Horny, mature sperm whores

I am a 55-year-old woman, a widow, lives in a small community with a high position in it. I am 158 cm tall flat stomach and firm buttocks. What I am most proud of you my tits, real milk udder with large nipples and bråstgångar. Everyone knows me as a modest and moral bigbusted lady speciellte after husband's death 4 years ago. I have no children of their own, but my late husband left two sons behind him, Mark 19 years living in his father's house 30 mil from me and Alex are 22 years studying in the capital. But what is visible from the outside is far from reality.

After I was widowed, my sexual needs only grown with time and my sex drive was difficult to restrain. For almost a year I have tried to calm this with different kinds of vibrators and dildos. I bought several, both in terms of size and roughness, although a lot of porn movies about mature women who were turned on and nersprutade with large amounts of cum in every hole by many men. I masturbated in front of the TV with great coarse dongar. Day after day, stroking my pussy and asshole, in the end it was enough, I decided to become a member of one of the many Swingers clubs in nearby big city. I joined the first in a small intimate club, but soon became my needs immense force cock and cum so I went into one of the biggest fuck clubs in town. Now I spend every weekend in one of these clubs and gets fucked uppknullad and packed with delicious, tasty and hot sperm. I'm crazy in terms of semen, I could drink it instead of water. I always ask someone inject "a little" cum in my coffee over the cake, it's much tastier than cream, I have even nicknamed cum whore. Sometimes I walk around and lick up the sperm from other women, gender, mixture of sperm and cum taste the best, really wherever I see sperm swallows to me. I ache does not get enough of grain.

In your community, I am standing near a woman, Sofia, she is much younger and stronger, almost 180m long, has two small children, divorced and lives with her mom and papa in their villa. A few years ago I told her about my big sexual needs, how to ride hard cocks and fucked in every hole. She is the only person in town who knows the truth. She is also sex-crazed but have never had the courage to follow me on my "sexeventyr".
"I yearn for warm, thick cum filling my pussy and mouth," she says.
"Your asshole too," he added me and grins.
In the club we film usually our orgies, huge cum and hard anal sex. Afterwards processed "material" and we get a copy of the movie. I usually "lead role". Sofia and I am always eager to get the movie, when will we sit comfortably in separate fotölj and with big dildo in her hands jerking our kukhungriga pussy and ass while we watch my shocking videos.
"This has certainly tasted gone" mumbles Sofia often when she sees great cascades of sticky, thick cum filling my mouth while she frantically masturbating with her big, thick black favorite dong.
"You have devoured at least a liter of grain, just look how it flows from your mouth, you do not have time to swallow it, you're proppful, my God, I must soon get cock otherwise I'll go crazy."
At last, after a furious runkning front of the TV, she decided to follow me to the big swingerklubben.
"You will not regret it" I assured him, patting her on the pussy, "you will not be able to sit or walk normally for several days after treatment."
On Saturday morning, called Sophia me up, she was nervous, "how should I prepare, how should I dress?" she squeaked.
"Make a good enema, shave pussy and oil into the anal hole properly with lubricant, when it comes to clothing, it is not so important for them to go very quickly, little old lady there's no reason to be nervous."

19.00 I picked her up, she jumped in the car and kissed me, she was very nervous, that was obvious.
"So yes, now we go" I said.
I glanced at her, "not bad sweetie" anmärke me.
She was wearing a tight black mini-mini skirt, high heeled pumps and a rather genomsinlig black silk blouse with no bra. It kunnde not mistake what she was after. The skirt had gone up, egentlige was so short that it does not kunnde cover her pussy when she sat, she had no panties or maybe they were so small that they were not visible.
Once there, I parked the car in front of the house and we jumped out.
"Fuck what I'm nervous," she said in a hoarse voice, she was shaking like a leaf.
"No reason, darling" I encouraged her, but saw on the car seat a large wet spot, she was beastly horny and nervous.
We went cheerfully into the house, hand in hand. We stopped at the gardens legs, I took off my long, thin jacket, and he remained alone in a quartz BH minimal thong that barely covered my swollen lips and extremely high-heeled silver pumps. Sofia was already minimally dressed like we stepped into the big sallongen. There were already many mäniskor there, few women had dicks in her mouth and the corner of the couch fucking two young guys to fully mature bigbusted lady. Quickly, there were several men with round us, Sofia was new and they wanted from close range to see the new change. I introduced her and explained how horny and kukhungrig she was.
"She is horny like a bitch and her only wish is to be properly uppknullad in every hole, I'm sure that you will not make her disappointed," I smiled.
Within minutes we were already on their knees and sucking cock opposite the middle of sallongen .. I looked towards Sofia, she devoured greedily bamse a veiny dick. I knew that the cock began to sniff around my anal rosette, a hard push and my cock slid in without a problem, I moaned in pleasure.
"" OOOUUUU OOOOOOOO sååååååååååå, OOOOOO "I whimpered.
But instead of starting to fuck me and increase the rhythm, the man behind me a firm grip on my thighs and lifted me up. With open legs and dick in anal hole, he carried me through the whole sallongen and showed all my clean-shaven pussy, I massaged rude cunt with his hand. This made the effect, a horny well-built man stood in front of us pulled out his rock hard glänsade stake and drove it savagely into my drenched quivering pussy. Now I was double sandwich in the middle of sallongen. I moaned and whimpered shamelessly.
"Curing agent, haaa knuuulaaaa me knuula miiiig" several men stood around us and masturbated in full swing, the orgasm was approaching.
The first orgasm began pouring through my body, many followed the first, I threw myself wildly back and forth so that the guys had a lot of effort to hold on to their cocks,
"I want you spermaaa, spruu uu uu take me with" I begged as in a trance.
Soon I knew twitching of their dicks, both started pumping his seed into me.
Two new dicks took their place and continued to fuck me standing in the middle of sallongen .. Orgasm after orgasm shook me and the contractions in her pussy was incredibly violent.
The wild rytten I finished on her knees in the middle of a large group of men, red faces, stroking their dicks brilliant. Soon the cum river pouring out of their swollen bodies. Jet after jet landed on my cheeks and mouth, to lust, I tried to swallow as much as possible but cascade after cascade rushed towards me like a river. I put my hands under his chin to try to keep it good, tasty sperm. When the final straw coming I licked it all off my hands and chest, took care all the cocks, one after another, and licked them clean.
"Mmmmm so gone" I mumbled as I licked and kissed their sweet half limp body, "mmm really gone."

I stood up mödsamt up and walked towards the bar, nedsprutad with semen still dripping from my heavy breasts and hair and sat on the high bar stool.
"Coffee, thank you," I smiled against the well-known bartender.
The men would take turns behind the bar, tonight it was Arnold's turn, known for his huge load of cum. When I looked behind the counter, I saw Emma sucking his cock in full swing. No wonder he had a silly facial expressions.
"Inject a little in my coffee too please?" I asked.
Despite Emma's treatment, he managed to serve me coffee. His facial expressions revealed that he would come soon. After couple runkningar he began to fill fill Emma's mouth with copious amounts of semen.
"Save some for the coffee"
The last rays of sunset shot him in the coffee and filled the cup properly.
"Ooo this was liberating," he said
Emma climbed up behind the bar, in the corner of her mouth, she still had some sperm, which she licked off with his tongue.
"Mmmm, it was gone," she said "his seed is wonderful."
I nodded and took a sip of coffee, "the pain is probably good."
Emma sat next to me on the high bar stool, she was a handsome middle-aged woman who took care of herself.
"Well, here you sit completely naked, watching the flowing cum from your pussy" joked Emma with a smile and with two fingers took some cum from my pussy.
"Mums gone, I just can not recognize the donor."
She took some more and licked his fingers insolently. Then I noticed my minimal string panties were gone, the keepsake for anyone. At the bar was a little fruit and a uppdrucken small bottle of beer. I took a banana and bottle of beer.
"What do you want?" I asked Emma.
Emma took quickly what I actually asked her and decided to bottle of beer. With wide open legs, we began to jerk off our pussies, slowly at first but after a while everything faster and faster. The bartender started stroking his cock and several others came forward with their hard dicks. Runktakten was now frantic, wild, both me and Emma moaned and groaned loudly, I moved the banana from pussy to anal hole and continued to jerk off even faster. My eyes were closed, I heard Emma shout of delight, when I knew any hot stream of pussy. I opened my eyes and saw a well hung man between my legs with his cock in his hand which molded batch after batch of my pussy and stomach. We moved us to a large sofa. Emma and I was bent over the seat cushions with two holes in the weather. The kunnde also come from the front and push their hard cocks in our mouths, as was announced the same. Still banana in her ass and cock in pussy and in her mouth, I was hard fucked from behind like a mare. I could not scream or moan, my mouth was clogged with big cocks who spurted hot sticky seed deep into my throat. Bannanen soon went out and got replaced with cock. Again began to orgasm after orgasm vibrate through my body, I thought I would die of pleasure. Emma had the same "problem". I dropped a little how long we knullade.Utmattad I fell on the couch, the soft spot in the whole body but I felt so wonderful. Fittmusklerna still trembled and I had a feeling of an endless orgasm. When I picked me up a bit, I saw that Emma was next to me less exhausted. I kissed her tenderly on the lips, her mouth tasted semen, and hugged her hair was damp with sädvätskan.
On shaky legs, I went to the bar again, a handsome gentleman helped me up and remarked that his dick has never been a more beautiful analhål than mine.
"I turned your back twice" he boasted as he kissed me on the cheek.
The leader's help, I sat on the chair, the sperm running still from my pussy and ass, I stroked myself lightly over her pussy,
"Tonight, you have had enough of cock" I said to my pussy and continued to caress me tenderly.
The boys stood around me and we started chatting.
"We've fixed a nutritional drink to you," said the well-appointed Roger. "You will certainly like it"
I nodded and they took out a large viskyglas.
Arnold bartender shaken thoroughly cocktail mixer
"We all contributed with some sperm, I completed it all with a little vodka, lemon and ice."
He filled the big viskyglaset, added a cocktail umbrella and handed me the glass.
"Go ahead"
The drink looked gorgeous out, I took a big gulp,
"Great, a wonderful summer drink"
There I sat on a high stool with legs apart and bare pussy and drinking a sperm cocktail, my slightly sagging labia glistening with cum and I felt that there is still dripping cum from my ass, yes, I was probably a real pain shameless slut.
Time went on, after I puffed out a bit, I went to the bathroom. Pound weighed the shower looked jad Sofia, she took a shower with your eyes closed and her hand between my legs. I moved cautiously and slowly pushed a finger up Hene back. She opened her eyes when she saw me, turned her face into a smile.
"Can we shower together?" I asked.
"Get in, get in" she exclaimed, and pulled me under the shower.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much that you got here tonight," she hugged and kissed me, "I feel himelskt" she said as she kissed me all over my face.
In the car on the way home talked Sofia much but I lysnade not, I was simply too tired to lysna.
The next morning I woke up late, actually it was the phone that woke me up. It was "great" Adam. I did not say någoting bow he began,
"Where have you found this huge woman, she is a real insatiable cow, her sexual demands are huge, she can fuck all night, her ass is a volcanic cavern that swallows the biggest cocks, we have seven fucked her vexelvis for three hours and this was not enough, in the end she took out a double dong and stroked her pussy and asshole at the same time infinitely. She does a horse really a horse stall "he continued," but you have to say that she is fucking wonderful, it was a pleasure to fuck her in the ass, gorgeous ass.

I had several telephone conversations with the same theme, everybody was thrilled and "horrified" so finally I called Sophia.
"Little girl, what have you been doing last night?" I teased her, "you have been disobedient, all are impressed.
"I lie in bed, I can not touch me, as soon as I touch her pussy, I get my orgasm, my pussy and ass vibrates still as of yesterday," she moaned a little and continued, "parents think I have a fever, that I was drinking something cold as soon as I can, I will be transferred to you so we can talk to you. "

Time passed, Sofia followed me couple departed to but she was not regular, self, I am planning holiday but it is an anna history.

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