One of my sweetest sexupplevelser

One of my sweetest sexupplevelser I had when I was coming home from a party a few months ago. I had been out with some friends in Stenhammra, Mälardalen Islands, and fixed my car (sober) back home to Stockholm.

Little did I know that soon I would also get the tune a couple of tits. At drottningholm were two girls and hitchhiking, and I stopped to offer them a lift. They introduced themselves as the Lena and Catrin and they wanted a ride into town. Both were pretty cute, dressed in boots, skipants and leather jackets and they seemed to be in the age of 18. And they told me they had been to a party and was pretty drunk.

-Well girls, you got something to talk tonight, then?

Hi, hi, giggled Catrin. Nope, all the guys were too ugly.

-Well, unfortunately, agreed Lena. But now we've found diej.

I replied that it sounded inner true. As we approached the center, they asked if yes ginte wanted to come home to Catrin and refreshments. Her parents were away and Lena would sleep over there. Catrin lived in a large apartment on Karlavagen, Östermalm. Her parents seemed to be very tight. Len and I sat down on the couch while Catrin fetched coffee. Almost dirkt began Lena paw on me and we started making out. Catrin came in, stared a little surprised, and sat on the sofa. We slurped us coffee and talked for a while. Catrin said she was tired and went to bed. As soon as she had disappeared, Lena and I started making out again. She was obviously very hot porridge.

I pulled up her shirt and began to squeeze and fondle her breasts. I continued down inside her pants and began to gently lick her tight, nice pussy. I gave away her fitthår while I pried the hole and shoved a finger a little bit. Her clit was rock hard and she sapped considerably. Fittsåsen almost gushed out. I asked if she wanted to suck on my cock, and she wanted to test. Lena stood forward, took his cock and began to jerk off. She looked a little above out and she obviously did not know what she would do. Gently she tasted at stake with the tongue.

-Soak now on, I said excitedly. Put it in your mouth, humping it in your mouth and suck hard. But watch your teeth.

Gently she began to suck and it hurt a little before she learned to keep away the teeth. It looked fun and exciting as she sipped awkward on his cock. But she soon learned, and it felt really good. So good that I thought it would go for me soon. Well, she stops, I thought. You can not spray someone who does not understand anything in your mouth.

She lay back again and waited eagerly but nervously.

I do not know if I can manage to get your big thing, 'she said hesitantly. I would so love to have you but I wonder if it is possible. And you can not spray in me, I have no protection.

We must be careful, I smiled far.

It was fantastically exciting to see her little the body eagerly waiting with open legs. I pressed my cock, which was harder than the hardest, gently against the tight pussy. I pushed everything harder and harder and it began path into the glorious heat.

-Mmmmmm. Ahh Ouch, gently. Take it easy, Ohh, it feels so good. Ouch. She screamed a bit of pain when I drove my dick in the ground. Cautiously, I began humping. Now she began Stana and move your ass, she obviously liked it here.

-Ooh. What great you feel. Mmmm. I never dreamed that it felt so good to fuck this, aah, ohhh. But take it easy, it hurts when you are driving too fast.

Unfortunately I could not hold back any longer. I did some hard Juck and pulled out his cock. It felt wonderful when the liberating dissolution came. My cock spurted sharply and the first beam was such a force that it hit her in the face. She looked a little shocked and surprised, but took anyway she would jerk his cock. She wiped away the semen with his hand and smelled a little of the semen.

-Try some on his cock, you must learn to love cum, I said gently. I stepped up to her face and she closed the glans with his lips. I felt that it spilled some. She swallowed and looked a little disgusted, but continued to suck.

-Smack, smack, cravings, surpel surpel, mmmmmm. it tastes a bit pungent.

It's like drinking alcohol for the first time, I joked. She lay back and spread her fittläpparna I shoved my dick again. But no matter how I fed so it was not for her. It did not lick her, though I lay lapped in half an hour.

We've been together for two months. She got orgasm third time we loved, and she is now again the first missed orgasms - she has become a savage in bed.

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