You are mine!

We are sitting in my kitchen and have just eaten a good meal we washed down with a tasteful wine. You are as attractive as ever and I want you. - Take off your clothes and go in and lie on the bed! I say to you. You look at me with a slightly puzzled look. - Now? You ask. - Yes, now! I confirm. You go away and I can hear you crawl out of the clothes inside the bedroom. Without stressing too much cleans me away in the kitchen before I go to you. You have crawled under the covers so that only his head sticking up. My hungry eyes looking your being full of expectation and the dawning horniness when I climb up on top of the covers and spans down into your knees, so you can not get your arms. Bow down and kiss your soft sensual lips, our tongues met, I tremble in the body of anticipation and excitement. - Lay on your stomach! I order soft and relieves the pressure from the knees.

As you roll over on your back, I take off my clothes and takes out some oil from the bedside table. Pulling off your cover and uncover your nakedness and sit astride you. With gentle movements, I start rub and massage your shoulders and back. I have already rising and my hard cock rubbing between your buttocks when I rhythmic massage of your back.

- Is it good? I ask you with your lips against your ear. - Mmmmmm, is all I get in response. - Wait, I'll make it even a bit more comfortable for you. But you must promise to close your eyes for a moment. You nod without saying anything, and I rise from you and opens the bedside table drawer and takes out something I ordered on the internet a while ago, it's a handcuffed with wide padded cuffs that there is an adjustable strap between. I grab your arms and pull them up on your back. - What are you doing? Says you and turn you to watch. - You promised to close my eyes, I replied. - Now do as you promised otherwise you get nothing! I have practiced putting on handcuffs and get them quickly into place. - Now you're mine. only my! I say and stress you along the back and arms with fingertips. You do not answer but I know how your body trembled under me.

I planned how I should go about it before and now taking forward similar bands for your ankles, the difference here is that they have a solid bar between them to keep apart the legs. When I got them in place I put myself on top of you with my position up between your legs and you whisper in the ear - Min. just my. completely mine. you are mine. I get on my knees behind you and take hold of your hips, pulling you up so you are on your knees with your head in the pillow, parts buckle between the handcuffs and pulling your hands toward ankles and snaps together hand and leg irons.

You are now completely at the mercy of my will, and I get really horny to have your inviting parted back in front of me. I caress your thigh and into the back of the inside up and down, close but never all the way to your mouse started to outshine the kåtsaft. You whimpers and I let my fingers reach into your groove, moisten them and let them run up to her clit. You gasp and I bend forward to put his tongue to.

My stiffened tongue penetrates you and I start to slowly tongue fuck you while my fingers constantly rub your clit. I stretched out your tongue and let it brush against my clit I know you want more but going to let you wait a while. I drips a little oil on the top of your buttocks and let it flow down towards your anus. Where I catch up the massages you for a while before I let a finger penetrate into the forbidden hole. Pull out your finger and rub some more, push and pull, lubricate the slide back and forth without any problems. You groans and gasps during my treatment without being able to do anything about it. You are mine. only my!

Now I fish until golden rod out of the box, and press it into your mouse to warm and lubricate it, slowly I drag it in and out of your hot now sjöblöta pussy before I let it run with the tip of your middle goes up against your smeared anus . Press gently into it and you whining and writhing in front of me. With Gold ice in your anus I lie beneath you and puts his tongue to her clit, let it circle around before I suck your swollen knob between her lips. You pull your chains and gasps, groans without getting anywhere. You are close and only mine!

I spin the dildo in your anus and puts new pressure on her clit, sucking and licking, pushing the dildo a bit further and you can not hold on anymore. Your body starts to seizure and I let gold ice and take you to your shackled hands when you come over my face. You shout out your desire, gasps and groans as I never heard you before. Turns you without getting anywhere, orgasm burning in your body but you are stuck in my grip.

When the orgasm subsided a bit I get up from my seat and sit down on my knees behind you, place your hands on your buttocks parted and controls into you. Seeing your body tied up and at the mercy of me, put me in a kåtrus like never before. Your pulsing pussy more or less suck me. For a while, I stand behind you without touching me and just enjoying the warmth before I slowly begin to run back and forth with the hips. You try to do motjuck but fails, your chains hold you.

I'm looking up the golden dildo and put it against your asshole wide open and press gently into the top. You gasps and whimpers a little when I let the dildo slide in inch by inch, but soon begins to moan loudly. I increased the pace and fucks you in a ferocious pace. You are so wet that it smackar for every time our sex met and separated. I can feel my balls contract and it goes a shiver down your spine. Your moans as before kept pace with my shock deep into you start to come irregularly and faster.

I let the dildo sticking out of your ass grips you with both hands on the hips, with a pair of three shocks bury my cock as deep in you as possible and empty my load deep inside you with heavy spray that never wants to end. With a half-stifled screams fill the orgasm my body so I almost fall over. When I emptied myself, I start slowly fuck you again and let a hand looking up clit. You will soon have your second orgasm almost as violent as the first and your fittmuskler hugs urknullade my cock and I moan in pleasure.

I release you from the shackles with fumbling fingers before I fall down next to you. You creep close to me and kissed me softly. - You rascal there, you say with a tired smile, but you just wait, do not I leave you unpunished after this.

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