet but Marta was howling like a fucking hungry wolf. Several people passed by but we did not care about this, I heard several of them commenting "fuck the bitch" or "feed her with seed" but we just fucked and fucked. I began to feel twitching in the boys' penises and knew that they would spray soon. I turned around and bent me "gun, gun here," I asked and pointed towards my mouth. The first release came directly into the mouth, other guy missed a bit, but the third and fourth hit the target. I started choking when even Fox began firing their ointments, ointment after ointment, it began to flow down the munngiporna. Suddenly Martha crouched and began to lick her son's copious semen overflowed my lips. I tried to say something but my mouth was too full, instead I pulled her head back, opened her mouth and spat into part of the semen from my mouth. The fine sediga Marta was now standing naked in the street with uppknullad ass and bare pussy and cum greedily shared with me, what a change. Bring the boys managed to stem the dicks in your pants, me and Martha arrive to lick them clean and nice.
"Boys you do not need a bath tonight, see how beautiful and clean your cocks are," joked Marta. We sat down at the end of the low wall to rest a bit. On shaky legs I followed them to the hotel.
"See you tomorrow," cried Martha.
The next day I walked into Martha's house in my yellow "bikini". When I commented to the beach I took off the shirt, I simply did not care what people say. On the terrace sat Marta but did not see me because she was swinging on a cock and had another in his mouth. What a slut, I thought, she has cock in anal hole. Mike was the first who saw me, he is coming up with a smile and kissed me.
"We simply can not tame her, she already rides cock all morning," lamented Mike and demonstrated against the mother. Although Marta saw me now, and without stop sucking viftage she told me to come. Finally, she took out his cock from his mouth, "Hi honey," she murmured back and offered me his cock, "very good". I took couple sugtag but Mike was there already with the coffee, so I sat down enjoying the sunshine and drinking coffee. After a while coming even Marta of cum in his mouth, she'd probably have had a big spray in your mouth, I showed her with her hand that she had cum in his mouth which she quickly licked off.
"I do not know how I can thank you for everything, I'm a completely different woman, enjoying Never operate as before," began Martha, but I interrupted her, "You can thank me by leaving a little dick for me too," we laughed.
"Mamma," cried Fox, "I and the boys now go to the beach, we fuck you when we return, it's OK."
Marta took my hand, "the day after tomorrow we travel home, unfortunately, but tomorrow seven cocks to visit, Mike's friends from the resort, we can make a big farewell party, tålv cocks and two pussies, what do you think". Martha had also started to talk like a hooker.
"Mmmm yummy, I got an idea but it will take us up when Mike comes," I explained, and took a banana from the table, "I will eat it, or stop in fittann" '.

Tomorrow night, everything was ready, I fucked not all day in anticipation of an orgy that would be taking place tonight. Fox and his friends had organized a small podium in the middle of the big sallongen, subdued light, and got two small headlights. All sat in sallongen and waited for the "performance". We heard Mike introduced us to two extremely horny hookers who have come here to be brutally newly fucked in every hole. Big cheer, joy and whistles could be heard. Now it was our toot to get up on the improvised podiumet. I wore a minimal white shirt tied over my enormous boobs, extremely short pink pleat skirt covering, actually produce things, white over the knee socks with high-heeled sandals, no panties and two braids, I drew even small freckles around the nose. Martha had a black transparent blouse and my black two string "bikini" black stay ups and black high-heeled pumps. When we presented ourselves in front of the guys started a very loud whistling and howling. When they lungnat a little continued Mike,
"This is the ladies, look," he commanded. We turned on us bowed us foreward and opened my legs. With a staff began Mikey show all our kuklängtande holes.
"These holes you will fill with kuksås" he explained as he shoved the rod deep in my ass. "Sluts want to be taken hard in every hole and generously fed with sperm," he pulled out the rod turned on me and stuffed it into my mouth.
"So you are a little girl who wants cock, what do you want?" he asked.
"Kuuuk, big, thick cock," I moaned with the rod of his mouth.
"And the other whore," he continued as he approached the mother, "what are begging you for."
Marta trembled with desire, "cock, very cock in every hole," she got up.
"So guys up with cocks and the ladies do not disappoint, these sluts to get fucked all night." In order to give own example, he took off his pants turned Marta and standing drove his huge cock in her soaking wet pussy. Within seconds the guys around us with lengthy cocks, Fox continued to fuck Marta standing and one of the guys started monk declare her. I knew a lot of hands on the body, they took out my udders, "the cow" komenterade judgment, "a milking machine, she needs" a heavy spiked my anal rosette and three thick fingers penetrated my juicy pussy. Soon I gave up on the couch with a dick in her mouth and pussy, the guys just took turns in my holes. After the first and second orgasm I lost count, I just knew I was fucked like a wild bitch, cum was flying and dripping all over, I just swallowed and devoured. As through the mist I saw Martha, she was a double sandwich, from the hair and tits dripping cum, she howled as crazy. Suddenly, Mike's head up, I took honnom the hair,
"Knuuulaa miig, fuck my rööövvv," I yelled in his ear. His cock plowed my SLIPPERY, I meandered like an untamed filly, moaning and begging for more cock. I do not know how long everything was going on and how much sperm I have devoured, but the guys looked pretty tired. Martha lay on the sofa on the opposite side completely over, drenched in cum. Couple guys were sitting around and tenderly caressed her cum covered tits and pussy but I wanted more, I kunnde not stop fucking.
"You're the biggest slut I have ever met," said Mike spermaoljiga and kissed my lips, "wait, now I know," he ran up the stairs, after few seconds he was back with a basebollslagträ. "This is the right size for the slut", he handed it to me, "jerk off slut" he commanded. I took it, opened my legs, put them on the low sallongbordet and slowly began to drive into the rough object in my pussy, all gaped. Soon I jerked off at a furious pace, the guys who were still approached and began stroking dicks again.
"Sooo, on ruunkaaa kuuukaaar, give miig kuuksaaaft" I moaned loudly. Ejaculation Communion as a hurricane, I screamed and howled like a man possessed. The guys shot their last drops of cum on me,
"Uuuuuuuhhh, uuuuuuuu" I, I felt so as born again.

When I had recovered a little, I noticed that I had stopped on the floor. I stood up mödsamt, no one had the strength to help me, guys who were still low and puffed. I do not know how I returned to the hotel, when I woke up it was already 12:30. Uh, I thought I must hurry to say goodbye to the boys and Martha. I picked up the clothes that I tossed on the floor last night, the sperm had dried, skirt, överknästrumporna and the shirt was stiff as if they remained in plaster. I showered and got dressed mödsamt, at least he I in time to see Martha and the boys for their departure.
"Once again thank you, thank you, thank you" thanked Martha, "I am a new woman, the boys låvade to keep quiet and I låvade to give them the pussy when they want and how much they want."
Mike gave me his phone number, "you are so strange," he joked, "but at least when you get home call me, I come with two football teams to fuck you", we laughed all tillsammans.Dom went away and I continued my holiday. 2 string bikini.

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