Pizza Commandment

In the summer, I moonlight as pizzabud with my uncle. Last summer I was involved in an amazing erotic experience that I'll remember. This was what happened. As a poor student one can always use that kind of opportunity to make some extra loot. This July day was one of those really hot days when you just want to relax and take it easy. Maybe lie in the hammock and read a good book or take a dip in the sea. Not a cloud appeared in the clear blue sky. All day I was driving around in the company car and sweating in the heat. One might have had better things to do than to drive a car that day, but it would prove later that I did not need to repent. In the evening took my uncle received an order for two pizzas to be delivered to a place out in the country. Eventually I pulled away and then because it was the end of my working day, I got off of my sweet uncle rest of the evening. It turned out to be quite complicated to get there, but my uncle had a good directions. So after a button is half an hour tweaking the winding gravel roads, I was there. In the middle of the woods in a clearing was the large, luxurious wooden house with an encircling välklippt lawn. I parked the car, stepped out of the sauna, took the pizza cartons, walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. Nothing happened. I called again. After a few seconds, I heard steps approaching and so angry someone about the lock and the door opened. Before me stood girl, she was well around 25 years, wearing a short bathrobe. Around her head, she wrapped a towel and looked in other words, appear to come directly from the shower. OEH. you had ordered two Hawaii island, I said a little surprised to see such a delicious girl. foul it with olives. Come Ino. She turned around and we went into a large hall. practiced costing them? ö she asked as she bent down for a handbag on the floor. Omed home run and everything becomes 186:, but they are well cold by now so we say a hundred jämtö I said and wiped a bit of sweat on his forehead. öNej, but it is clear that you should have your pengarö, she insisted. "You've driven over two mil out here and in this heat too! Island öKanske it, but I'll buy pleased to Deto, I said and smiled at her. öHelt safe? island, she wondered. I nodded and she left out a dog ring. "Listen. if you have time to get happy to stay here and eat a half? island I looked at the clock. She was a quarter past six. nasty, but no, I had intended to go to the beach and take a kvällsdoppö Oja, but we have a pool in the back that can cool off in if you want to later. By the way, is me and my friend right not particularly hungry - not on pizza in all Fallo, she said with a certain craving in her eyes. "Okay then, just a little stundö, I replied with some hesitation. practiced fun. My name is Linda by the way. island, she said, and held out his hand. öFredrikö, I murmured to account, and shook hands. "Nice to meet you. You can set the pizzas in the kitchen so längeö. She disappeared through the open patio door while I went out into the magnificent kitchen. öHelén, our pizzas have arrived along with a nice young maneuver, she cried. Through the kitchen window, I saw the other girl steps out of the pool. She was stark naked. I immediately felt how it began to grow in my shorts. OAH, so nice. Then maybe you should go in and welcome then! Ö she said and picked up a towel to wipe off his fit, adorable body. I could not take my eyes off her. Her thighs were firm and nice and well developed, firm breasts was probably one of the most exciting I've seen. öBeundrar you view or. island It was Linda who had come into the kitchen and surprised me totally where I stood and stared. Practice, no I just. eh. really nice garden. to say nothing of the house! island, replicated and I sat down to hide my semi-rigid limb. nasty, it's my parents' summer cottage. They've just gone to Majorca on holiday in a few weeks so Helen and I have a little vacation here just for ourselves. island Helen came in with only the towel in front of his body. She introduced herself and looked to be the same age as Linda. "Will not you take a refreshing dip in the pool you ocksåö wondered Helen. Linda could answer before me. She felt good that we could eat the pizza first, and therefore put them into micron. öOkej, ö said Helen "I'll just pick something to wear. ö She turned and walked out into the hall only dancing to his solid, well-trained little buttocks. I excitedly followed her with his eyes as my position grew larger. When I turned to Linda, she was just about to extend up after a few glasses in the cabinet between us. Her short robe pulled up over the hips so that I could catch a glimpse of her sexy pussy. She was completely shaven! If if you want you can go out and sit in the garden furniture on the back so längeö said Linda with a sexy smile. She put certainly noticed my utputande shorts when I got up. Out on the back by the pool was a table and some chairs. I sat in the chair closest to the edge of the pool and took me on the forehead and asked myself if I was dreaming or if they ran with me. The girls did not have any inhibitions! I heard plinget from the microwave and soon Linda came out with two steaming pizzas and a couple of ice cold cider. She sat down next to me. OTA for you. island, she said. öGärnaö, I replied and struck voraciously into one of the slicade pieces. Linda removed the towel from his head and let out her beautiful dark blond wavy hair and dried it. She looked at me as I ate. ODU was particularly hungry think Jago, she said and smiled that sexy smile again. "Some neighboring island, I replied with a mouth full of pizza. öJag skipped lunch today. You usually do not get so hungry så'na this warm day. island, I looked up and saw Helen come out wearing a white, sexy, semi-transparent summer dress that ended high on the thighs. Wow! She looked really leaking. OMMM. it smells Gotto, she said, and came and sat down opposite me and took a piece of pizza. öJag see that our charming guest already has his mouth full. island of sheer excitement, I put a bite in the neck and had a cough attack. -ÖHoppsan, our gentleman was given a little too greedy. island, said Linda. Helen laughed and opened a bottle of cider for me. Oja, it was given a bit fast. take some drickaö. I drank a few sips and got his breath. öOj, what became varmtö, I said flämtandes and wiped away the sweat on his forehead. OTA like a dip of Villo, said Linda and nodded at the pool behind me. Ona, I do not think so. I have no Speedo with me. Island ODU may well swim with clothes on then! island, said Helen as she put her foot on my chair and pressed to. Before I could react I was rolling backwards, straight down into the pool and was a short drink to boot. The girls laughed. öFörlåt, I was just tvungenö said Helen, smiling at me as I stood in water up to his waist just soaked. She came to the edge of the pool and stretched out his hand to me. Quick as I was, I pulled into so she fell on her as well. Linda burst into a great roar of laughter behind my back. OA, your rascal, you should all get igenö said Helen, and began splashing water on me. Through the wet dress synthesis her peaked nipples, which got my Petter-nicklas to harden again. Without noticing my excitement continued Helen to splash on me, so I started to splash back instead. After a while she gave her up and fled out of the pool. She pulled off her dress over her head (of course she was naked under), picked up a towel and began to dry himself. Of course, I was left in the pool and did not really know what I was going to do with my hard baton, hidden half underwater. Linda had been sitting quietly and eating a kind and regarded me with a challenging stare. Now she stood up, took off his robe and gave it to Helen. ODU can take it Härö, she said. "I think namely taking a swim with our friend. island with eyes nailed me she went slowly into the water. The large, firm breasts became quite peaked. Her beautiful areolas was probably four inches in diameter - absolutely fantastic! She waded over to me at the other end of the pool. With that sexy smile on her lips she pressed up their comfortable against my wet t-shirt and began to fondle my hard parter. Omen you. island, I began gently. öInga but if I may ask. Take take off your clothes instead. island, halvstönade she told me. Oops. jahaö, it was until I got up and lurched off my shirt while Linda pulled down his pants and exposed my splendid little about. öInte as great, perhaps, but the hårdareö, she said emphatically. "It will probably be fine to suck anyway. ö She pushed me to the edge and sat comfortably in a ladder behind me. I put up your feet on a rung and put your hands on the rising hand supports. Linda started nipping at my stiff body. She really knew how to handle a lollipop! Slowly she let her tongue circling around the glans and down the shaft to my balls. Then back up again to directly take the whole cock in her mouth, right down to the root. She continued in the same style and I just got hornier and hornier. I could not help but groan. Meanwhile Helen walkin towards us with the robe on. When she came to us she let it slip by. Okan not I also be with? island, she wondered with a prayerful voice, while she fingered. "I get so very horny to see you both. island destiny go. years braö well, I moaned. "Had you intended to reach. Ågot special or? island Helen grabbed the hand supports, step over me with one foot and turned his back to the pool so I got her heated sex right in front of me. -OMMM., Maybe you could taste my juices flowing. ö she said innocently and gave a loud groan when I then touched her clit with my tongue. Ooooh. Yes. just so. ooh. island Excited she pressed her venus rock harder against my head. Her tear of labia were red and puffy. I sucked more earnestly, and she became more and more excited. Apparently she seemed to like my treatment, and I liked Linda can easily say - without exaggeration. Got to concentrate not to come in her mouth. I continued to suck Helen and put a finger in her soaking wet hole and seemed to find her G-spot right away. She was moaning louder and louder and soon she was beside herself with excitement and it went for her in a long, slow orgasm. I could feel her slow, spasmodic contractions of my fingers stuck. She trembled all over and it was wonderful to hear her moan aloud with pleasure. OAH, now I think everything that I want your little knight's lance in MIGO, said Helen as she calmly itself. We went up and they put me out on the lawn. Helen stepped over me and straddled slow my aching cock. It was great to finally penetrate her tight cave. In slowly she began to move up and down on my pole. I told Linda to come and sit astride my face. Kindly read she and I started sucking her shaved pussy until she screamed out her orgasm. öVilken gentleman we encountered then. Makes it possible for both of us before he is his own turn. island Linda sat and watched me as I lay between her framlår and sucked up her abundant cum. Helen still moved slowly across my middle. öUuh. yes, he can certainly satisfy their ladies. No, now it is indeed your turn to ride a bit on our hingstö, she said and left the room for Linda. reluctant. Island replied Linda and fell down over my swollen limb. "It will be a pleasure to know him inject into me. ö She noticed how horny I was and now she began riding at a furious pace. Her breasts were dancing up and down in front of me. She rode faster and faster while Heléns gazing enviously watched us. Now I wanted to drive her, so we tipped over so I had to set the pace. I drove it into her warm, lovely pussy. Linda was really incredibly comfortable to fuck. She made me even more hot by trouble with his strong vaginal muscles. It went at a furious pace and I gave her what she could tolerate. She groaned loudly of painful pleasure and I felt the pulse rise and how I became warm chest. In the end, I could not keep me anymore and I emptied my entire storage across her stomach and face. Linda enjoyed to the full and looked superior to me where I stood and sprayed. Helen came and tasted on my white grain. Completely exhausted, I lay down, together with the girls, and closed his eyes. More comfortable six, I had never experienced before. Eventually we awoke to life again and took a swim. The girls asked me if I could not stay overnight. This time I was not very difficult to persuade. I had the whole weekend ahead of me. That we were more than two in a double bed the following night is not so hard to figure out. What we did get you fantasize about themselves.

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