My wife goes all round

We were five friends who träfffades regularly and played poker. We used to go to a hotel and its nightclub in a neighboring city. This time I had been with my wife for the first time to something that became a bigger adventure than I had imagined. In the afternoon we took in at the hotel and went together and ate a good dinner. After dinner, proposed to Elizabeth, my wife, that we would lose the nightclub and dance and have a drink or two. The nightclub was packed but we decided to go in anyway. I barely had time to sit down until Elisabeth wanted to dance. We found a vacant spot on the dance floor where we could feel each other. "Honey," she said when we held each other tightly sealed. "Would you disagree if I was dancing with your friends? I mean it feels a bit lousy because they do not have anyone to dance with? ". "No, of course not sweetie" I replied, "it's ok". After a few dances, we went back to our table. "OK, who wants to dance with Elizabeth now?" I wanted my friends would understand that it was ok that they danced with my wife. Thomas was the first to lead out Elisabeth on the dance floor. He was followed by Jack, then Peter and finally Dan. It took at least half an hour before it was my turn again. "How's it going?" I asked when we'd come out on the dance floor again. "Behaved Jack?" (Which I knew could take some liberties sometimes). It had only been quiet songs so I knew my friends had a good opportunity to stay close to my wife when they were dancing, and I could just imagine what Jack might do with those opportunities. "Well Jack's Jack," she said and laughed. "He tried to get his hand under my blouse but I said this is not a place where you do so. Then light up and he wondered if he could do it again later somewhere else instead. " "And what did you say" I wondered at the time I could feel my cock suddenly twitch a little. "I said, sure, if you want Jack, just do not do it here. I know he liked that answer because I could feel his cock stiffened as he pressed himself against me. He held me really close to him so he would be sure that I knew how hard he was. He felt huge. I was so tempted to shove my hand in his underwear in order to feel how big it really was, but I did the course not ". "What kind you are not angry I replied. I hope the others behave well with my woman? "" Yes, of course they do that, but it was exciting when I felt that Peter was also hard when we danced. He tried to hide it by staying away from me, but I was a bit cheeky and pulled me next to him so I could feel how hard his cock was against my thigh. "" I can understand how it can happen to any man "I replied," you probably know how hard I am right now. And you talk about the guys help the well not. You know, I think that turns me on to know that the other guys are hard on my sexy wife. "" Yes I have noticed it, "said Elisabeth while she rubbed his genitals against mine. "Knowing all these hard cocks made me jättekåt. I just wish we could go away and do something about it. It feels like my pussy literally runs off kåtsaft. "" You were supposed to get Jack to see if it actually runs or not. Probably would not have to ask him twice. "" Naah I do not believe either, "she said with a laugh," and the worst thing is that now I'm getting so insanely horny that Jack starts to look pretty good. I mean, he's no Brad Pitt, direct, and he is not my beautiful sexy man, but he seems very horny. '

I did not think that Elisabeth did exactly what she said, so I besölt to tease her a little. "Well if you'd fuck with Jack so would the other guys well get a little jealous. It's not good for the gang cohesion, "I said and laughed. "No you're right," said Elizabeth with a sexy smile, "I guess I have to fuck with them all, is not that the idea?" Now it was my dick so hard it could be. "You are a very sexy woman," I said as I held my wife tightly against my throbbing cock. "If it were not so many people here I would fuck you here and now on the dance floor. "" Hmm, it would be awesome. Do you think anyone would complain? "I could not believe my ears, the discussion we had. I had never thought that I would react as I did. "What will she do when we get back to the room" I thought. As she was talking right now about anything could happen.

I felt that it was enough to dance now and headed back Elisabeth to the table and said "I think we have danced enough now, let's go back to our room?" Nobody said anything on the way back. When we came into the room everybody asked Elisabeth "What do we do now? Play poker? '"Yeah that sounds good," said Dan "that was why we came! Elisabeth, you know how to play poker? "" Yes of course I do, "replied my wife. "I'm actually really good at poker. Hope you took with you plenty of money to invest because I usually win. "" Hmm, if you are so good at poker, why we do not play strip poker instead? Suggested Jack. The others gasped. "Sure, if you dare," replied Elizabeth. "Well then if that's ok with you my darling," she said and looked at me. "Oh that getting naked is not a problem for me. You've already seen how I look, and the guys learn not to care so much. It's really up to you and the others. "What do you say guys? Dare you take the chance that my wife gets to see you naked? "" Of course I am willing to take the chance if there is a chance to see her naked, "said Peter. "The chances I'll take anytime" "Me too" was Dan with. "What do you Thomas? Dare you play? "" OK, "said Thomas. "Yahooo" shouted Jack. "Where are the cards, here to play strip poker." Peter took out the deck and we started playing. After the first five donors, I began to wonder if the boys regretted it a bit. Elisabeth was the only one in the room that still had any clothes on. All of us were in themselves only lost our shirts but the trend went in a certain direction. Elisabeth was really good at poker, and she had a lot of luck also. "Elisabeth you have to cheat" Jack said after losing the sixth affectionate and had to take off his T-shirt. "I do not understand how to do but it must be no cheating." "Not that I can see," said Peter, "Do not worry, her luck changes soon."

Peter was right. Elisabeth lost the next hand. We watched as in a trance at her when she stood up to take off her white blouse. She did it as a delicious striptease. She kept us fixated as she unbuttoned her blouse slowly and we could see her breasts soft smooth inside bra n. Her nipples were clearly visible through the bra fabric. She was as beautiful as she stood there and was admired by us five guys. Finally, she asked Jack for help to take off her blouse the last bit. He stood up instantly and helped her while we could see how fast his hands caressed her breasts. "You are all good cheeky huh Jack?" She said with a smile as she took away his hands. "So whose turn is it to give back? I asked. "My turn," said Dan, and took up the cards. We played three donors before anything exciting happened. This time, Jack lost and was forced to take off their jeans. "Please Elisabeth would you help me," he said as having stood up. Elizabeth looked at me and I nodded yes as she leaned forward to pull down his pants. Before she did it so she took the opportunity to fondle him on his cock outside the pants first. The synthesis how hard Jack was. "Two can be cool," she said with a smile. All gasped. Elisabeth continued to tighten up his belt and pulled down his pants to the floor. Now we could all see how hard Jack's cock was through his underwear. His cock looked next over the edge of his underwear. "Oh Jack!" Said Elisabeth and put her hand on his dick again. "It was I who made so that it became so hard here?" She hugged his cock and then sat down at the table again. By now, all of our dicks were rock hard. I know I was. Do all began to understand what this would lead to, and that it would not end up with that we just were naked. The atmosphere in the room was intense sexually charged.

Elisabeth lost the next hand and had to take off her blue skirt. I knew right away that the guys would be really horny when they saw that Elisabeth is not a natural blonde. She had matching panties bra n and the shadow of her dark fitthår would be clearly visible. These time she went to Thomas and asked him to help her with her skirt. He was quick to help and pulled it down over her hips. She wiggled her ass on sexy as he pulled down her skirt to the floor. I could see on his face how jättekåt he was on my wife. I was right in my thinking about Elizabeth's dark fitthår and the boys began to howl and whistle when they saw her dark pussy in faith fabric. Elisabeth turned slowly and walked slowly around the table so everyone could see properly. Before she sat down again, she caressed in her cunt outside her panties with her hand. "I am soooo wet" she whispered to me "you make me so jättekåt". I began to wonder if it might have gone a little too far but the next three donor happened nothing special. Since the loss of Dan, then Thomas and since I our pants, and got all the help of Elisabeth to take of them. After she caressed my cock outside of his underwear she leaned forward and kissed it and said "this is my absolute favoritkuk, the best in the world. I love what it does to me. " I could see the envy in the eyes of others. We played two hands before it derailed completely. First lost Elisabeth and Peter helped her with bra n. He followed Jack's example and took the opportunity to feel her breasts when he took off the bra n. Elisabeth has always been proud of her nice firm breasts and seemed to enjoy the attention and did not try to hide them after bra-n had disappeared.

Next Hand lost Jack again which meant he had to take off their underpants. He walked over to Elizabeth and asked her to remove them. She did not hesitate, but started pulling down his pants slowly. As soon as Jack's big dick became visible took Elisabeth with one hand around it and began stroking him slowly. Then she pulled down his underwear completely, leaned forward and let Jack's cock slide into formal his lips. The others and I sat with gaping mouths and saw Elisabeth sucking Jack's big cock. After licking his cock for a while, she took the whole of his long cock completely in the mouth. It was an incredibly erotic sight. I had never imagined it could be so incredibly exciting to see my wife suck another cock. It did not take long until Jack's breathing began to increase and we could see how he molded batch after batch of semen in my wife's mouth. We saw how she took the whole thing and then swallowed all the sperm. It was next to me the only sight and I had not noticed that I started to jerk off while we watched while Jack fucked my wife's mouth. Luckily I did not because I wanted to inject into her pussy later instead. When she was done with Jack, she moved over to Dan and started to coax out his cock. I took her hand and suggested we go to bed instead. I wanted to lick her pussy while she sucked the other boys' cocks. She stood up and took off her panties before she lay down on the bed. Dan came in and sat us her head. Like lightning, she took his cock in her mouth and sucked him. I lay between her legs and started licking her. She winced as my tongue slipped on her swollen labia. She was dripping wet in her pussy. My wife was ready for sex!

I did not lick her long before I knew that someone else wanted to get at her pussy. Looked up and saw Jack, now big and hard again. He switched places with me and I could see his cock slowly slid in between my wife's swollen wet labia. He pressed into her pussy and she gasped for breath. She stopped sucking Danne a moment and just enjoying his cock deep inside her pussy. Surprised, I felt my balls pulled together and I squirted a cascade white semen out over the bed. It had just gone for me but that I touched myself just out of sight how another man fucked my wife. The others stood around the bed and watched as Jack plowed his cock in and out of my wife's pussy. Elisabeth responded by humping against frantically. She continued to suck cock Danne but stopped for a while because she felt she was about to come. Jack and Elisabeth came while and he squirted her pussy full of batch after batch of semen while her body shook in orgasm convulsions. As soon as Jack stopped getting pushed Dan away him and took his place between her thighs. She wanted to change position so she turned around and got down on all fours. Then she stretched her hand back and grabbed Danne cock and guided it into her dripping pussy. Peter stepped up in bed and took Danne last place so that Elizabeth could suck his cock. Soon Danny and Peter her laced between their rock hard cocks in individual holes. The rest of us looked at the triangle in bed. Thomas leaned over to me and said, "Your wife is really an incredibly sexy woman. Is it okay if we fuck her all? "" Sure Thomas, enjoy her. Seriously I do not think I could stop her from fucking you all now even if I wanted to. This is the coolest thing I've ever been through. "Thank you," said Thomas as he waited for his turn. I saw that his cock was kind and hard and he really wanted to get fuck with my wife.

A few minutes later sprayed Danne my wife full of more sperm. When he pulled out his cock I got to see Elisabeth's dripping pussy. It flowed out of her pussy and cum all over her dark pubic hair was nerkletat with sperm. Woww what a sight! Peter Danne took place and I saw a third cock slide into Elisabeth. It almost looked as if her pussy sucked his dick. She moaned a little when she felt she was filled with another cock. Thomas Peters took place and steered his cock into her mouth. I saw how he enjoyed when she started licking and sucking on his cock. Understood how she must enjoy this. Elisabeth is wonderfully good at sucking cock. Then she started moaning and shaking in a new orgasm. "Oooh Peter" she moaned out "It's sooo skööönt. You are so stooor. Fuck me hard Peter. Push your cock in me! "Horny Elizabeth's words were more than Peter did and he squirted batch after batch deep into her pussy. Elisabeth was a little disappointed that it went so fast for him. "Thomas please fuck me now," she asked "I need to get a cock now, please continue." Thomas did not have any reflection. He moved quickly around and shoved his cock into Elisabeth's pussy as hard as he could. He fucked her hard and fast. When he fucked her so hard and fast it went quickly for Thomas and he froze when he squirted her full of his sperm load. When he pulled out he collapsed on the bed beside her. I saw how it flowed cum out of my wife's pussy and got stuck in pubic hair. Felt that I must get to lick her. Had never imagined such a thing but I definitely felt now was to lick her cum dripping pussy and lick me that flowed out of her. I bent down over her and let my tongue soak up what flowed out of her. Elisabeth reputation when she felt it. "Honey do not," she said quietly, "I am so messy now." "Yes, you are indeed" "I have never seen such a messy pussy before. My friends filled up with cum really darling. As I licked and sucked on her clit, she came again. "Please let me rest a little now," she asked "I'm so sensitive down there now." "Wow what a sexy woman your wife is" exclaimed Jack. "I've never fucked such a horny woman in my life. "" Yes it is she really "says Dan. "I think we forget our poker weekend and just stay in here and fucking Elisabeth whole weekend. IF she want, then? "" I think so too, "said Peter. "You really have a sexy wife" was Thomas with. "You are a truly happy man with such a woman. and we are really happy that you want to share her with us. "" Thanks guys, "said Elisabeth and sat up. "I think I want to do it here again too. I have never felt so full and so uppknullad sometime. It's a great feeling. You really have wonderful dicks and know how to use them. "" Do not forget me, my darling "I reminded her. "I have not got to fuck you over. "" Well, what are you waiting for then "she asked. "Run your cock in me now, I want one more before the evening is over. '

When I slid in with his cock in her pussy, I know so well, as I fucked so many times, it felt almost as if I fucked another woman. Her pussy was stretched and uppknullad after all the cocks that have been inside her and she was still full of cum. If I had not been so incredibly horny, I had probably found it difficult to come when it was not so tight and were so messy. Now I came quickly anyway. Soon Elisabeth fifth cum load in her pussy. Also she had swallowed Jack's first batch. When I got started guys go to his room to lie down. When Elisabeth and I put us so I took her in my arms and asked her "How are you? '. "How do you feel about what happened?" "I'm fine" she replied. "I feel really quite uppknullad and like a real slut, but I enjoyed it so nice. How do you feel? Are you mad at me? I started before we even had time to talk about something like this. "" I feel great! No, I'm not mad at you. This was the most erotic experience I ever had. Never thought it would be so incredibly exciting to see other men fuck my wife. To lick yourself clean after they had sprayed on you was even more astonishing. Do not understand it myself but I really liked it. "We turned out the lights and Elisabeth fell asleep quickly. I could not sleep at once. Was still so excited by our wild night. Could see before me how my friends' dicks fucking my wife's pussy right in front of my eyes. Felt his dick got hard just thinking. Thought bring Elisabeth so I could fuck her again, but decided to let her sleep instead.

Woke up in the middle of the night by a strange noise and movement. It took me a few seconds before I noticed that Jack had come in to us and crawled into the double bed and was now on to fuck with my woman again. I lay still and decided not to disturb them. After a few minutes I heard Jack groan "Elizabeth, I will. "Then I saw the den dim light how Elisabeth rode Jack's big cock and threw his head back when she came. She rested a few minutes on Jack's chest. "Thank you Elisabeth" I heard Jack say. "You are wonderful to fuck. "He snuck out of bed and out of the room. Elisabeth snuggled next to me and tried not to wake me, but I bent over her and took her in my arms. "Kept my horny sexy wife to get fucked again?" I whispered. "Yes. do something? "she replied quietly. "No, nothing. Was it good? "" Yes, it was really nice. Jack has a wonderfully beautiful cock. "We said goodnight to each other and fell asleep in each others arms.

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