Meeting in the laundry room

Tuesday night, the watch is 21. 30 and you're tired after work as it is. Then you should to the laundry room. Must take and buy me a washing machine to the apartment. Is tired of running out here and keep the time.

Stands and wondering when I hand wash underwear in the laundry tub. Values ​​will not be happy if you happen to destroy a machine with a bra arc. Thinner lingerie is easier and safer to wash by hand because the machine rips right sharply. My tiny transparent thongs and other sexy lingerie can I deal with a gentle hand.

Thinking about how sad it is that none can see them here sweet marvels on but I'm too picky these days. Do not have a boyfriend, unless it would make it into a wonderful guy with decent values ​​and who also like sex. Perhaps a little tougher. Now I have not found a lover who is right for me or who are at sufficiently close spacing to allow it to be somewhat durable. It gives me not a bit dragging someone home for a one night stand. Sure, I can safely land the home a couple of orgasms, but usually the guy is drunk and can barely get it up or is there something else that is not true. No, I will have sex with a guy, you may be someone who has little more than a few hands, tongue and cock. My hands and toys are free to do the job for a while.

Hear someone putting the key into the laundry room door and unlocks it. Is not that surprised because there's laundry in the dryer left from the last wash time. Good thing they come before my machines are ready so I can empty out their laundry, I think.

"Good evening," said someone from the doorway, a pleasant male voice, I note. Is curious and looks up. One guy stands and fills up the door. Looks nice, bright eyes and an infectious smile. He looks at me and added, "I apologize for being late but I forgot the time. "

I look at him and smiles, "It's OK, My machine is not finished yet. "

He goes to the cabinet and start picking up the clothes hanging there. Begins to fold and put in a laundry basket he brought. Proper guy I think and try to stop watching him.

He sees, as I said nice. Occasionally long, brown, thick, short hair, either heavy or thin. Just a little like that. To the nice eyes and a nice smile. Anyone have luck there probably. Thinking if I had seen him on the field before, but conclude that I have not. Guess he has girlfriend and she is the one who washes otherwise. Tend to be so with sketchy guys, busy or uninterested.

"Excuse me but have you lived here long?" I hear myself ask. Did not I to do, I think to myself, but on the other hand, interferes with the well not to ask. You could be a little social and talk while you're in the same room.

"I can not think that I have seen you before. "Continuing that mouth curiously asking.

"No, I'm living with some friends a few months while I take a course here in town. "It's my first time utilizing the area's laundry room. Is familiar with the machine in the apartment, it was because I forgot the time. "Telling him in the same pleasant tone, looking at me while he talks and fold laundry during this time.

"Yes, I know how it is. I have also had a washing machine in my last apartment, you get a little spoiled. Here it is as close to the apartment so I can get so far but nights like this it would be nice not having to run out into the rain and cold. "Am I talking to while I wash laundry.

He keeps nodding and talking a bit about the essay he was doing when he forgot the time while he folds the laundry.

A man who can handle domestic chores while he speaks, not bad I think acidly.

We by now, I bathed in my underwear and will hang them up. in the cabinet as the guy stands and picks wash out. Well, he does not seem too embarrassed by himself so then should not I care about it.

"Are you almost finished in the cabinet so I can hang up?", I ask him kindly.

"Yeah, just grab my last stuff here and take the dryer then." he answers.

"So, ready! The cabinet is at your disposal noble maiden "he proclaims with a gentlemanly min and a broad smile. "I can not help but laugh at his gesture and niger nice back," Thank noble gentleman. "

Picks up with me, my wet underwear in the laundry basket and begins to hang with my back to him. The dryer is right behind the cabinet, so we have no more a few feet to come together at the doors and hatches open.

It is warm from the oven and the now open the dryer so I pull off my jacket and just wearing a tight T-shirt.

Hang me for my hanging of underwear and trying to simultaneously fend off the guy so we should not collide with each other. I always put some extra work to hang the laundry so I do not have lots of unnecessary wrinkles later. Many would call me a pedant (that'll make them with) but I know it saves me time later. Do not stress as much laundry anymore and stress is not something that I enjoy.

Although I think I dodge and parry pretty good so we still manage to crash into our heads when I get up after having picked up the panties and he bends down to put something in their basket. I lose everything on the floor and takes me on the forehead as bolts. I close my eyes and try to trip me up slowly to regain balance. He grabs my arm in a soft but firm grip to give me support. Then he bends and picks up what we both lost in the crash, I see in his eyelids still a bit dizzy.

Hear a weak wolf whistle and looks up to see him standing with the little ones, transparent thong in his hand.

"They were delicious, hope your guy love see you in that way. It would have done anyway. "I hear him say.

Looking up and meets his gaze staring intensely into mine. My heart skips a beat, but then begins to throb in the breast of nervousness and excitement. He extends his hand to me with the little panty. I can not help it to become embarrassed. I thought I had stopped taking stuff many years ago but I feel my cheeks are glowing red, while the heart runs.

He's still in my arm to support me even though I have regained balance for a while ago now. Feel his warm hand burn the skin. The heat spreads to the rest of the body, the throat, down the breast, on, on.

The warmth I feel may be due to the cabinet but I know it is a childish lie to myself. I know what heat is coming from. I feel a little embarrassed in front of this stranger, because he knows what I wear on the bottom and that he also stands with my panties in his hand to open display by. It does not help that I also completely naked under your clothes. I took off my underwear and threw in the laundry basket just before I went out.

I did not think I'd be standing here with a charming stranger guy with a burning gaze.

My previous thoughts on how starved I am for six and touch, are evident. My chest is contracting nipples stiffen and become hard. My stomach tightens, the heat will spread and the pulse in the abdomen. Feel how wet I am. Good thing he can not see that I am thinking deeply. But her nipples, he must see how stiff they are in the tight top. Can not help but cast a quick glance down at myself and see how I feel. How they span the fabric. I blush more and would not meet his eyes again but could not resist. Look up and see that his eyes followed my gaze, he has seen my breasts and understands how I feel.

I want him to do something, break the silence, get my breathing almost stopped, and after what seems like forever, he says,

"No, not me to do. If you have a boyfriend or not, that is. You must forgive me but I can never shut up. " He looks down and holds out her hand longer for me to give me the brief. I pick it up in my hand and feel my fingers almost get a shock of his warm palm. He removes his other hand on my arm. The spell drop a bit but the heart still runs fast in my chest.

I also look down while I say,

"It does not matter, I also hope that my guy would have liked them if I had had any but I singles so I dress mostly for my own sake." Smiling and looking quickly up at him before I turned around. Hanging them into the cabinet and try to get back to hang finished the rest but with shaky hands and pounding heart.

"You, then usually your girl to take care of your laundry, but you seem really used to it otherwise." Know that this is the worst pickup replicas but I do not care. I want to know if this guy has a girl or not. He started of course with that issue so now I want to know whether I have a chance with him. For my own sake I usually do not initiate things with guys who are busy, it's not that interesting to me. Should they be unfaithful they may find someone who does not care but I do not want to hurt anyone.

"No, I suppose I am more of a continuous single. Have not met anyone who has meant enough for me to stay with. I must have some high standards just on love and relationships, but that's ok, I have no rush. I am only 29 years so I think I have time before me. "

I am a little surprised at the sincerity of him but they become even more interested.

"I know well like right now. I have lived in a relationship most of the time of my adult life so I want to spend some time with myself before I tie me up with a new partner.

"Too bad you can not have certain parts of a relationship without having one. "I answered, looking up at him again with my little mischievous. His eyes flash to. His smile even more than mischievous.

"Like what?" He asks. annoying but with a curious undertone.

"Well, you know, dinner, nice conversation, great sex and so. "I say a little flippant. Looking furtively to see his reaction.

My hands are still shaking and my body is hot and humid.

"Yes, sex is one thing, it's hard not to miss. But can you have anyway. If you meet someone who wants to play a little and just have a good time. "

"Yeah, but it is not as easy to find those who want to play with and also have the same tastes as yourself" I reply back with more serious tone.

He stresses very easily one of my ham with his hand as he passes. I pull into the reaction, and my body lights to direct. It's as dry fuel on the afternoon hot fire. Flames flare up and spread from the stomach in all the joints and muscles. Make my knees weak. Moan to the inside but biting her lips together so it does not escape. Throwing a glance at his direction, he looks at me with that gaze that burns in and makes my heart pound harder again.

He plays with me, I realize then a little surprised. Yes, yes, two can play that game I think and become more daring. Now that I know that it is free and I will not be worse. He is interested and is testing me, to see how far I go. I'm definitely spark in him and have nothing to lose.

Fits "accidentally" delete my heavy breasts against his arm as he passes. Looking up into his eyes a little innocent and says, "OUPS!" Like that silly and often these can only be when you really want to get a man's attention. It's working, he watches appreciatively into the bell of the urinary stranded, tight top. I smile back and go back a little extra so your breasts will be more to the fore.

They are large, round and lovely heavy. The nipples are still hard and clearly visible under the fabric. His gaze lingers on her chest before looking up into my eyes again. I find it hard not to go back and kiss him and ask him to take me straight up and down.

How do you do after all, otherwise than in porn movies. Yes, I know enough. Have seen so many porn movies by now that I probably can their little "Story". I would think it is great kindling to see a real hardcore porn and masturbate to. Has given myself up myself to my interest in erotica and porn since I was single, and account for it.

I can not stop thinking about doing such a thing. He still can not stay here more than a few months so what can I lose it?

While I was standing there in my thoughts and velar he decides. He takes steps forward and grabs me. A hand behind his neck, a waist and a well-placed kiss on the mouth. Hard, exacting, applicant. His lips are tight and his tongue playing on my lips to open them is fierce. On looking into my mouth, playing with my tongue. Until I groan aloud with all the emotions raging inside me. I am so light that the bones are in the fold underneath me. Is grateful for the firm grip on my neck and waist otherwise I would probably have fallen down on the floor. What a kiss! I want it to last forever.

I know his solid body against my soft curves. My breasts crushed against his chest while he presses closer to me. Know how hard his sex is when he pushes his hips against my soft mound. I join myself to him, pushing me up. His hands looking around my body. Caressing my back, waist down over her ass. Dig into them soft buttocks and lift me up against his crotch I bet your legs around him and move toward his hips, moaning.

He carries me to the bench I used to stand and hand washed at. Sätter ner mig på den och börjar smeka mina bröst istället med dom nu fria händerna. Jag stönar av hans hårda händer och fingrar som söker sig runt dom och knådar obarmhärtigt.

“Ja!” stönar jag högt. Jag gillar hårdare tag och speciellt mina bröst annars känns det inget. Han verkar förstå för han behandlar dom precis som om han kunde läsa mina tankar.

Han kysser mig hungrigt igen och ser mig in i ögonen medan hans händer har lyckats få av mig min tröja och hittar behåknäppningen. Den glider av lätt. Han verkar van vid kvinnounderkläder. Inte konstigt att han tittade på när jag hängde upp mina tänker jag lite omtöcknad.

I have time I do not think more before he buries his head in my chest. Presses them together with his hard hands and plays with his tongue over her nipples alternately. Suck, nips lightly. Using the tongue to lick long while so I know the tongue roughness, the warts will be even harder than before. He plays with them between his fingers while he squeezes both breasts in his hands. I'm moaning loudly and screaming when he bites while on the nipples a little harder but I can be with it. It makes both a little sore but is incredibly comfortable. The combination is painful, but wonderful. Next time I cry only: "Yes, jaaaa".

I'm hornier than I thought possible. He lets go of her breasts, jaws back and beats up my pants instead. Snaps accustomed buttons and open his fly where it reveals that I was not wearing any panties under my trousers. It seems to turn him even more for his eyes are horny when they looked up at me.

"I suspect that you did not wear panties, I saw no panty briefs. That's why I could not help but feel over your lovely ass when I had the chance. A woman without panties are among the sexiest thing I know, although I like sexy lingerie . I hope to see you in them I was in another time. "I can not help but nod and respond a bit weak;

"Yes, I'll wear them next time"

I love men who take over, I'm so tired of being dominant, that I am really looking for someone who just takes over and lets me enjoy.

He rips off my pants quickly, and his own shirt. A nice, moderately toned torso reveals itself with just a little hair on his chest that disappears into the waistband. The arms are strong and quite sinewy. I love your arms and can not help but rub all over them. Pull the nails as he shivers. Do more fingers across his chest and down across his stomach, he pulls it a bit when I approach the navel and waistband. The pans or shudder, I guess.

Now I obviously had to know he seems to think before he takes hold of my wrists and hold them firmly in place on the bench, he crouched down over me and playing with his tongue over my breasts again. Suck the nipple in the mouth one after another. Let them become rock hard and bolts of excitement. Paint traces of his saliva and down over her stomach and down towards the abdomen. I moans more and more. Difficulty to keep me quiet and calm where I half-lying on the bench with his head resting against the wall.

I will not go anywhere because he's still my hands in a firm grip on the bench. His hot mouth and tongue reaches my mons Veneris. I shaved since this morning, it shines now my juices that have flowed since he first came into the room. I'm so our lights and I'll scream when his tongue reaches the upper part of my run and play over the clitoris. My back spans an arc of the stimulus. He finishes and I open my eyes as I kept closed during this wonderful torture, to see what is preoccupying him.

He looks at me and says, "I want you to look at me, holding eye contact or I will stop licking your, you know?"

I understand what he says but I do not know how I can keep my eyes open when it is so nice and I just want to screw up your eyes as much as I can and know all the wonderful things he does with me but I have no choice. Do I want him to continue, I have to.

"Yes, I'll try," I reply with heavy breathing.

I keep my eyes fixed on his, and feel how your tongue starts to look down over the slit, tickling downwards. I move my hips against his tongue into very small circular movements. Can not stop, can not sit still.

"You're very wet, it is me who has made you so light?" He asks me.

"Yes, I'm so horny for you, that I was as fast as you came into the room I say hoarsely back." Do more, feel his tongue in me.

"Please allow me to get more. "I pray almost desperate now. He is too slow even if it's wonderful, I want more, get to know him in me. I have no self control at all.

His tongue works its way down to my opening and push themselves hard and fast set. I can not hold me anymore now. I cling to the bench with my hands when it goes for me. A quick and intense orgasm after having been without sex for too long. It does not take so long to come back from this, it is a fast tearing which I almost forced myself. He looks a little surprised but also amused when I look down on him after receiving back a bit more normal breathing again.

"It went fast for you. Can you continue? "

"It's fast for me but I will get many orgasms to, I promise," I reply with a relaxed smile. I am fortunate sexually. Do not even stimulate the clitoris for it to go. Do you call it "vaginal orgasms. "

He looks interested, and excited as he stands in front of me. Kissing me again, caressing my breasts, pinching, little nipples. Now the worst exhaustion passed over after orgasm, my body starts to turn again and I'll be curious about him and his body. Before I was away for my own pleasure to think of him, had not the opportunity even after he held me down.

I begin to caress him. The shoulders, arms, waist, chest, nipping gently at the nipples. His turn to groan now. I'm bending and snapping some of them, playing with his tongue. My hands hugging his tight ass. Caresses the hips and then up the crotch. Bulan that bulges in jeans seems promising. I can not hold me anymore without tearing eagerly up the belt and starts unbuttoning buttons. With some difficult-because of the tight fabric but I manage to get his fly. He wears boxer shorts underneath. My favorite if I choose, sporty out. The range here as well.

I jump down from the bench and pull the pants and boxerna. Does interest on the hard cock that is emerging before my eyes. Rather coarse, uniform thickness, a little larger than a normalkuk counting my eye quickly discovered. Slightly curved upwards. I can not help but sit on their haunches, pulling back the foreskin and gentle licks quickly on the glans to know how it tastes. He groans and takes a grip on my hair with one hand. A little pre-cum looking forward and I lick it up. Will firing of knowing I have that effect on him and his cock.

"Yes, a taste of my dick, take it into your warm mouth," he groans.

I am more impressed now. Want him to enjoy as much as he led me to enjoy. I sit right in front of him on his heels and let your tongue play on the glans, drawing little circles and play, tasting, licking. Collecting saliva in the mouth to drown my cock with so it will be smooth and easily slips into my mouth. Allows saliva to drain from the glans and down the shaft. Even a porn thing, I think of my horniness. Porno but practically, no one wants to be patted dry. It does not provide the same wonderful feeling.

After seeing that his cock is fitted with saliva, I let it slip into my mouth. It's pretty big so I have to be careful not to scrape against the teeth. Does the tongue play on the underside of his cock and the string carefully before I order my cock as far as I can. He stands and looks down at me with horny eyes.

"Yes, yes. Take it in your mouth, I will declare you a monk. Will you? "

Yes, I would think. You can send a shiver of excitement through the whole of my tank. I want him to fuck me in the mouth like a real slut. Do not let me choose, just get what they want. I nod gently, looking up into his eyes so he can see how horny I get the idea. Does your dick slide in until it hits the palate, then I let it slip out again. All the way out until the tip of the glans resting against my open, wet lips. Playing with tongue in groove on the glans, around the glans and the string, tease a little. Jerking and strokes with a hand around kukroten, and the other gently on the scrotum. Jerking off all over kukskaftet a couple of times and rub the saliva properly. That makes it even harder. He groans high above my head: "Yes, yes"

Suddenly, he gathers up my hair in the back of a tail that he agrees with the tight grip, take hold of his prick yourself and push it hard into my mouth. I am losing the balance of the surprising maneuver, but he is holding my head firmly with one hand so I will not fall over. I have only one hard cock on the road half way down in my throat, it feels like. Studs and breathtaking but he pulls it out as fast again. I inhale quickly before it runs into the mouth again. I do not have time to swallow the saliva that is produced and it drains into a small stream in his mouth. Although it is quite hard and the next degrading I like it. The whole situation is so strange but terribly exciting. I want him to do this with me. Allows me to feel his hard cock deep into my mouth and down your throat.

He groans and juckar hips when he munknullar me hard. I can not help but fondle myself in the meantime, my hands are free to do what I want. He has found a sort of position where he can get the correct length in my mouth without my breath away. It's great to know that I have nothing to say. My one hand goes back up to his balls and strokes, so his pleasure will be greater. My other hand caresses my clit and wet slit. Moan with his cock in my mouth.

Barely begin to fondle me before he pulls me up into a standing position. Lift me up on the bench for his rock hard cock against my fittöppning. Does your dick slide up and down in the slot a few times and rubbing her clit with the soft, large, shiny glans. Shiny and wet with my juices. Now it's my turn to moan loud again. I'm so horny, want to have his beautiful cock deep in me. He looks into my eyes, adjusts the glans of the opening, juckar gently to let the vagina open, and presses gently, gently into kukhuvudet. It is a bit slow even though I am so wet. He's bigger than I expected and it takes a little while before it has slid into place so he can start humping farther and farther. I push his head back against the wall, moaning, whimpering with pleasure.

"Oh yes, yes, God what a relief. "

Feel how it fills me up, it's so hard and nice. Semi Located on the bench and looks just as nice for him as for me. We enjoy each other's bodies, heat, lust and sex. We are strangers to each other but we might as well be soul mates because we think alike and enjoy sex. I want to be his sex toy without being ashamed of it. I want to feel pleasure mixed with some pain. I hope that he would like to share these things with me, if only once or a couple.

He has pushed the whole dick in its full length, know how it strikes the bottom of me. Had he been a little longer it would have been problems because then it would hurt but now it's just the way it is right. My cock feels because he is so rough on me but it is mixed with pleasure. Can not keep me silent any longer and start moving my hips against him, he takes hold of them and increase the pace. I bet my legs around him but he for them up on their shoulders instead. I lie on the bench and feel his thrusts deep and hard into me. Moans and whimpers of pleasure. Take hold of my breasts and squeezing them so they do not swing that much. He takes away my hands and rubbing my breasts, pinching, and rubbing on each other. I turn me with pleasure and tenderness in the nipples. It's a mixed feeling, but it increases my excitement enormously that I do not really know where to go.

Then he pulls himself suddenly out. Take down my legs from his shoulders, takes a firm grip on my waist and turned around so I stand on the floor leaning over the bench. He allows the glans to sniff my wet, hot fittöppning, annoys me a bit. As horny as I am, I have only one thought, to get the hard cock in me again and fuck until it is possible for us and we can not do more.

I juckar backwards to try to bring it yourself. He laughs low and holding me back.

"You want it, you want to feel my cock into you from behind?"

"Yes, please, runs in your beautiful cock in me," Do I pray and try in vain to reach to insert his cock in me again but he keeps me in a tight grip.

"Now you're disobedient, fit you or I might get to show who's in charge here" he warns in my ear.

"Please, come into me again, fuck me!" Beg and I pray in excitement while I was trying to pry me loose from his grip.

He grabs hold of my hair, bending her head back, holding my hands gathered at one in a brutal grip. I know how it perfectly flowing out of my pussy now, runs a little down on the inside of the legs. I love what he does with me. How he knows how to treat me because I'll light.

I am, gonna fuck you when I'm ready, it's me who decides, you know? He whispers in my ear in a hoarse, excited voice. Nibbling my ear lobe, down over the neck, behind the neck. Biter bit harder so I whine for more.

"Yes, yes, you decide," I groaned hoarsely.

He is just the spark of this game as I understand it in my tent mist. I can not stand still, my whole body is on fire. I move as in a trance, moaning and whimpering, but I hardly aware of it. Trying to move back towards him, to feel his stiff cock against my buttocks before it slides into me again. He seems to know he was let go of my hair, hands and kneading my buttocks. Buries his fingers in them, give me some palm strike, so I shout to the surprise and it hurts. Do not hurt directly but it turns me on even more. I svankar more and spreads her legs while I bend further, and presses her breasts against the bench. He hits a few times with his cock in my soft buttocks, pulling it into the slot, past the wet opening. I whine, moan, ask to feel it in me.

He aims in themselves for his cock against the opening and begins to slowly bring it back. I want to rush him but he understands it as he grips the hips and keeping me in a stranglehold. I can not move my pelvis at all. Must leave everything to him. Know how your dick sliding in and fill me up again. How hard he is, how it is pulsating with lust in my throbbing pussy. Sliding in centimeters, of centimeters. Feels like forever. I'm moaning more and more the farther he gets into me. In the end, I know how he stays, he has hit rock bottom again. Keeps perfectly still in me. I try to wait with him, breathing heavily and enjoying the feeling of being completely filled with such a lovely cock and fuck this man.

Now he waits a few seconds before he takes hold of my two arms and bend backwards, crossing over the back. Keep hold of your wrists, so I do not come loose while he has a super grip on my hip. Pulls out his cock to full length and run it in one stroke. I scream straight out of enjoyment. Is still tight so it feels really right, but because I'm so horny I feel just wonderful. Crying out to the delight every time he plows his cock at the bottom.

He begins to fuck me faster, with the grip he can keep hold of me and push into fast, hard and deep. I have completely gone by the great feeling that spreads from my pussy and pelvis. Hear his fast and nasty breathing behind me. It's so wonderful to hear and I juckar back a bit making small circles with the genital area while I span my fittmuskler on his cock. Listen how he moans loud with pleasure and surprise. Let go of my arms and lift up my leg on the bench, grab on my breasts and continues to fuck me obliquely from behind with his hands on my breasts. Feel his hard chest against her back and hear his breathing in the ear. Nibbling in my ear, whispering horny things to me.

"You are so beautiful, damn what nice breasts" "Your pussy is so tight and wet perfect fit for my cock"

Jag kan inte mer än stöna: “Ja, ja jag älskar dina händer, din hårda, sköna kuk” Vi kysser varandra snett, en slarvig kyss i hetta. Knullar hårt några tag till innan han avbryter. Med kuken fortfarande kvar i mig.

“Böj dig fram” säger han och puttar ner min överkropp på bänken. Greppar tag om mina höfter igen och särar på benen mer än tidigare. Juckar in och ut, hårdare, djupare. Jag pressar mig ner mot bänken och svankar så mycket jag kan. Han knådar min stjärt, mina skinkor, gräver ner fingrarna i dom och drar dom isär. Känner honom smeka försiktigt med tummarna mellan skinkorna, över anus ner mot fittöppningen så långt han kommer åt.

Jag svankar, rör mig bakåt, gnäller till när han rör min bakre öppning. Kan inte låta bli att njuta, det är så skönt. Han stannar till där och smeker intensivt i cirklar. Väter fingrarna och återgår till att smeka min öppning med bägge tummarna omväxlande samtidigt som han knullar mig i mer lagom takt fortfarande med ett stadigt tag om mina skinkor.

Gillar hur han smeker mig, bestämt men ändå mjukt. Känslan av hans kuk i mig samtidigt som han smeker mig bak är troligt upphetsande och jag rör mig snabbare mot honom för att få honom att öka takten. Hans tummar pressar sig sakta in i min stjärtöppning, växlar mellan höger och vänster. Vänjer muskeln långsamt att öppna sig för honom och hans krävande fingrar. Känner saliv droppa ner, det hetsar upp mer. Gör det hela skönare när det är glatt och det går lättare.

“Är det skönt, är det skönt att bli smekt i stjärten samtidigt som jag knullar dig?” frågar hans hest. Han tänder på detta med det är inte svårt att höra och känna.

“Ja, det är skönt, jätteskönt, ” svarar jag stönande där jag ligger med huvudet mot bänken och njuter.

“Jag ska inte knulla dig i stjärten i kväll, det kan vi göra en annan gång jag vill bara se hur du njuter av det. ” säger han.

“Mmm, ja, snälla fortsätt”, säger jag bara. Är så inne i njutningen att jag knappt hör vad han säger men det har ändå gått in i mig. Han vill träffa mig igen, härligt!

Han ökar takten och knullar mig hårdare, hårdare med en tumme införd djup i mig, den andra smeker fortfarande öppningen. Jag stönar högre och högre liksom han. Känner honom pressa in den andra tummen med. Letar sig in och smeker den känsliga, tunna väggen mot slidan där hans kuk jobbar. Det är otroligt skönt och ja vet att jag kommer komma när som helst. Jag juckar så hårt jag kan för att få honom att fylla upp mig överallt, hårt, djupt och snabbt. Han verkar förstå att jag inte vill att han håller tillbaka mer, utan ger allt.

Byter tummarna och för in två fingrar i min anal istället för att komma längre in och knullar mig våldsamt i mina bägge hål tills vi skriker och krampar tillsammans. I flera minuter har våra kroppar muskelryckningar i extas och vi har fullt upp med att hålla oss uppe. Till slut ebbar det ut så smått och vi drar oss från varann för att kunna sätta oss ner.

Pustar ut och ler trött åt varandra i förståelse.

“Wow, det trodde man inte när man skulle tvätta i kväll”, säger jag trött men glad.

“Nej, verkligen inte. Det var så skönt. Du, jag måste ta och gå nu men jag vill gärna träffa dig igen är det ok för dig? Jag kan kolla upp när du har tvättid nästa gång så kan jag fråga dig om du vill då. Vi kan ju ta och gå in till dig då kanske?”

Självklart jag vill tänker jag men vill inte verka alltför ivrig men svara ändå: “Visst, gärna. Det här gör man ju gärna om”, ler och skrattar lite.

“Då säger vi så, skulle något hända så sätter jag en lapp på ditt tvättlås så du slipper undra”. Han kysser mig mjuk och klär sen på sig ihop med mig. Säger god natt och hej innan han går.

Tvätten är nu försenad så jag tar med mig allt vått och hänger upp inne hos mig. Resten av tvätten hittar jag en ny tid till, om tre dagar, samma tid. Får se om han är pigg på en repris redan då tänker jag och ler för mig själv.

83 svar to “Möte i tvättstugan”

  1. Jens:

    Denna fick mig riktigt kåt! Perfekt skriver!

  2. Ingrid:

    Very well written! Pulsen ökade i takt med att historien fördes framåt. Blev ett med berättaren, bröstvårtorna hårdnade och fittan blev våt. Det är nästan så att jag är på väg till tvättstugan.

  3. hon:

    säger bara “herregud!!”

  4. Anna:

    Vrf kan inte sånt hända mig när jag tvättar?? hihi ;)

  5. Stina:

    sjukt bra novell, skulle inte vara dumt att ha en så bra kille i sängen. Upphetsande berättelse, verkligen!!!

  6. Roger:

    kåt blev man så man gick åt. varför träffar man aldrig en sån tjej i tvättstugan själv för?

  7. Apatia:

    Skööön novell, grymt bra skriven, perfekt upplägg och allt. Det måste bara hända mig !! + +

  8. eva:

    önskar detta kunde hända mig. blev helt otroligt våt av att läsa detta….
    skriv gärna mer….

  9. Janne:

    Riktigt jävla bra novell alltså!!
    Kan inte ana hur många gånger ja hann komma:-P gärna till ett sånt sex!;)

  10. Ida:

    det här blev jag sjukt kåt av. tvungen att onanera efter jag läst det.

  11. Fäktaren:

    Fråga inte varför jag ska hänga i tvättstugan varje dag nu ;)

  12. Anna:

    Det här va en go novell det!Jag blir superkåt…
    Oj oj oj…nu ska jag gå in till mitt sovrum…

  13. Henke:

    Ruskigt bra novell!! Så de är i tvällstugan ni gömmer er tjejer;)

  14. Harald:

    Väldigt väldigt bra, första sexnovellen jag läst. Gav mig ett bra första intryck.

  15. Girl:

    Sjukt bra skriven, den bästa jag läst!

  16. tjej:

    Nej jag tror jag måste tvätta boys ;D

  17. Du vet vem:

    Mycket bra skrivet. Det mest upphetsande jag läst på år å dar ;-)

  18. Sofia:

    Ojoj, har bara lust att läsa den om och om igen..
    Väldigt upphetsande!! :)

  19. Bromell:

    Detta var helt galet bra. Jag har själv inte upplevt det i en tvättstuga. ^^ Kanske borde pröva det där med tummarna på min fru. ;) Thanks for the tips. GULD NOVELL!

  20. Sanna:

    I agree! väldigt upphetsande! var bara tvungen att väcka min pojkvän och göra någonting åt Det.. 2-1 blev det dessutom som i novellen!

  21. Sarah:

    Wow. D e grymt bra på att skriva. Upphetsade mig till max.. mmmmmm

  22. sven:

    ypprlig text och välskriven, inte så rå.kunde se henne framför mej!

  23. elin:

    sjukt bra novell, två orgasmer efter varandra på samma parti.. varför finns det ingen sån kille i min tvättsstuga??

  24. The Dildo Is In The Wardrobe:

    har läst den ett par gånger, men jag blir alltid lika kåt efter varje gång!
    Jag har kommit flera gånger när jag läste det här.
    Hoppas den va sann..

  25. Mr Manolo:

    Läckert att så många tycker att det läckert… det måste finnas en anledning…

  26. ellinor:

    gud vad kåt jag blev! jag kom flera gånger! verkligen en upphetsande historia! den påminner mig om någon jag tidigare mött!;)

  27. Maria P:

    Wonderfully well! Är i tvättstugan nu;-) fan så kommer de in en tant:-S!

  28. Veronica:

    Great written: Oerhört het, sexig och sensuell. Önskar jag var i tvättstugan ;o)

  29. Johanna:

    mm ska gå och väcka pojkvännen nu, hoppas han blir glad. är såå VÅT

  30. Rosita:

    härligt bra är fortfarande riktigt blöt det riktigt rinner där nere har inte änns snuddat vid musen härligt bra

  31. Buu!:

    Vilket skön metod att tvatta även kuken. Det bör göras på detta sätt ett par gånger varje dag.

  32. random:

    wow.. den här novellen är helt enkelt ett mästerverk : D . Blev stört kåt, mer liknande noveller tack!

  33. Caroline:

    Vilken novell! Blev vansinnigt kåt när jag läste den, var tvungen att “ta hand” om mig själv efteråt ;) Visst brummar det i hela kroppen efteråt! Mmmmmm

  34. ida:

    sjukt bra skrivet. mycket spännande och upphetsande!

  35. Ellinor:

    Åååh guuuud! Bästa novellen på länge. Måste onanera nu.. jag är så våt..

  36. Maja:

    Om jag säger när jag har tvättid, kommer du till min tvättstuga då? ;)

  37. J88:

    blev fruktansvärt kåt av att läsa denna novelen. kom två ggr innan jag ens hunnit läsa klart den:0)… en sån tjej skulle man träffa nån gång!!

  38. Pekka:

    Åh helvete va kåt jag blev… Va tvungen att runka flera gånger… Den som skrev novellen är ett fucking genious

  39. Dali:

    näää men jag får la gå te tvättstugan daaa=)

  40. kukuku:

    Vilken underbar grannsamverkan när två kåta hyresgäster kan få knulla sig nöjda.
    Gärna en fortsätting uppe i sängen och kanske några portioner på köksbordet.

  41. sangre:

    äsligt, jAG BLEB INTE VÅT ALLS?

  42. Sanna:

    åh gud vilken härlig novell! Mycket bra skrivet. Väntar spänt på en fortsättning :-D

  43. sofie:

    jag är så grymt upphetsad… mer mer mer…

  44. marie:

    härligt jag har tvätttid ikväll, kan ju alltid hoppas på att samma sak händer mig ;)

  45. Jonas:

    Helt jävla underbart^^ är så sjukt kåt ny;)

  46. Johanna:

    Mött mig i tvättstugan killar…

  47. advertiser:

    mycket bra, var tvungen att åka till exet och råknulla henne på köksbordet fick en örfil som tack

  48. Martin:

    Mycket bra story, är 16 och skulle vilja uppleva något liknande erotiskt! Femstjärnigt!

  49. Martin:


  50. Nisse:

    Förjävla bra

  51. Grannslynan:

    Been there done that. ;-) Vansinngt bra skrivet och galet upphetsande! *phust* Thank u!

  52. oooh:

    jävla bra skrivet man blir kåt hoppas den var sann

  53. znakezwamp:

    Efter att jag läst det här dryper min lem av kåtsaft… varför köpte jag egen tvättmaskin? Kul att läsa om sex ur en kvinnas synvinkel också!

  54. Marcus..:

    Vart jävligt kåt av det där. det är riktigt skönt att ha sex på tvättmaskinen också.

  55. Blondie:

    Åhh,den var sjukt bra,och man blev ju sjukt kåt av den:O halvvägs gjorde en riktigt våt. omg.

  56. PC:

    Härlig novell. Påminner mig om några egna historier i tvättstugan. Lite extra spännande plats för sex.

  57. A,N:

    Det ringde när jag va mitt i allt ihop : ( förstörde stämmningen lite men va fortfarande en riktigt bra upplevelse. Bra skrivet och lagom lång!

  58. Andreas:

    Oj oj vilken novell, fick en underbar orgasm,måste nog fixa en till.

  59. Hetbrunett:

    Crazy good! Fan att man bor i hus och inte kan gå till någon tvättstuga!
    Kåt blev man! Men Ni killar kan få komma och tvätta hos mig;-) hoppas på en fortsättning!

  60. Oskuld:

    Tack för den super novellen!

  61. Oskuld:

    Tack för den super novellen! Den kommer förgylla min natt…

  62. Horny dude:

    Fruktansvärt bra! Kåt som faan, måste leka me mej själv en stund nu tror ja ;D… Vrf kan inte sånt här hända mej!?.. Kan någon snälla komma hem till mej och tvätta lite ;D

  63. sofia:

    nu vill jag att min pojkvän ska komma hem!

  64. My:

    Jag säger bara, hot hot hot;-)

  65. johanna:

    mmm, en mkt bra o upphetsande novell. säger då bara det. jag ät tjejen i tvättstugan, jag har upplevt det! :) wonderful!

  66. Sara:

    Åh gud, blev riktigt kåt! bra skrivet.. onani nu :)

  67. Linnéa:

    Wow vilken härlig sexnovell! Den bästa jag någonsin har läst! Jag blev enormt kåt, kändes som om man verkligen var i tvättstugan med den killen! Jag fick precis en underbar orgasm! Tack för en bra novell!

  68. nanna:

    Fy fan.. Den var bra.. Man blir kåt som bara den

  69. Fanny:

    Jävlar.. Jag blev så jäkla kåt! Tror att jag ska ringa min pojkvän nu, vi behöver en runda!

  70. simonsen75:

    WOW! Längtar till mannen kommer hem skall försöka hålla mig…..försöka i alla fall hehehehe

  71. emma:

    åh guuh jag är så kåt just nu tur att killen kommer snart

  72. Ruben Bockfot:

    Att klädtvätt kan ha sina bästa sidor kan vi läsa av träffen i tvättstugan.
    Först lite klädsamt blygt, sedan börjar åtrån göra verkan och de första
    beröringarna hetsar upp varandra till mera närgående handgripligheter, att
    bröstknopparna blivit större och hårdare är ett tecken på att hormonerna sjuder
    och en närmare kontakt med det mest intima närmar sig sitt klimax. Att få känna
    att musen känns allt våtare och väntar på en behandling som vi båda tycks vänta
    på.Att få och ge är en guds gåva som är förunnad åt två kåtingar med samma vilja.
    Tvättstugesex är att rekomendera åt alla som är mogna för detta.
    Tack för en välskriven berättelse, utan råhet, men sexigt i topp.

  73. Jenny:

    Synd att man inte bor i lägenhet längre!! =)

  74. Bosse:

    Kuken stog som ett spett hela tiden. Fick ta ett ordentligt tag för att den inte skulle spruta rätt ut innan jag läst klart, men sen…. En härligt kåt och upphetsande story. Jodå, jag fick en jätteorgasm efter att ha runkat på en stund.

  75. tjej:

    Höll mig under hela läsningen och kom samtidigt som dem, riktigt grym skriven!;-)

  76. snasktanten:

    f** va bra!

  77. Jens:

    Tack för en kanon novell , sitter med ett rejält hård kuk som strax ska få spruta, men som sagt tack för att du skriver en så bra novell som ger alla dessa kommentarer älskar att läsa inlägg för alla dessa kåta tjejer blir liksom pricken över i

  78. mary:

    fan så kåt jag blev av denna novell, sitter med ett finger i fittan nu… det rinner ur mig verkligen… nu ska jag ha det trevligt en stund

  79. emelie:

    blev jätte våt och min pojkvän kom nu, nu jävlae!;)

  80. jojje:

    När kommer fortsättningen?

    Jag har läst denna novell flera gånger och tycker att den är superb!

  81. Lösvaginor:

    Ska nog börja tvätta lite oftare vem vet… jag kanske har tur=)

  82. Kristina:

    Sanslöst härlig ;-)

  83. Kvinnan som längtar:

    Bra för själen…..

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