New Years 2005-2006

Let me tell you a little about the night that would be the last in 2005, when my boyfriend (since 14/1-05) and our friends were partying iron, drinking bubbly, have fun and celebrate the new year. During the evening felt my boyfriend a little horny and it probably did not help that I had a black uringad dress with black stayups (only for pantyhose previous evening broken and it was the only one I could find) ... he got the idea to take me out. I thought and sigh up yet some more with my new thong where a detachable chain set from hip to hip. Before he finally took the opportunity he wanted to be sure he is not forced mit something in the winter cold, he asked me to lie down on the hood and there was Ackten running, the other hand, we did not think of was that the car was standing outside the door where we were us and there were actually people who could go out. Haha to laugh, I lay there when the chain on my panties snapped in half, and one by a total freak out to smoke. But what do you do for sex, excitement, and the one you love?

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