18-year-old at the beach

I'm a man in his 30s who lives in a villa outside of a Swedish city. Too close to the house is a small beach, which of course is well attended in warm weather. It includes the story took place one weekend in late July.

His wife was visiting her parents, pensioners living in southern Spain most of the year. Personally, I had neither the time nor the inclination to go with her, so she went alone. It was really nice to be alone for once. I met the few buddies who were not on vacation, sat and grilled and drank beer in the evenings and påtade little in the garden. This Saturday I had for me to take a real jerk in the garden so I cleaned almost the entire garden and also cut the hedge. It was a really hot day, but as it fanned a bit so it was not so bad after all. However, after holding at just around half the afternoon took the desire to work out and I decided to go down and put me on the beach, swim and sunbathe a little before the sun disappeared. Said and done, I pulled on me badbrallorna, took a towel and slid down wearing slippers. It is so wonderful to swim on a hot summer day when you're really sweaty, so I was in a moment.

When I came out of the water, I took the towel I put on badtofflorna and looked around. Nothing really exciting that you could rest your eyes on, I thought, most families, some pensioners with grandchildren, some bachelors of foreign appearance, and as a young girl, who was alone in the back on a towel. Just as I stood there she stood up, all red in the face from the sun and went down to bathe. She was a brunette with her hair, about 165 cm long, flat tummy and nice round teen tits that was somewhere on the border between B & C, a bit curvy, but not fat. Her face, though it was red by the sun, was incredibly sweet and she had big brown eyes. She did not see me as I stood in the water, but went into the water and swam out. I thought her and I will probably put me close so I can GLANCE bit at her and dream away ... dream that you had to fiddle with her.

She soon came out of the water, lay down on his towel on her stomach and spread her little legs. I lay diagonally beneath her, so I looked straight up into the slot. Damn, it would be good to push a little sweet teenage girl, I thought while I began to feel the familiar twinge are in cock, which has not been used since his wife went for nearly a week ago. Well, it was actually just a little innocent flush. After a while, took the tiredness of hand and I fell asleep in the sunshine. I do not know how long I slept but I woke up anyway with a jerk when someone yelled "Nooo! Damn it! Fucking shit ". I looked urvaket up. The sun had disappeared, and with nearly all bathers. It was incidentally the young girl who swore as she stood in her bikini. She swore again and again, so I asked her what had happened. She told me that someone had taken her cell phone and purse while she slept. Since I had nothing of value to take, I had obviously lost nothing. I agreed that it was unfair, that we should turn thieves on the jaw, etc., while she steamed on. She was so cute that I could not help but smile. She stopped and asked why I smiled and said that the team enough, it was annoying to get rid of their stuff like that but she at least not been injured and that the weather was so wonderful. She looked startled out of my comment, but after a few seconds she began to giggle and said I was right. The cell phone was at least "from the last century" (which probably meant last year's model ...) and that she only had $ 60 in the wallet.

She got dressed and we went to the beach together. I live only 3-4 minutes from the beach and when we got to my house, so I said "oh well, I was at home". Although I only had to go so I took my left and eventually we had stood there and talked about nothing for almost an hour. She asked about everything, and when it became clear to both that it was time to separate so she asked me what I would do in the evening. I replied that my wife was out of town (so I said that ...) and that I would probably just eat a little and take a glass or two of wine on the patio. She said her parents were away on a golf trip and that she was home alone and bored. "Can not I come and see you tonight?" She asked. "So you can get buy me a glass of wine as well." She cocked her head, of course, fully aware that she could not drink wine for mom & dad, and smiled pillemariskt. I immediately began to think ugly thoughts responded so distracted I could, before I got a position that yes, she could well have come over and keep me company, but that it was unlikely that I would buy her some wine because she hardly old enough. "I'm 18," she said. "No need to lie about my age. But I like the wine! ". "OK, little 18-year-old," I said, "come over at 7-thicket where I promise you at least to have a drink." I turned around and went inside. Damn, Gunnar, what are you doing? Is it really a good idea to invite a 18-year-old who expects to receive wine from you? Probably not.

I jumped into the shower and his cock was already as a skewer. It was certainly not getting the bad thoughts out of your head. I tidied at least to me, put on a pair of linen pants and a linen shirt and tweaked hair.

On the stroke of 7 o'clock, the doorbell rang. There was 18-year-old, who incidentally introduced herself as Jennifer. "I never said my name," she said. I replied that I named Gunnar. It was fucking everything I could get. The girl, or at this point the woman who stood before me was just wow! She had a white dress with floral pattern on, in all probability, a push-up bra that accentuated her breasts. His hair was attracted and released, and she had maybe a little too much make-up on, presumably to seem more adult. She was incredibly beautiful, sweet, feminine, sexy, innocent, and everything else you can think of at once.

She jumped out of her sandals and started walking around the house. "I like to see how others live," she said. "You have it nice!" I followed her around. "Now I want to see the upstairs" she said, and ran up the stairs. "Wow" she cried, "what a great bed you have! Najs ". She ran downstairs and told her everything was a little thirsty. "What do you want?" I asked. "White wine" she replied. "White wine is good. And cider. Red I do not like. "" You know I should not buy you any alcohol "I said. "I do not think your parents would like it." "Yes" she said, "I can drink a couple of glasses of wine for them. I usually do at home. "" Please, "she said. "OK then, but just a little" I said. She took a few jumps both feet and shouted "jippie".

We sat on the patio and talked with our glass of wine. There we were sitting a few hours during which we discussed family, friends, travel, school, and - of course - lost cell phones. I also received a thorough preparation of the cell phones that were on the market at present, what they wanted, which was icy aso ... I had a box of wine stood on the table and I turned and then on to myself. Jennifer sat there with her glass and did not drink much. Even so, it was noticeable to her that she was getting a little affected. She then turned on when I was out in the kitchen, went to the bathroom and the like. Hmm.

It was getting a little chilly out there, and we moved into the living room sofa. I put on some soft music, which she liked. She sat diagonally opposite me and leaned back, pulled up one leg on the couch while the other touched the floor. This had the effect that her skirt rode up and I could see a pair of red panties peeping out. Vaför has red panties under a white skirt, I thought to myself? Jennifer saw that I looked under her skirt at her and smiled. I felt caught, blushed a bit and started talking about something else. After a while we got on the subject of sex, when she said she said she did not want a boyfriend because all they want is to get out of her panties. She said that she preferred the time before sex, when the boys are doing everything for and gentlemen. She said she was going to keep them on the gridiron, because it's so fun. I said that it is called a "teaser" and it really makes men mad. Then she started asking me all sorts of questions about my sexual experiences and I answered honestly, because we had a sort of mutual respect. It was clear that it affected her, especially my assertion that I loved to give women orgasms. She was now almost as red cheeks as when I saw her on the beach in the sunshine. "It's so wonderful to have an orgasm," she said. "I usually give myself orgasms before I sleep." "How?" I asked. "With your fingers, of course," she said. "I caress me three fingers and then I almost immediately." "Has anyone licked you to orgasm" I asked. She watched me. "No," she said. "But I've thought about it, a man licking me and play with me." Now I was so horny that it was going how the hell Anyway, I would just fuck girl child. I moved closer to her, and I noticed how her breathing increased. I stroked away a curling over her right eye, let your fingers run down her body. She shook, as if you feel cold. Then I looked down to her panties and finally cross out her venus mountain with two fingers. She made several short breaths but did not make any semblance to remove my hand. I stroked her pussy outside of her panties and leaned forward to kiss her, first slowly and gently, then hungrier. She met my kisses with his lips and tongue. She smelled young woman, girly perfume and hair shampoo. I held his hand up and cupped it around her chest. God!

She crawled up in my lap and sat astride me. Cock tightened the loose linen trousers and she felt hardness against him. At first she seemed surprised by just she began moving her hips and rubbing against it. I unbuttoned her dress bar and pulled it down while we kissed. I opened the bra with one hand and again she looked at me with surprised eyes. I pulled her towards me and continued kissing her. Slowly, I pulled down the bra and she helped get it off. Jesus! Here I had two perky, plump teen tits in front of me that was completely unaffected by gravity. She looked at me with his big brown eyes, took my hands and placed them on her breasts. I squeezed a little and she moaned. I squeezed more and more, took a nipple into his mouth and began to suck on it, until soft but after a while a little harder. "On Gunnar!" She moaned. "Suck my tits! It is so nice! "She started to move her hips so that her pussy felt friction from my cock.

After a while in heaven with two tits in your face, I put her down on the couch, kissed her stomach and worked my way down. The dress was pulled off and the red panties was exposed. They were very wet crotch. I pulled off my shirt. Then I kissed her stomach and began to slowly pull down her panties. "Do you have condoms?" She asked. "Oh yeah," I said. "With them we will not need for a while. Now I will lick you to orgasm! "" Oh God, "she said and closed her eyes.

I kissed and licked her inner thighs and lower abdomen before I finally took me up to her pussy. She was trimmed down if not shaven. She tasted sweet, fresh and a little salt. She moaned loudly and enjoyed to the fullest. I licked her for 5-10 minutes, then I realized that she was about to come. She grabbed my head with both hands and guided me. After a few seconds she came. She was all red on the neck and sweaty face. She rolled on its side and was moaning and breathing heavily. When she came round to she looked at me and said "that was the greatest orgasm I've ever had! Much stronger than when I do it myself. "" You look so lovely out "I said. "I told you I like to give girls orgasms".

She lay and puffed a few minutes, then she said: "Now I will make it good for you". She got down on her knees, pulled off my pants and then the aching cock startled. She looked at it with big eyes and took it in her little hand. She stroked gently over the acorns with the other hand, since she began slowly stroking it with both hands. I was by now so horny that I could hardly keep my eyes open. She smiled, looked at me, leaned forward and licked a little on top, looked at me again and licked again and again. Soon after she took the last of the mouth, gently at first and unfamiliar but after a while so incredibly good that I got muster any concentration not to spray yet. She took it deep and sucked and sucked. It went no further. I screamed that I will. She did not stop sucking and after a few seconds so I shot my cum into her mouth. She just continued to suck, but when it's the team, she had a mouth full of sperm, as sperm ran down her cheeks. It was so incredibly exciting to see this little 18 year old with lips on my cock and cum running down her chin. Absolutely incredible, and in this ögonbli did I care too damn if I was an adult, married, etc. All that existed was me and Jennifer.

She wiped away the semen with her dress and asked if I had enjoyed it. I had not been so intense in years. Now I took Jennifer by the hand and led up to the bedroom. She followed willingly. After a few moments of rest so I started stroking her again and she was just soaking wet at once and began to moan. Now I wanted to penetrate her. Damn, I would finally penetrate her wet, tight teen pussy. I licked and sucked on her firm breasts, she spread her legs to prepare my place, to get to know my cock in it. I could not wait and took his cock into her wet, young pussy. I pressed it against the hole, and she froze. I stayed up a little bit and then pushing his cock slowly. She was tight with because she was so wet that penetrated his cock into without major problems. She cried a little when my big, hard cock penetrated her and tried to get me to pull myself out. I had by this time no such intention, but locked her hands behind her neck. I began to slowly fuck girl child. She tried to fight back with I released her. Her pussy closed around and hugged his dick just like her hot mouth had done before. It was so divinely beautiful that I had not been able to stop even if someone screamed rape. Now I would just fuck this horny little 18-year-old talented and my big cock plowed into her in long strokes. She moaned and whimpered and had by now stopped fighting back. I released her hands as she laid on my back, trying to get me to delve even further into. I could hardly hold back the kit much longer where I was and fucked her without a condom. Suddenly and without warning, she flexed her body and came in a redemptive orgasm as she screamed. Soon after I felt the sperm come, so I pulled out my dick and put the kit on her stomach and chest. It felt like I would never stop spraying and eventually she had a string of semen on the body. What an incredible fuck!!

After sex, she wanted to hug and we lay there and held each other for long.

I got to fuck Jennifer rest of the summer, too, and she was a docile girl. One time we were almost påkomna of my wife, but that's another story. Now she has moved away from the area and gained boyfriend, but sometimes she calls ...

/ Gunnar

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