When little sister sleeping

It all began on a cold winter night. I lay in my comfortable bed and tried to sleep, winced when I heard how someone turned the doorknob and opened the door to my room. I looked up. My little sister was standing in the doorway.

"Please, can not I sleep with you? My room is so cold. "She said with her brightest and sweetest voice.

"Sure. "I replied tired. I was not surprised. Her room was on the edge of the house and the cold wind was often there. I had no problem with that she slept with me, my bed was a bit cold and an extra body makes it warmer. At least for a little while. Julia went to the bed and crawled carefully down and lay on the side with his back to me.

"Hold me," she said, and I laid me on the side with my arms around my little sister's belly. She was really cold but after a while the bed was warmer than before and I fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night, looked at the clock that stood at ten minutes past three. The bed was still warm but it was not what caught my interest. My cock was rock hard and Juliet's ass was pressed against it. I was horny and started thinking forbidden thoughts. My little sister was very cute but I had never thought of her in this way before. I began to fantasize about what it would be to fuck her. Or maybe feel her cute little lips around my cock.

My little sister was being told very cute. She had long brown hair, blue eyes and a super cute face. Her nose pointed little upppåt and her mouth was small and cute. She painted quite hard for the most part, especially the lips were bright red. She was not thin or fat, like that cozy enough. Her breasts were quite large when compared with other girls of her age and her ass was plump and very stylish, at least what we could see when she had pants on. Her clothes were pretty standard for an eighteen year old, tight bright pants with a thong under and no tight t-shirt she used to wear.

Right now she is wearing a t-shirt and a pair of regular panties. It felt like her butt pressed even harder against my cock and I was about to pass out of horniness. I still had my arms around her stomach so I moved my right hand incredibly slow under her t-shirt and placed it on her warm cozy stomach. I stayed there for a short while, then I moved her hand up to her right breast and felt it. Julia's breasts were soft and the skin was so smooth. A finger touched her nipple and I was very surprised. Her nipple was stiff though it was so hot in bed. Could it be that she dreamed about sex? Because she absolutely could not stay awake, her breathing was as heavy and regular as before. What if she had a dream about me? My cock got even harder and I could feel the pounding of my little sister's sweet ass.

By now there was no doubt that I would continue to investigate Julia's gorgeous body. I moved my hand down, caressing her stomach again and crept carefully down the believed edge. Juliet's pubic hair was soft and not so far, she deemed it safe and it did not surprise me, she was very concerned about their appearance. I removed his hand from her panties, instead grabbed hold of thought to the edge and pulled slowly, slowly down Julia's panties to her knees. She was breathing as heavily as before, so I assumed she was asleep. I pulled down my pants to his knees and felt for the first time my cock against my little sister's lovely skjärt. I put my hand on her butt and stroked it softly, it was wonderful, so firm, soft and mellow. My rock hard cock was positioned with the head of the penis in Julia's cleft so I started gently humping back and forth between her buttocks while I caressed her buttocks. I felt my orgasm was close so I stopped and tried to calm me down. I wanted more and now all thoughts that she could awaken repressed by my desire.

I moved carefully tip of my cock from my little sister's ass, down to her pussy. When I reached her sex, I took a light hold of my cock and pulled it back and forth along her slit. Julia's labia was a bit wet with my precum and my cock slid further and further into. When I finally reached her opening, I let my cock slowly penetrate her. It struck me that Julia probably was a virgin, but it made me even hornier. When my cock was inside it felt like my cock was going to explode right away, my little sister's pussy was so beautiful, warm and incredibly tight. I pushed further in, felt more and more of my hearty cock disappeared into Julia's vagina. When my cock was inside so I could not stand anymore, I juckade violently a couple of times and felt my cum spurted deep into her. When the orgasm was over I lay there, exhausted while his cock slackened in my little sister's pussy. What was I doing? What if she gets pregnant? I did not think so much longer the users until I had beveled for the last half hour was happening. Julia turned around, my cock slipped out and she stared at me with his gorgeous blue eyes, wide awake.

"What are you doing?" She wondered. I did not get up anything.

"You think you can just put on your sister like that without asking?"

"Eh. uhmm. '

"Yes, you were not so on endurance so you'll have to do something for me as punishment, otherwise I tell mom. "She said.

I could not believe it. She had not slept. And she had enjoyed it! At least a little.

"Uhumm. oh well so what do you want me to do? "I asked.

Julia did not answer, she lit the lamp on the bedside table, kicked off her panties and pulled off his t-shirt. Then she lay on her back with her legs spread wide.

"Satisfy me. If you do not succeed, I gossip. "She said.

What a dream! She really wanted me to caress her gorgeous body.

I sat between her legs, I reached forward for her breasts. They were even more beautiful than I thought, felt solid and nipples stood straight up. I caressed her breasts with both hands, leaned forward and sucked gently on her nipples. My little sister started to moan low, I sucked harder circulated with his tongue around the nipples and squeezed lightly on the. Then I moved my head down, kissed her all the way from her breasts, down over my stomach.

"Oh you are so wonderful! Lick me! "Moaned Julia.

I went down to her pussy. It was like everything else about her incredible fine. The labia were shaved and above they were a sweet, well-groomed brown bush. I nibbled a bit of her pubic hair, moved me even further down and put my tongue on her sweet pussy. I spread her labia with his fingers and let the tongue circulate around her clit for a while. My little sister responded by moaning like crazy, twisting back and forth and make sharp motjuck. I increased the pace, licked repeatedly around her clitoris before I let my tongue make violent attacks against her boss. It sounded like she was close to orgasm and my dick was hard again after all the licking so I stop licking. I lay fast over my little sister's sweet body and pressed for the second time in her tight vagina, this time all the way directly into a single sharp blow. Julia moaned so loudly that I was afraid that our parents would hear her sex tricks tightened around my cock and she hugged me hard when it went for her. Then she relaxed, closed my eyes and breathed heavily.

"It was the most beautiful I have ever experienced. Why have not we done this before? "She wondered tired.

"Do not know. Maybe because it's illegal? "

"Who cares about the law? Though you'll be glad I eat the pill, "said Julia, and kissed me.

"You dick is still hard. Bothered you again? "She continued.

"Of course I do!"

"Kneel and we'll see if I'm as good with your mouth that you"

I did as she said. Julia stood on all fours with his face towards me so I could see her lovely ass. Then she stretched out her tongue and began to lick gently on my cock. It was very nice, and what a sight! My little sister's tongue was looking around on my swollen glans. She opened her mouth and let it slowly slide in between her red lips and into her warm mouth. She soon got used to having my cock in your mouth, slowly began to suck it back and forth. I was jättekåt again, and when Julia caressed my balls while she sucked harder, I thought it would go for me. I grabbed my little sister's head and let his cock pop out.

"Yes. I want to fuck you again "

She licked one last time on my cock and turned around so that I could penetrate her from behind.

"Fuck me in the ass. I want to know how it feels. "She said.


"Fuck me in the ass. Otherwise I tell mom what to do with me at night "

Anal sex was not främmmande for me. But I had never thought of doing it in real life. It was certainly exciting to my innocent little sister had it. And I had absolutely nothing against it. I kissed tenderly her beautiful ass, then I put on my knees again.

I placed the tip of my rock hard cock against my little sister's asshole and pressed very slowly and gently into the glans. My cock was wet from Juliet's saliva so it went pretty easy. I pushed deeper into her ass, grabbed her plump buttocks and pushed the whole cock to the root. Her ass was even tighter than her pussy. I started to work my way in and out of her beautiful ass, let the whole cock come out and then again disappear into Juliet's tight asshole. I fucked her harder and harder until I felt that upbyggande feeling of orgasm again. I pulled out of her tail, stood in front of her instead and let my thick jets of hot cum hit my little sister's sweet face and her wide-open mouth.

Then we lay, tightly wound and kissed until we fell asleep.

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