In the sauna with Orjan

Sometimes I feel it the most exciting situations with people that you had never imagined that they would experience them. It to me the most exciting experience I ever experienced was when I went the first year in high school and with a person I've known throughout my childhood. It was 2001 and I and Magdalena had been friends ever since that day when my family moved to the small village outside Uppsala. We lived house to house, our parents were in the Free Church congregation and I ended up in the same class as Magdalena. From the first day of school so we were like best friends. We did everything together and we never had any secrets or quarrel today I can remember. We were simply best friends.

When we started high school so our parents had decided that now was the only public school for us, so we had to start in the independent school that was right next to the parish church in Uppsala, yes it looked more like a large warehouse. Type Ica Maxi but with a big sign on a pillar where the church name was printed. We ended up even now in the same class.

I had always thought that Magdalena was so cute. Her tough-cropped brown hair and her deep brown eyes meant that she looked beautiful and tough. I with my straight blonde hair, almost always posted in ponytail, felt so sad and innocent. I would have done to her and tuffat to me if I dared but my parents have always been strict and that blonde innocent look was as given in my home. We were the same length, but Magdalene was a little more developed physically than I was. Now I have gotten a little older and has grown to me but it was my bust a little b-cup and I was pretty slim. Magdalena, however, had large breasts and a narrow waist that turned into a pair of curvy hips and a round, well-linked butt. My ass was like a boy's, certainly round and marked but fierce. She was soft and filled tidy her pants.

We were really together almost around the clock. In school, at church services, youth group, choir and when we were home. Never more than an arm's length apart, our youth would say, shaking his head. Magdalena was unlike me good at duping and lying to their parents. When we heard about how horrible such as hard rock or tobacco was so it could barely go a day until Magdalena had acquired the last plate with the most terrible band and bought a pack of Marlboro Lights, which we then surreptitiously smoked in the woods behind the neighborhood we lived in . She was very good at bringing their parents, teachers and youth leaders in the church deceived. No one suspected that it was she who had scribbled the words "Death's words," in the bathroom in the church building for worship in Jesus Festival held each year. I knew, of course, and I was terrified that she would be revealed, but she just switched on his church charm and let the tears roll down his cheeks when it was discovered that some horrible hooligan had broken in and done this wicked deed, while the pastors had sung the Lord on high . All parents, leaders and pastors praised Magdalene reaction to the Assembly. I trembled like a leaf because I knew the truth.

The episode I was going to share with you took place just before the Christmas break during our first sixth form college. We had sports lesson in the newly built sports hall and we had played handball. We had a separate sports lesson and while the guys had run cross-country running, we had girls run us tired and sore in the gym. It was the last lesson of the day and then our teacher Orjan asked who would pick up the balls and restore handball goals as said, to my surprise, Magdalena fast that she could, and I do.

"Good, Magdalena and Amanda take care of the cleaning today," Orjan had said and then sent away the other to shower and go home.

It surprised me because we always else trying to sneak from school as early as possible just to get some time to ourselves away from church life and our parents' demands. So when all the others went out, we were left alone in the gym, and our teacher went out on his expedition.

"Why did you say that for?" I hissed to Magdalena.

"Wait, so you'll see" whispered Magdalena back and picked up the ball and started to close them in the ball grid. "I heard a thing from one of the girls in the third grade that we have to check if it is true."

We gathered up all the gear, put in order, benches and cranked up the targets and then went to the locker room. As we approached the door so did our sports teacher Orjan out of the office again.

"I have sat in the sauna if you want to warm you a bit before you stand and wait for the bus in the cold," he shouted.

"Okay, that's nice" said Magdalena quickly before I even had time to think of any other answer.

Inside the locker room, so log Magdalena ingenious to me and whispered that it was exactly this that girl in the second grade had gossiped about. I felt I started to blush when she leaned over to me and cupped his hand on my ear and told the whole story as she heard the rumor. Apparently used our PE teacher reward those who helped clean up after class sometimes, and then by offering a sauna which is otherwise rarely used. Magdalena and I took off our workout clothes and got into the shower. I barely had time to ask me for the crisp but warm rays until Magdalene was swarmed by his tanning brown body, wrapped himself in bath towel and entered the sauna. The door that led into the sauna was usually locked because it had inputs from both girls 'and boys' locker room, but now that the door was open and Magdalena had quickly disappeared into the warmth. I let the rays of the shower wet all over me but respected my long hair because it was cold outside and I did not want to catch a cold as we waited for the bus home. I took my towel and wrapped it around me and hurried after the Magdalena.

It was hot inside the sauna but not too hot, but a moderate heat. The dim lighting made the Magdalena bathed in a reddish glow when I came in after her. She sat on the upper bench of the white bath towel wrapped around him. I sat beside her, but soon moved down to the bottom because it was so hot up there. It was really nice to feel the warmth your body to process all pores and I wrapped up my towel to cool down a little.

"Sure, it's nice," said Magdalena to me from the upper bench.

"Mmmm," I said and closed my eyes.

"Too bad it is open to the boys too," she said then and giggled.

"Give me a break," I responded as I by now could Magdalene type of humor, "It is not at all there."

Just then I heard a knock on the sauna door that led into the boys' shower room and before I could react, I felt a cold gust of wind when the door was opened to us. I played terrified her eyes and saw how Orjan came into the sauna room in just a towel that was wrapped around the hips. I hurried to pull up my towel around me and knew how to blush rushed up to my cheeks.

"Ahh, is not it nice to relax with a sauna after a hard workout girls" he said and walked past me and sat behind me on the upper bench.

"Yes, it really is" I heard Magdalena giggle.

Of course I stared straight ahead and did not know where I was going. Had he seen me naked? Had not he well there, and why did he get in here? That he's not? Or? The thoughts going through my head and I could not move. The pulse was at turbo speed and I could not think of anything other than that I sat completely naked when he opened the door and come in to us here in the heat. I did not hear what they were talking about but I could hear Magdalene and our teachers' voices far away. Could not make out what they said or anything. I was petrified.

"Yes, please" I suddenly heard Magdalena's voice say. Feel what, I thought, and suddenly became aware that Magdalena moved down one step to my bench and lay down on his stomach, and Orjan moved down to the lichen that I sat on.

"I'm skilled masseuse so I'll probably be able to help you with the route" I heard him say.

The route? Magdalena had probably not stretched on sports lesson, I thought. I glanced in their direction and saw how Magdalene was lying on her stomach and Orjan massaged the back of her left thigh. Her white towel she still had wrapped around her and he had her on still. He was bent over her and kneaded her thighs with both hands.

"Ohh, right there, I am so sore" moaned Magdalene. She had her arms over her head and I could not see her face. Only the dark brown kalufsen, her shoulders and the white bath towel. Yes, and so our teachers kneaded her thighs tenderly.

"Does it feel good like this?" He asked low.

"Mmmm ..." I heard the gasp Magdalena "... just a little higher up."

I swallowed deeply. I did not know what was going on but could see in his eye that he started to put his hand under the towel Magdalene.

"Is it good like this?" He panted.

"Mmmm ... well ... really nice" moaned Magdalena back.

"Wait a minute, I'll get some massage oil then evil will soon be blown away," he said, and quickly disappeared out of the sauna.

I turned quickly on the Magdalena and got up.

"What ho ... hold on m ... m ... with?" I stammered.

She looked up at me and smiled at me. Her eyes were very cloudy and I did not recognize her, really. She was breathing heavily and I could see that she was medtagen of massage that he had given her.

"I get the massage ..." she whispered, "... it does not you?"

"Well ... yes ... but ... but it's not right after all ..."

"Oh ..." she whispered, "... do not be so fucking Christian right"

Just then Orjan back into the sauna again. Still badhandduken wrapped about the hips but with a bump up to a bottle in each hand. He paused and looked at me. He held out one bottle at me.

"Is it too hot for you Amanda? Here you have a bottle of water to cool off with "he smiled.

I took the bottle of pure reflex, and sat down again. I could not leave Magdalene alone with him. It would not be fair, we were best friends and her words about being "a fucking Christian" still rang in his head. I took a sip of the cold water and stared in front of me again.

"Magdalena ..." he said quietly "... loosen a bit on the towel now so that I can access the evil."

I glanced in their direction and saw Magdalene stood up on his elbows to gain access to unfold off the towel. Her large breasts swayed out in the hot sauna heat and Orjan helped her off with the towel. She lay down again and was now lying completely naked on my bench. Her shapely butt sticking up and I saw how Orjan unbuttoned the top of the bottle with massage oil and squirted out long strings of Magdalene back, buttocks and thighs. He put down the bottle next to her and began stroking her back down to the lower back. My heart rate was very high now and the tanks for like arrows through my head.

"That's it ..." he whispered, "... so yeah ... soon it feels much better woman."

His hands massaged her from the neck down to the lower back and up again, and I saw how her skin began to shine in the light from the lamp sauna. His hands kneaded her back down to the lower back and so he went over her bulging rear with palms and further down towards the thighs. I could not tear my gaze from them there next to me. I took a deep swig of water and chilled me as redness from sauna heat and there where I could not put words to heated in me.

"So yes honey ... huh good you are ..." he moaned "... you can separate the little thighs as well so it is evil soon gone."

I gasped when I saw that Magdalena did as he said while lifting slightly at the hips so that her round rear lifted from the hot bench when she parted her thighs for him. He groaned loudly as he stood bent over her and I saw that bump up to now had changed shape into a tent-like stature.

"Mmmm ... that's it ... eh Magdalena talented you are," he moaned thickly and began massaging her buttocks until they glistened with massage oil. Magdalena responded with short yelps and moans began to rotate lightly with your hips. I was not now and glanced longer but had turned my gaze completely in their direction. His hands kneaded Magdalene butt and with a hand on each ham so I could see how he alternately kneaded and took them apart where she researched tail up with his sexy buttocks.

"Good girl ... so yeah ... arch more now ..." he moaned and let one hand loosening his towel so that it fell to the floor.

I gasped loudly and he looked at me with a smile that I've never met before. He was now standing naked over Magdalena lying on her stomach on the bench with your hips elevated and butt up in the air. His cock for something else, I can not call it today, even if I then did not use that word, stood straight up and swayed to every movement he made when he massaged Magdalene. I swallowed hard. Staring. He smiled at me and winked.

"Come a little closer to Amanda ..." he whispered, "... it is not dangerous."

I hesitated, of course, everything else would be completely insane or pure invention, but when Magdalena turned his head and looked up at me, I could not resist. Her eyes were elsewhere. Much like in the U.S. where the exchange girl at each worship spoke in tongues and fell to the floor output. Magdalena's eyes were bright but she smiled at me.

"Come on Amanda ... hold my hand ..." she gasped while I saw that Orjan brought his hand up between her legs "... came åååååhhh ... Jaaaa ..." she moaned loudly and closed his eyes.

I saw how he started stroking her between the legs and how it twitched rhythmically in his cock. Magdalena groaned with open mouth and closed eyes and swan-researched even more and pushed up her ass even more so she got up on her knees. She put down her head and moaned rhythmically while I watched his hand worked her pussy. Nervously I moved closer to them until I sat beneath Magdalene panting mouth. Orjan was only about ten centimeters from me and Magdalena reached for my hand. I held her and hugged her tightly while she yelps pressed her face against my neck. I looked up at Örjans cock swaying next and saw a string clear liquid flowed tough from his exposed glans. He smiled at me while he was with one hand holding the Magdalene one ham and pullade her pussy with the other.

"Ohhh what good girls you are ..." he moaned "... come here Amanda and help me now."

I did not know what I would do with myself. I just stared at his sticky cock which was dripping precum from the bottom of the Magdalene one ham. Her panting breath was hot against my neck and she held clutched in my hand.

"Come on Amanda and hold this ..." moaned Orjan and pulled me up to standing next to it.

I was still Magdalene care where I was standing next to Orjan, a little in front of him and looked down at Magdalene swan seekers tanning brown tail which glistened with massage oil. He undid my towel fell down on the bench and I was now standing completely naked in front of a man for the first time in my life. Yes, in all cases in this way. I heard him gasp behind me and felt he buried his face in my neck and took a deep breath. His hands had now left the Magdalene as panting continued to move rhythmically, moving with her hips. He let his hands fall on my hips and I felt his throbbing position just above the lumbar region of the spine.

"That's it Amanda ... just take it easy now ..." he moaned in my ear as he pressed me against the estate with his hands he held my waist "... you're as good as Magdalena on this, I know that."

Magdalena looked up at me with her misty brown eyes and bit her lower lip slightly. She closed her eyes and I saw how she brought up her free hand between his legs and continued Orjan stopped. Örjans hands held me tight against him and I felt he started humping against my lower back with the sticky cock. His breath puffed my ear and I felt his tongue licking me along the neck. My pulse was stronger than it has ever been before, and when he brought his hands up over my belly and cupped them about my breast tenderness so lax uncontrollable groan over my lips.

"Ohhh ... Amanda ... you are sooo wonderful ..." he moaned as he tricks on my stiff nipples "... it could not believe ... that you would be such a horny one. Magdalena ... "

"Mmmm ..." she moaned.

"Kneel in front of Amanda now ..." moaned Orjan thickly.

Magdalena was not slow to obey and placed on her knees with her round shiny ass in front of me and Örjan. The heat had got it to drain the sweat from our bodies and with Magdalena in front of me with her lovely ass, so let Orjan me and got down and opened the doors to the shower rooms. A cool wind pulled and soon he was back behind me. He grabbed my wrists and held my hands to Magdalene bulging buttocks. I had to lean forward slightly to keep from falling and Orjan steps up on the bench where Magdalene stood swan seekers.

"Mmm ... you're so fine ..." he moaned "... put your head to Magdalena's ass now Amanda ..."

I did not know what I would do with myself. Magdalena had begun pulla again and then I hesitated so la Orjan his hand on my head and pressed me easily down to her butt. Meanwhile, he grabbed for the first time about his veined cock and began stroking it. My cheek was now against Magdalene one shiny ham I simultaneously kept apart with my hands and Orjan stood above us and jerked off.

"Ohhh ... sooo ... damn ... beautiful ..." he hissed and jerked faster and faster as I felt Magdalene fingers worked her pussy just for me. I felt myself what it was sticky between my labia.

Orjan jerked faster and with a thickly long groan he directed his cock at me and Magdalena, and with a firm grip on his cock as he shot thick long jets of his cum all over my cheek, my blonde hair and Magdalene quivering ass. Panting, he shook a long string hanging from his swollen cock head against my cheek and then pulled kukhuvudet over the sticky cum down to my lips. He stumbled backwards and then sank down against the wall and gasped while his cock twitched spastic.

I was now horny, so much I knew, but I was also extremely nervous. I also dropped down and sat on the bench while Magdalena turned and came down next to me. We looked at each other. Her large breasts heaving up and down with excitement, and she sat with her legs wide apart. Of course I do not know how I was sitting. I was so dazed that I could hardly distinguish up from down. Magdalena took my hand again and I hugged her. She stood up and pulled me out to the girls' shower where we let the cool jets flush of us massage oil, sweat and semen tightly entwined. Her plump breasts against my little sore and when we saw each other in the eyes as we smiled at the same time, and without that I really know how so we kissed each other, and in the corner of my eye I saw Orjan stood in the door of the sauna and again stroking his hard cock.

The thought that went through my head told me that there was a great risk that we probably would be late home today ...

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