In the sauna with Orjan: Part 2

"I was horny now, so much I knew, but I was also extremely nervous. I also dropped down and sat on the bench while Magdalena turned and came down next to me. We looked at each other. Her large breasts heaving up and down with excitement, and she sat with her ​​legs wide apart. Of course I do not know how I was sitting. I was so dazed that I could hardly distinguish up from down. Magdalena took my hand again and I hugged her. She stood up and pulled me out to the girls' shower where we let the cool jets flush of us massage oil, sweat and semen tightly entwined. Her plump breasts against my little sore and when we saw each other in the eyes as we smiled at the same time, and without that I really know how so we kissed each other, and in the corner of my eye I saw Orjan stood in the door of the sauna and again stroking his hard cock.

The thought that went through my head told me that there was a great risk that we probably would be late home today ... "

It feels strange now that I think of it this many years after that I felt the water from the shower at my naked body. Everything that I and Magdalena had together until that afternoon after sport lesson had led to this. There we were then. Close together, so young, curious and very naked. Her plump breasts pressed against my small, her arms around my back and our lips met for the first time. I felt her hands caressed me down my back and over my ass, landed on the buttocks and the Magdalena pressed against me with heat. My arms hugged her tightly and her lips against mine so I kissed for the first time another man of real desire. The feeling of her naked body against mine, her big firm breasts, stomach was pressed against me and her hands that hugged my buttocks made me convulsively closed his arms around her and my hands held tight around her shoulders. The absurd feeling did not diminish the fact that our physical education teacher, Orjan, who has just had ejaculated over Magdalene back and my face now stood a few feet away from us in the door to the hot sauna and jerked up his cock with a smile on his face. How many years afterwards we'll send memories flashes from the brain right down into the vagina and I feel that while the key is pressed, I get more and more humid in the mouse and I blush of the feelings that I produce for myself. In a way I am ashamed of the lust that comes over me, but I am there in the shower room at the Free Church independent school in Uppsala again and lust takes back over. I'm lost again.
The cooling jets from the shower did not really his alleged job of cooling the lust that has been learned through movies at the cinema. Probably event in the sauna contributing but above all was the recent discovery of my best friend what really took away all doubt as to what was to happen that late afternoon. Magdalene soft lips wandered down along my neck and closed his eyes. My heart rate was dangerously high and it shook the whole body to feel her so close. She kissed me back up over the neck and cheek to my lips again. I could not help but answer them and the smacking sound of our forbidden game echoed between the tiled walls. When I eyes closed felt Magdalene tongue licked along my bottom lip, I could not resist the temptation but stuck out carefully tip of the tongue and our tongues met in a hot kiss. My first real kiss. The water washed over us and the world disappeared for me as our tongues wrestled with each other and I felt the sweet taste of her saliva mixed with mine. Her hands stroked me up and down my back and now how she brought in one of his thighs between mine and pressed it against my wet pussy. I gasped loud as I felt her wet skin against my horny pussy, how her firm thighs pressed against my labia and rubbed against my swollen clit. God, I had never felt anything like it. Without knowing why or how I started pushing me towards her movement towards me and soon I had rhythmically started to rub myself against her thigh brace spirit. Not only the water from the shower made our skin smooth and slippery, my own horny liquids made it beautiful, spread through my whole body and inexperienced flämtningarna turned into stifled groan. That's when I knew Örjans hands around my waist again.

I opened my eyes and blazing fears that he stood behind me came to naught because then my blue eyes left the closed eyes dark so I looked straight into his brown eyes. He stood close behind Magdalena and looked deep into my eyes. Magdalena leaned his head back against his chest, but was still holding her hands on my buttocks and pressed his thigh against my wet pussy. Örjans hands were on my waist pressed in turn me against the Magdalene's body and it tingled intensely throughout me. Magdalena's eyes met mine and it was as foggy as it was earlier in the sauna, yes, even more now, because she lost in my eyes and she bit her lower lip slightly as she rubbed up against me. Örjans hands caressed so up from my waist and over to Magdalene's body and up to her breasts. My abdomen had now taken control of himself, and I felt myself increasingly intense rubbing my horny pussy against my best friend's thighs. The feeling was indescribable and words that will now not even a fraction of the pleasure I felt then. The contrast of my white skin against Magdalene slightly darker - she sunbathed unlike me solarium because her family had a home in his basement - was pronounced. Her tanning brown big breasts embraced now by Örjans greedy hands, and he hugged them tenderly and I could not help but wish that I had also dared to do what he did. His grip on them alternately hugged tenderly and hard about her large breasts and her nipples stiffened willingly when he rolled them between your fingers. I looked down and saw that my own nipples were too rigid and it was as if Orjan could read my mind when he almost before he thought that I wanted to know the same thing as Magdalena and put his hand on my one breast. With thumb and forefinger pinched him tenderly in the nipple and there was a further wave through my body which made me the eagerness to rub my pussy good against Magdalene thighs I fell out of her grip and ended up with his back against the tiled wall.

Magdalena's hands now freed from the grip of my firm buttocks went immediately up to her own breasts and succeeded Örjans greedy hands. She hugged her big tits in a way that I had never seen before, which was not so strange given that I was so inexperienced it really just might be. Sometimes nicknamed spirit with fingertips over the rigid bright nipples and the next moment with whitening knuckles kneading the plump tits hard. Örjans hands did not care to wait for an invitation, but quickly stroked down over her sexy curvy body. From her breasts, down over the sides and at the waist in over her stomach and down over the well-groomed venus rock thin dark strip of pubic hair. Magdalena was unlike anything daring in how she friserat their gender. I had light hair on the mouse naturally was already thin and I just kept short with scissors. Magdalena had dark hair on her pussy but was the only girl in the class shaved labia and only left a narrow strip of hair on the pubic bone. It was there that Örjans happening now ended and quickly had his right hand placed over her mound and his finger he had with an incredible precision placed just above her clit in the slot who shared her pussy. With his back against the cold tile, I tried to recover the spirit but horniness made it difficult to focus on the breath as it pounded so hard in the pussy on me. Örjans middle finger played quickly Magdalene swollen clit and she closed her eyes with her head against his chest. Her lips were parted and came across them moan that made me wish that it was me who had Orjan behind me instead of my best friend who now enjoyed the way his fingers caressed her young mouse.

"The honeymoon you ..." Örjans voice shook me and made me take my eyes off Magdalene mouse "... caressing you Amanda" he moaned.

My eyes met his and it was a look that I have now learned to appreciate and long for but it was something completely new. Something unexplored. I nervously held my hands to my small breasts. They felt sore and I copied what I saw Magdalena do with their plump mature teenage breasts. I hugged them as she hugged her, played with her nipples as she did and then she pinched to about his left nipple, I did the same my right and drove a spike of pleasure throughout my body. I bit my lower lip and the uncontrolled moans as yet reached his lips shocked myself.

"Mmm, yeah, she's good ..." I heard the hiss of Orjan Magdalene ear "... little Amanda's a real little kåting".

Magdalena who leaned against Örjans body looked at me with her misty eyes and nodded silently. She licked her lips and her right then brought Orjan his finger along her slit and up into her wet pussy.

"Aaahh ... Jaaaa ..." she moaned loud "... soo ... just sooo ..."

He squeezed into the thumb fully in her horny pussy and she squirmed as an angling worm in front of me. My legs carried me anymore and I sank slowly down on the wet floor with his back against the tiles. My legs parted, and I sat with his knees and my tingling young pussy close Magdalena and Orjan. Orjan Magdalena shoved in front of him so she came over me. The hands she placed against the wall and she was slightly stooped over me and I could not help but see her whole body right next to me. Her breasts swayed heavily on me and her legs were slightly apart and so also her pussy lips. The swollen shaved fittläpparna and her pink clit that signaled right over me. But only a nanosecond he passed before I saw Örjans thick hard cock sway just behind Magdalene's body. Between her legs I could see how Orjan gripped his hard cock in his right hand and shook it in the long haul. The thick foreskin that rhythmically rolled back and forth over the swollen glans, and the sound, the smacking sound of his masturbation that echoed in the school shower room for girls. He approached the Magdalena from behind and slid his cock between her thighs so that it rested with the entire length of the outside of her pussy. It lay in the middle of the slit parted from cunt mouth and up above pubic bone. I have seen the freaking out because I otherwise could make the island to stare wide-eyed at his big cock. His hands clutching Magdalene round hips and he juckade kukskaftet between her spread her pussy lips as he leaned forward and whispered something in the ear of Magdalene. Magdalena turned his face towards him and he nodded with a smile meaning to me as I sat in them. Magdalena smiled also saw me and she turned her close-cropped head towards me and her horny eyes searched mine.

"Well ... he says ..." groped Magdalene.

"No, tell me, as I said ..." he hissed over her shoulder and met my gaze, so also he.

"... Okay ..." began Magdalene gently "... Amanda ... look at me ..."

I looked at her sweet face with those deep brown eyes were misty horny. Her lips were slightly parted and a hint of that mischievous smile that came over her when she was doing something forbidden as such doodling in school or parish hall benches.

"... Amanda ..." she continued "... Orjan want ... I mean ... I want you to caress your ... well ... caress your mouse ..."

"No Magdalena ... I said no ..." hissed Orjan through my eyes registered that he now held in his cock and pulled it back along her wet pussy lips parted with glans hard pushed up between them "... now tell me exactly as I said ... '

"... Mmmm ... ooohkeeej ..." Magdalena moaned loud as he pulled his cock so along her pussy "... do not stop now ... mmmm ... Amanda .... ORJ ... I want ... I want you to caress ... nää ... I want you playing with yourself ... your pussy ... you playing with it now ... "

Her eyes were hooked on me as I sat and gasped with excitement during the two. Her eyes signaled nothing but pure horniness. Orjan leaned over her, and his look was the same and the expectation that the bulk of it was impossible to miss. My body trembled with excitement and her words, even if I really knew that was our PE teachers, burned in me. Slowly I brought my hands to the mouse and the finger tips so touched hill so all I shivered with pleasure. My fingers stroked down over cunt curvature and the short fair hair seemed messy of my own cum.

"Mmmm ... huh 'lovely you are Amanda ..." moaned Orjan brought up his free hand to Magdalene big tits and on up to her mouth "... parting now ... spread your pussy and show us what you can ..." he hissed while Magdalena sucking In his index finger in her mouth and looked excitedly at what I did.

Obediently, I did so as Orjan said and parted my swollen pussy lips so that the two could see in my wet pussy. Just then I saw how Orjan pulled back his cock in Magdalene fittskåra and pulled back his foreskin completely so that the large kukhuvudet was exposed completely. When he reached her opening so he began to squeeze his cock and slowly disappeared into the glans Magdalene young pussy just above me. Magdalena threw back his head and groaned loudly with his mouth open. My gaze too quickly between her enjoying sweet face over her breasts down to her pussy currently cleaved by Örjans thick cock. The glans had completely disappeared into her and he juckade gently into the cock in her millimeter by millimeter. My hands went from having parted my pussy lips to caress my horny mouse now. It did that automatically. My fingers rubbed intensely around and on my clit and I could not help but to just let my horniness take control of my body. Örjans cock disappeared deeper into her and he began to fuck her gently. Magdalena moaned loudly for each slow thrust he made into her. He held your hands on her tits and rhythmically he fucked her in a slowly accelerating rate.

"Oh hell fy the beautiful pussy you have ..." he moaned and squeezed her breast hard "... so damn nice to fuck ..."

His words burned into me, not just because I was horny, but also because of my uppväxts Free Church taboos against round words. I worked my pussy intensely. Fingers massaged the swollen clit hard was ultra fast and I started to feel that familiar tingle in your body that I got when I stroked myself as I went to bed in the bed at home, but with the major difference that I did not bite the pillow not to reveal to me. I literally groaned caught up with Magdalena who was getting fucked right above me. She was leaning over me with his hands tightly pressed against the shower room tiled wall, with our PE teacher Orjan behind him now fucked her faster and with less soreness. I could not tear my gaze from Magdalene pussy pushed up by Örjans thick cock and his balls for each shock gave away a smacking sound, which propagated in the girls' shower room and mixed with our groans.

"Ahhh Magdalena ... your pussy is divine ..." moaned Orjan loudly and moved his hand from her breast and grabbed her close-cropped brown hair and pulled her head back "... a real small gold pussy is what you are ..."

Magdalena moaned ever higher by his treatment and I rubbed my pussy faster and faster. I knew what to expect now but I had never felt it this strongly. Orgasms are I usually got was small and short. Today I know that it had to do with the concern that someone at home would hear me, but then I thought that's how it felt.

"... My golden pussy you are ..." I heard Orjan through all horny sounds now mingled in the shower "... on your beautiful best friend Amanda ..." he panted loudly and gave Magdalena one crack on one of her ham so it echoed between the walls "... she ... she is as much slut who you are ... "

Just then it went black before my eyes, or rather it was all red and I went into the first really intense orgasm that I had hitherto received. I do not know what happened but when I came to my senses as low Magdalena over me between my legs with her head on my flat stomach with her ass in the air and Orjan who jerked out of himself the last drops of cum all over her. Her round ass was decorated with long strings of Örjans white semen ran down her spine. My chest heaved hard and my heart began slowly to slow down to normal speed. Magdalena gasped and her hot breath was hot against my skin. Orjan got up and stroked his cock slowly droop. He looked at us where we lay in a heap on each other on the floor of the shower. He smiled. Not something kåtleende previously without a friendly smile.

"... Mmm ... girls ... that was wonderfully well ..." he said in a smooth voice "... it was a long time since I had it so good ..." he laughed, "... hurry now and do you in order and I'll drive you home , and if you please, I'll even write a certificate so your parents will find out how good you were and cleaned the store today. "

It felt pretty weird but when we sat in the backseat of Örjans car and he talked about everything and anything - without even approaching anything close to what we just experienced - so took Magdalena my hand and we looked at each other. Deep into each other's eyes and I knew that this was probably not the last time that Orjan drove us home from school.

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